Greetings my well being friends and delighted visitors visiting my website. I warmly and humbly welcome you to my website full of many various games. The website is of course popular by the name of Android 1 top. At android 1 top you can find many kinds of specialized games. These games can be play in your Android devices or even on IOS devices. Either by ppsspp or directly as an apk file as in WWE supercard apk.

I have a WWE game today but this time it’s a little different. The name of the game is WWE supercard unlocked apk for Android and IOS. The game features the super stars of WWE as in the card variations. You can find many and many super stars here. Which ranges over upto a total of thousands super stars from the original WWE series. WWE is an original series consisting of many tough wrestlers.

This apk file is the unlocked version of the original game. WWE supercard apk android is a new type of game in WWE franchise. Usually we have direct combat and action games. Although now we have a different kind of game. Where the action is deliver by using different kinds of cards. The cards have their own designated super stars available in it. Get the unlocked game of WWE supercard unlocked apk now from links below.

About WWE Supercard Unlocked APK

WWE Supercard apk is a special WWE Card action game. It was created on the year of 2014 for both IOS and Android phones. This mobile installment of WWE game is develop by Cat Daddy Games. Where the publisher is 2k Games behind the game. The game actually isn’t only action action oriented but also collectible category as well. Collect your favorite super stars from over a thousand of super stars from collection.

When you firstly open the game you’re guided through the introduction of the game. There you’re introduced to the game by a special tutorial. The tutorial helps you in getting to know the system of the game very easily. The great part about the game is that it is fully comfortably run in almost all devices of android or IOS. Collect super stars and add them into your team of a total 8 players at once. Make your own team and demolish other’s.

After that there are other game modes available as well. Each of the game mode have it’s own different kind of style of gameplay. Which makes players have their own likeness to choose their favorite gameplay mode. The game is really a good gacha game as well. As the cards you get depends upon the RNG – random number generator. Which means that there are variable chance of getting your favorite super stars from WWE series.

Features of WWE Supercard Unlocked Android

  • Super stars like Undertaker, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, john cena, the rock, big show are available.
  • Many game modes are available which are based off from the original matches modes from show.
  • Although being a card game and having it for android and IOS doesn’t stop it from having mostly all superstars.
  • Monthly events come here and there in addition to new contents and having players enjoy the game.
  • Participate in royal rumble events among other thousands of players online in the game trying to win.
  • Rewards available for each win you get in the game, work hard and win matches to gain more rewards.
  • The unlocked WWE supercard apk have all the features which are paid unlocked totally from the beginning.
  • No need to root your phone in order to make it work, completely safe and also auto updates itself on update.
  • Make friends online and compete with them by having an action packed match with each other’s teams.
  • Easily run in your mobile device even though if you have very low specifications as the game is very compatible.

Game Modes in Game

There are many kinds of different game modes for you to enjoy peacefully. Which includes wild game mode, royale rumble game mode, king of the ring. Newly addition to the game there are road to glory, people champion challenge, money in the bank and more. The monthly events including the exhibition match, team Battle ground, last man standing, over the limit, war games and cod breaker.

Graphics of WWE APK

The game WWE superstars apk unlocked have an animated looking graphics. Which looks different than other games of WWE like for example the 2k series. The game focuses and the developers tried to make the game more of a unrealistic animated looking game. Which they technically succeed in doing and the fans loved it alot as well. Not to mention the gameplay also makes up for the animated graphics. As the moves looks very dynamic while performing them during the action packed matches.

Requirements to Run the game

One of the most comfortable part of the game is that it is highly stable. Which means it can run on many kinds of devices despite their specifications in general. It can run on basically on low requirements phones or mobiles with no problems as well.

How to Download WWE Supercard Unlocked APK for Android and IOS

  • Click on the download button to Download WWE supercard unlocked apk for Android & IOS.
  • Have the game by progressing through the site and follow the steps and solving the captchas.
  • Wait for the WWE superstars apk android to get download in your phone so that you can play.
  • After that before installing the game allow the unknown resources to run or install in your mobile.
  • After that normally install WWE supercard apk unlock into your android or IOS devices easily.
  • When you’re done installing, kindly open the game from the title screen in your mobile device.
  • Then you need to create a profile by giving your name to participate in the tournaments or events.
  • Now you can play WWE Supercard Android unlock apk download without any kind of issue.
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