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Tekken 6 APK
Tekken 6 apk Download
Tekken 6 game Android
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The game which iam going to present today is a very famous fighting game series. The game is known as Tekken 6 apk. That’s right now you can play tekken 6 in your phone/mobile devices as apk. Plus not only that but this apk is a highly compressed version of the original game. Which means the size of the game is really smaller. Which helps in downloading and storing the game.

We all know that not everyone have wifi or big amount of data. Many gamers are living with limited data. That is why iam providing the highly compressed, smaller version of game. Tekken 6 game install in your android or ios devices. As you can download the game for free, all you have to download the game from link below. That’s why i recommend everyone to download this amazing non stop action game in your mobile device.

About Tekken 6 android

Tekken 6 is a special fighting action based video game. Which is develop by Bandai Namco Games and also publish by Bandai Namco Games. It was release on November 26, 2007 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Arcade game, Arcade video game. As you can see, originally it is not possible to play the game in your android or IOS devices. Now i can make sure that you can play the game in your mobile. By downloading the game from this website.

Although tekken 6 have many old features of old games. It have feature a new Rage mode/system into the game. Which increases the battle power of the characters when the health of a character gets low. In this state, they can also perform many flashy combos or ultimate moves known as rage art. The stages in tekken 6 are much bigger and are more attractive. Which is a very plus point in this game, and is loved by every fans out there who played this.

The rage art provides an aura or outline to the character model. You can also customize the aura colour during the rage mode in game. In this new game walls or floors that can be broken to reveal new fighting areas. Which is a very new and amazing function which makes the game very fun. The character customisation has been enhanced and got much better. The chainable moves in this installment are included and are on high scales. Many moves are chainable into another moves.

Features of Tekken 6

  • Very High definition graphics which you can play easily on your mobile.
  • Many game modes through which you can have unlimited fun.
  • Over 43+ characters, each character having its own characteristics.
  • More than 20+ Game modes, which features a new breaking stage mechanics.
  • New character, the devil jin is introduced into the game with different mechanics.
  • The game is available in highly compressed version, where you can download in small size.
  • Tekken 6 Android needs 1GB RAM and 1GB storage to play the game efficiently

Gameplay and High Graphics

Download tekken 6 apk have very high definition graphics which feels very good to play. The models have improved and are more bulky and less blocky in nature of the models. As for the environment textures, it looks more detailed and refined than ever. The sky looks more clear and realistic and for grass texture it looks more greenish. As for the gameplay, many elements like devil version is included. Not only that but many game modes and a very large roster is in this game.

Tekken 6 Character Roster

Tekken 6 Game download contains over 43+ characters. Each character have their own intro, moveset, combos, ultimates, rage arts, etc. The characters roster includes King, armor king, jin kazama, kaziya, heihachi, howarang, eddy, bryan, paul, yoshimitsu, kuma, etc. Plus also the game now have a new special character having everything different and unique. The character is Devil jin, devil jin contains gameplay elements which others don’t have. Devil jin can fly and shoots off dark rays and also perform an A.O.E attack with dark magic.

Types Of Game modes

There are several game modes which you can play and will never get bore from it. The arcade mode lets you play consecutive battles against opponents. The versus mode lets you feel CPU battles as well. The story mode continues the events of the tekken 5. This time the military found out the existance of a devil jin. Devil jin has chaos large destruction on a large scale. Due to this jin, the normal one got caught to jail. The story continues from the events from this and the iron fist tournament of game.

Minimum requirements and Offline gameplay

As for the minimum requirements of the game. The game requires a 1GB RAM and 1GB storage to run the game easily. If your device meets these following requirements then it will be able to run the game without any lag. One of the best part about the game is that, the game is offline. Since the game is offline, it will be able to run the game without any kind of lag. This way, the game will not have any kind of shuttering or any graphical problems.

How to Download Tekken 6 APK for Android and IOS

  • Click on the download button Download Tekken 6 apk PPSSPP highly compressed 200mb file.
  • After that download the game by progressing through the website.
  • Then you need to install ppsspp from anywhere you want.
  • Extract the game downloaded by any win rar application.
  • Open up ppsspp and look for your game’s directory in your mobile.
  • Open up the game by just clicking on the image of game.
  • Set up the settings as you would like , according to your comfort.
  • Then make a save file and save it.
  • After that you can play tekken 6 apk download.
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