Greetings my fellow friends and kind visitors. I welcome you all once again to this kind and humble website for games. Which name is known as . Here i provide amazing and high demanding games. Which you can play on your android devices and IOS devices.So let’s get right into today’s topic, today the game i have bring is one of the most famous series. The game is WWE 2K 18 PPSSPP. Yes, now you can play WWE 2K18 on your mobile device with the help of ppsspp. Download WWE 2K18 zip file download for PPSSPP Android by link given below.

WWE 2K18 comes in size variations as well. Like WWE 2K17 200mb download PPSSPP or WWE 2k18 ISO file download for PPSSPP 300MB. Even in WWE 2k18 ISO file download for PPSSPP 100MB. Bring out the most of your fun in this amazing installment of the Game in WWE 2K series.

WWE 2k18 PPSSPP android
wwe 2k18 PPSSPP


WWE 2K18 is the official professional Wrestling game installment in the WWE 2K series. The game is develop by yuke’s and publish by 2K sports. Just like ebery year, WWE 2K game is back yet again in 2017 End. It was released on 17 October of 2017. For platforms like PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One.The game is the direct sequel to the WWE 2K17. It’s back with new features, enhanced graphics and have Kurt Angle as a playable character. Changes have been made with creation suite. Now you have very large amount of options to make your own superstars. Option like you have new hairs, mew models, new facial things and new accessories to make your character.

WWE 2K18 PPSSPP Android have bring back the Create a match feature. By which with the help of, you can make your own kind of match. The MyCareer mode has now allow to free roaming in the backstage. Make your own superstar and choose your own career which will lead him to the story arc of his own. So what are you waiting for?. Download WWE 2K18 file download now.

Game Features of WWE 2K18 PPSSPP

  • The game graphics is very outstanding and is fully 3 dimensional.
  • features over 100 new characters to choose from and to play with.
  • You can create your own superstar and play with him in game.
  • Many game modes available to play as like universe mode, road to glory mode etc.
  • Wwe 2k18 can be played fully offline without any kind of trouble.
  • The commentary features new team and have improved the crowd chanting.

Characters in WWE 2k18 PPSSPP

You should have no trouble downloading the game using the provided links. Furthermore, the game’s optimization has made it easier for low-end devices to play. WWE 2k18 download for android ppsspp is a success for the modders. The player can enjoy the game in a variety of modes. There are almost 50 real-life WWE characters in it, including The Undertaker, John Cena, Triple H, Roman Reigns, and many others. They are far too powerful to be outnumbered, but you will need to employ some talents and methods as well.

There are basically no problems in the game. In comparison to other games, it is easier to control. So, the WWE 2k18 game for Android ppsspp is now available for download. From the links below, you may select to download the iso file or the compressed version. My career mode is another intriguing addition of this version. These factors will compel you to download the game without hesitation. You can go through the same things that a WWE wrestler goes through. Don’t forget to download the saved data files as well, which are far too important to be downloaded with the altered version.

Gameplay And Graphics

Speaking of the gameplay and Graphics of WWE 2K18 PPSSPP file Download. The gameplay mechanics of WWE 2K18 have improve alot if we compare it to its predecessor. Which was 2k17, the Graphics have improved drastically as well. The models and textures of the game looks refined and much smoother. The gameplay is available in full 60FPS so make the best out of it.

Game Modes of WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18 features many kind of game modes which you can play in game. My career mode, universe mode, road to glory mode, play mode. All featuring 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, upto 6v6 gameplay style. Royale rumble of 40 superstars is also added into this game.

Specialized Commentary

WWE 2k18 Android PPSSPP

The commentary of WWE 2K18 have been enhanced if we compare it to Commentary of WWE 2K17. It features team of Monday Night Raw’s Michael Cole, SmackDown Live’s Byron Saxton. The crowd chants have improved as well specially during the intro of superstars. Even during the match the chanting and the crowd noise have improved in a brilliant way.

Fully Offline Game mode

The biggest part of the game is that the game is for ppsspp. Which means almost all devices can run the game without any kind of issue. You will need 1GB RAM and 1GB space to run the game without any kind of problems. Which means you will not feel any kind of shuttering or black screen. It will not lag too, so you can have the best 60FPS experience during the gameplay.

Minimum Requirements to Run

Since the game can be played with the help of PPSSPP emulator. WWE 2K18 PPSSPP OBB file Download can be played fully offline. The benefits of offline gaming id that you won’t have to be worried about having network issues. You will also be less stressed as the game will not cost you internet data or anything like that. So you can play the game for free.

Download WWE 2K18 For Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed (300MB)

The WWE 2k18 ppsspp download link has also been provided in this article to make it easy for you to download. As a result, you can download and extract it from the link. The game is now available to play after extraction. There are certain aspects of the game that you should not overlook. Only six players may engage in the precise match in previous versions. However, it currently allows up to eight people to engage in a single match. As a result, the war will continue and the intensity will be maintained. In addition, there will be no errors or glitches in the game.

  • Open up the site by clicking on the download button to download WWE 2k18 PPSSPP zip file highly compressed 300mb. The original size is 1gb and that’s what we are here providing.
  • Proceed through the site and download the game from there.
  • When you’re done, click on the game which is downloaded to open it.
  • Then complete the game installation in your device as instructed.
  • Proceeding that click on the installed game to open the game.
  • Following that, set up the settings as you like according to your comfort.
  • After that play the game WWE 2K18 PPSSPP Android.