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There’s a game which actually covers up a really mixed life of a girl. The girl’s high school life is represented in Yandere Simulator Apk + Obb. It is a really exhilarating game about experiencing the high school girl’s love life. Which happens to be about her senior guy in same school recalling as senpai.

Yandere Simulator Android

It expresses the nature of the main girl who is a yandere. Being a total yandere, she won’t let any other respective girls to go around her chosen boy. In spite of this, we actually have to stop other girls by various ways. We can trap them in a room, trap them in bathroom, prank them, push them off from places etc.

You control the main girl name actually is Ayano. Who stealthily eliminates other girl while also making a good measure in her college studies. Such that, we will have to attend classes while also taking out girls. We only take out those girls who goes near the chosen boy of ayano specifically in Yandere Simulator Apk.

Yandere Simulator Apk Android Description

Yandere Simulator Apk no verification

As you wonder around the land of highschool. The girl Ayano can get through several moods out of two. Which respectively are the high sanity mode as well as the low sanity mode. Where she can become totally furious and her surrounding becomes darker. Here, she brings out her yandere nature and becomes really violent.

Yandere Simulator Mobile Apk

Yandere Simulator Android develops a crush over her senior. Who we need to keep close to the main girl Ayano. There are various normal high school like process going around school as well. Such as, tests, exams, various activities and other things too. We need to take care of all the things so that other students won’t get any suspicious of us.

Furthermore, we need to be careful of being caught. Therefore, ayano does everything in pure stealth in the following Yandere Simulator Apk file. Consequently, if we get caught. Ayano gets purely reported over the principal of high school. Then aftermath that, we get suspend from the school and the game ends. That’s why, everything ayano does are in complete in stealth and in camouflage from other students.

Graphics and Gameplay

Love simulator games like Yandere Simulator apk may be drawn to anime and other popular mobile games because of their visual style. The job descriptions are clear, yet few people have applied to fill them. Yandere-heartbeat chan’s and her popularity can be tracked with the help of the show’s monitoring tools. The NPCs are fascinating, and Senpai can be persuaded in a number of ways.

It doesn’t matter how unwieldy these guns are; they’re beautiful. Because of the improved sound quality, the simulator grew more wary. To get rid of the pupils at Yandere-school, chan utilises a number of strategies. You’ve reached a crossroads and must make a decision. For incentives, Yandere-dresser Chan offers a selection of underpants from which to choose. You may have to expel, poison, or abduct young women to get Senpai moving in the right path. In order to pique your interest.


An android version of Yandere Simulator returns to the story of a girl who has never had a boyfriend. So long as all of the girls are still here, Senpai will not recognise her as her own. Get rid of the other children and make sure Senpai understands Yander simulator mobile by taking action yourself. Multiple outcomes make this a game that can be replayed many times over. If you approach girls in a variety of methods, your beloved Senpai won’t be able to see any of your indiscretions.

Change in Sanity of Ayano

As you play the game, there is a meter of sanity. It increases as Ayano gets mad by seeing anybody near her crush. The sanity meter blows up when it gets totally full. In spite of that, Ayano awakens her Low sanity mode in Yandere Simulator for Android. Where everything becomes dark near her and she becomes really dangerous. Meanwhile, she also looks disturbed and as well as unstable.

Become a Pure Yandere

Yandere is a pure category of dangerous girls. Who can literally do anything for their crush. It is purely that much dangerous that she can even eliminate other girls for her crush. As we control her, she have various options to take out other girls. Such as locking them in the high school’s washroom or trapping them in a classroom. Furthermore, it can get even more deadly if she is mad. She can become disturbed and even take out other girl in Yandere Simulator Apk Download.

High School Life With A Twist

It all totally feels like a normal based high school game. However, we are surrounded with many weird and bizarre activities. Furthermore, Yandere Simulator Android Download is about no normal girl. It’s about Ayano, who is a yandere girl. We can go through the whole school and have our own experience of high school as well. However, there are various things Ayano actually have to look out for. During all of these, we can interact with other girls and boys as well when Ayano isn’t mad.

Yandere Simulator Android Features

  • The Importance of a Good Name Students may gossip about you if you are caught doing something that could be construed as shady. If you have a low level of trustworthiness among your students, they will be wary of you. Because of your great reputation, students can relax around you.
  • risk factor: Your current degree of protection will be revoked if you engage in any hostile behaviour. You’d be irrationally upset if this happened to you. Those who see you in the mirror after losing so much weight will believe you’re a crazy person. Game over if the guy you care about sees you in that state.
  • Animations When you’re in good health, killing is faster, quieter, and more efficient. When calculating animations, your current health status is taken into consideration. While you lack athleticism, you are nevertheless able to take out trashy and distracting enemies. If you let go of your rationality, you will be doomed to a life of pain, violence, and sadism.
  • It has a special button for “Yandere acts,” like laughing, which are visible across walls while Yandere Vision is on the keyboard/controller.

Yandere Simulator Mobile FAQs

Q) What are the movement and other things we can do by using Ayano?

Ans : generally, Ayano is a pretty normal girl. However, since she is a yandere in Yandere Simulator mobile. She can be really scary when her sanity meter get totally high. That’s when she gets really harsh and as well as cruel. In any mode, there are action button. Which works to implement various special action in the game. Furthermore, we can do many things with the girl who is getting near the boy to get them away as well.

Q) How do we keep ourselves from out of suspecting of others?

Ans : we can be out of suspecting list of teachers, students and others by being a normal girl. Undoubtedly, a high school have various things like Tests, Exams, Practicals, Assignments and more. Furthermore, if we perform well in all of these. Then nobody suspects us through the gameplay of Yandere Simulator Apk Full Version. However, we still need to keep the senpai of Ayano in check during all of these.

Final Things About Yandere Simulator mod Apk

It’s a really bizarre game to be honest. Undoubtedly, yandere are really scare in general. It is due to the fact that, they can do literally everything for their love. Such that, they even gets down in resort of killing anyone for their crush or love. That’s how, here we control ayano a really dangerous yandere. For the following of her life, she have a crush on her senior. In Yandere Simulator Mobile, she calls him senpai and keeps every other girls away from him. However, it becomes really extreme in most of the cases.

How to Download Yandere Simulator Apk for Android 2022 No human Verification

If you want to enjoy a really different and aesthetic High School game. Then here we have a really bizarre High School Stealth and adventurous game. Where a girl named Ayano is totally in for her senpai. However, she is a yandere and will be harsh at many points. It works really well on both Android and IOS devices. The actual theme of the game takes place in japan and it’s high school of there.

  • Actual file of the game exists as an apk file. Which works on both IOS and as well as Android platform.
  • Such that, you all can obtain the file of Yandere Simulator Apk Android without human verification from link below.
  • For the following, as you go through the link. You will actually have to wait for the link to get totally generate up for you.
  • Furthermore, you can then have your file to start downloading in your device.
  • Ultimately, the game file will be then downloaded on your phone. It is just an Apk file of around 200-300 mb.
  • It’s a really open world game, that’s why. Now then, install up the actual file you just got in your phone.
  • As it gets install in your phone. You should purely give it the time it totally requires for it installation process in my opinion.
  • Then, you can actually play the game after it gets installed over your phone in amusing way.

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