Greetings my fellow friends and kind gamers, here I am providing Tekken apk. I welcome you all and everyone to my helpful website having tons of games. The name of website is known at places as Android 1 top. Here i present or post many demanding and enjoyable games. Which you can easily play in android devices or IOS devices by direct apk or sometimes by ppsspp.

Tekken 2 APK download
Tekken 2 APK
Tekken 2 APK players
Tekken 2 APK players
Tekken gameplay
tekken gameplay

Today the game which iam going to present is an old and very fun game of tekken. The game name is Tekken 2 apk for android and IOS devices. This is one of the first ever installments in the famous tekken franchise. As for this, it was the second installment ever in the tekken series. This time the graphics have improved, the character roster has increased.

More stages are available as well. As for the story, it follows the events of tekken 1 after the first iron fist tournament. Tekken 2 android is literally a classic. If you’re a classic fan or want nostalgia from games. Then i really recommend you this game, tekken 2 apk for android. Although you can play the game tekken 2 IOS easily with an emulator. However it will have problem like loading rom, bios, directory, emulator, etc. Direct play the game from this apk do download now from below link.

About Tekken 2 APK

Tekken 2 is an action fighting simulation video game. Which is publish and develop by namco and release on 3 August 1995. It was originally released for PlayStation 1 and you can also play it with PlayStation 1 emulator. However it will cause so many problems and i wont recommend it. You will need to download rom, load rom, load bios etc.

It will require time and it’s not sufficient, better than that im providing a simple apk file of tekken 2. Tekken 2 features many new combos and moveset of characters from tekken 1. Its a direct sequel of the game tekken 1 and follows after it. The story continues aftermath the events of first iron first tournament in tekken 1. Now it’s time for the iron fist tournament 2 in the game.

Tekken 2 android apk doesn’t requires much requirements to run the game. It only needs 1GB RAM and 1GB storage for your device. If your device have these requirements then it can run the game easily. Since the game is not a rom but an apk, many of you think it needs internet right? . Then in that case i will be happy to say that it doesn’t need any internet connection. It is totally offline to play in your device.

Game Features of Tekken 2

  • Over 20+ different varieties of characters to play as in tekken 2.
  • Tekken 2 features a very dynamic and enjoyable style gameplay.
  • Continues the story of tekken 1 as this game is direct sequel to tekken 1.
  • Fully action based gameplay where you can perform many kinds of combo moves.
  • Different kinds of over 10+ stages, which includes some from tekken 1 game.
  • The game requires only 1GB RAM and 1GB Storage to play in your mobile.
  • One of the major perk is that it is fully offline to play, unlike some apk out there.
  • Much easier to play the game if we compare it to playing by an emulator of PlayStation 1.

Character Roster of game

The game tekken 2 apk download introduces over 20+ characters in this installment. At the beginning it will provide you 10 playable character. To unlock other 10 characters you have to complete arcade mode with each character. fighting the final boss at the end of each arcade mode times.

The character roster contains:

  • Heihachi Mishima
  • King
  • Marshall Law
  • Anna Williams (unlockable)
  • Armor King (unlockable)
  • Devil (unlockable)
  • Ganryu (unlockable)
  • Kazuya Mishima (unlockable)
  • Kuma (unlockable)
  • Kunimitsu (unlockable)
  • Lee Chaolan (unlockable)
  • Prototype Jack (unlockable)
  • Wang Jinrei (unlockable)
  • Michelle Chang
  • Nina Williams
  • Paul Phoenix
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Jack-2
  • Jun Kazama
  • Lei Wulong
  • Alex
  • Angel
  • Baek Doo San (unlockable)
  • Bruce Irvin (unlockable)
  • Roger (unlockable)
  • Doctor Bosconovitch
  • Jane

Each character have their own unique play style.

Gameplay & Graphics

The game looks very classy in terms of the graphics of the game. However the gameplay is just as good as ever. Moreover, there are many combos or ultimates which can do one hit K.O . Landing it is fairly hard but if you do it right it will kill the opponent in one blow. There are 4 buttons by which you can perform many varieties of combos.

Varieties of Game Modes

In past tekken games like tekken 2 android. There were many amzing gameplay modes in it. The volleyball mode still used to exist back then. Aside from that there are good old arcade mode, story mode, training mode etc. Unlock characters by going through the arcade mode. Continue the story which ended in tekken 1 by going through the story mode. Each character have its own story mode in tekken 2.

How to Download Tekken 2 APK for Android and IOS

  • Click on the download button to download Tekken 2 apk game for android and ios.
  • After that proceed through the site and download the game.
  • Following that click on the downloaded game to open the apk file.
  • After that complete the installation and wait for it to get completed.
  • After that, click on the game to open it and wait till it loads.
  • Then set up the settings as you like in the option settings if you want to.
  • After that play the game as you like. Enjoy tekken 2 apk or download tekken 2 android.