Greetings my pleasurable friends and visitors it’s nice to have you here. I welcome you my friends and visitors to this gaming amazing website of mine. Here i present you all the games you can now play in android or IOS. Which weren’t possible to run in android or IOS phones normally. This includes console games and as well as Microsoft windows games.

Valorant mobile apk
Valorant mobile Apk No verification

Hence today i have a very satisfying FPS – First person shooter game. The game goes by the name of Valorant apk fot Android and IOS mobiles. The game Valorant Mobile APK 2021 is a FPS shooter game which is free. You can now play this professional FPS game in your mobile device. I’m sure you’ll love this video game if you love FPS games like Counter strike or CSGO.

Play the game and harness your shooting in a futuristic environment. It is because the game is set up in many years in the future timeline. This is one of those games where you form a team and play as a whole team carrying each other. Players of Valorant Mobile can choose their Character from a large selection of Characters. Which have different skin to give a different vibe from look.

About Valorant APK

Valorant is a Futuristic free to play FPS shooting game. FPS means it is a First Person Shooter video game. Just like counter strike, Arsenal, CSGO, overwatch ppsspp etc. The game is develop by Riot Games and also publish by Riot Games. It was released on 2 June 2020 for Microsoft windows. However don’t be tensed my visitors just because it is a PC game.

It is due to the fact that i have the game as an apk file. Now you can have Valorant APK download for Android without verification. Each of the team wether its opponent team or yours have total of 5 Characters. Characters can be different or can be same as well. It all depends on which Character the player choose from Character selection screen of the game.

There are various places where you can play the match. There are different kinds of maps which also gets updated with time. The Characters available in game are denotes as “Agents”. Each of the agents have different abilities and power which makes them unique. Players have access to many weapons in game but at first they start game with pistol. After that they get better ones as they gets more kills in the game.

Features of Valorant APK Android

  • High definition graphics of the game which is placed in future timeline as compare to other FPS games.
  • Play as different kinds of Characters from a wide character selection which are named as Agents.
  • Every character or Agent have different kind of abilities which makes every agent different in value.
  • Pleasurable and magnificent feels of FPS game in this Free to play FPS game with upto 120FPS.
  • Play Valorant APK+OBB as a team where every team have a total of 5 players available in it.
  • Valorant Android apk now is playable on android device or IOS devices by accessing the link below.
  • Play ranked matches in multiplayer mode where you will find many high skilled competitive gamers.
  • Various kinds of gameplay modes which never mame you feel like leaving the game just yet.
  • As you play in round players gets access to huge varities of weapons including many type of guns.
  • Escalation, Deathmatch, competitive, spike rush, unrated and other game modes for online mode available.

Gameplay Style

Valorant Android & iOS features a competitive, high skilled and tactical gameplay. Where you join matches having many teams of containing 5 players. As for the players, they are free to choose any Character from Character selection screen. Characters in Valorant download android are known as AGENTS. Every agent have unique ability which makes every agent valuable. Although players have different liking and taste for their own agent.

Game Modes

Since this is a FPS game i.e First Person Shooter video game. Download valorant apk android features many game modes for online gameplay. The game modes are named as Escalation, Deathmatch, competitive, spike rush, unrated. In unrated you play in non ranked matches for fun. In spikw rush there are 7 rounds where the first who wins 4 rounds wins. Competitive game mode let’s players play ranked matches to increase their rank. Deathmatch game mode let’s player to play a 9 min match. Where who gets first 40 kills wins the entire match in Valorant mobile apk.

Agents available

Valorant have different characters for players to use which are named as Agents. Agents are fantastic Characters having different character powers and abilities. Game matches gets variants and get intresting. As every agent have different power so players have to watch out for it. Agent have their own classes in which they are classified as. Duelist, sentinel, initiator, controller – these are the category of Agents.

How to Download Valorant APK For Android / IOS

  • Click on the download button to Download Valorant apk without verification for Android & IOS.
  • Have the game by proceeding through the site and following the steps given and solving captchas.
  • Then just Wait for the Valorant apk + obb to get download in your android or IOS phones.
  • Then just before installing the game allow the unknown resources to get install as you need to do this. Before installing games from any other service instead of playstore.
  • After that normally install Valorant android into your android or IOS devices.
  • When you’re done installing, just open the game and give permission to the things it needs to.
  • Then you need to create a profile by giving your name to play the online multiplayer game mode.
  • Now you can play Valorant download apk Obb without any kind of verification, interruption or problems.
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