Greetings my unique fans and as well as constant visitors. You’re welcome here to a brand new platform of having tons of games available. If you’re curious what’s it’s name then i say the website name is Android 1 top. Dedicatedly available at your service providing unlimited games having non stop entertainment.

If you’re looking for a sonic the hedgehog game for your mobile then you’re at the great spot. The game i have today for my friends is Sonic Dash apk For Android and IOS platforms. Sonic Dash is an endless run and endless fun type of game. Where sonic constantly run in many sceneries available with many obstacles.

If you’re familiar with temple run apk or subway surfers apk then this game is just the thing for you. If you’re a big Sonic fan then you must’ve already knew about the game. The fascinating part is that you can get Sonic Dash Mod apk from here as well. Which means you can attain both version from links given below.

Sonic Dash MOD APK
Sonic Dash MOD APK all characters unlocked
Sonic Dash MOD APK unlimited money

More Things About Sonic Dash APK

An endless running game of Sonic have been launched as the name Sonic Dash Apk Android. Which contains many characters as classic sonic, shadow the hedgehog, amy rose, tails, knuckles the echidna, rouge the bat and more. Different series of sonic characters are available as well in Sonic Dash endless running MOD apk.

Including jet, big the cat, charmy bee, vector, metal sonic, espio, blaze and cream the Rabbit. Endless fun is the real deal of the game where you run endless in the speed of sound. Additionally if you want to unlock the game characters, you need to collect up red rings for it. Which is definitely very very hard in terms of obtaining them.

That is why the unlocked file Sonic Dash apk Mod or Sonic Dash Mod Apk all characters unlocked have everything unlimited. Either if it is the normal rings or even the red rings. Giving you the luxury to unlock all characters at once without any delay. There are many boost items available for you as well to boost you up in the endless journey.

Charming Features of Sonic Dash Mod Apk

  • Embark on adventure with modern sonic in the endless fun of endless journey making in the longest run you ever did.
  • Agressive boss fights such as zazz from the deadly six and dr. Eggman in his egg mobile attacking sonic with various weapons.
  • Jump on spring to have a mid time delay for you to perform many tricks by swiping left, right, up and as well as down for more points.
  • Sonic Dash MOD apk unlimited everything allows you to have everything in unlimited amount even if its the most rarest thing the red ring.
  • Special collaboration with the franchise of all famous Pac Man made by Sega as well containing both Pac man and bash in the game.
  • Aim for the highest spot in the leaderboard of the game by attaining as much as points available to mark your spot in the top spot online.
  • Various items such as Dash boost, magnet, shield, head start and as well as 2x multiplier for you to increase your experience while running in game.
  • Tons of unlockable characters which you can play with in Sonic Dash Mod Apk all characters unlocked 2021 are available such as sonic, knuckles, tails, shadow and more.
  • Different stages for you to run on are there in game such as seaside hill, greenhill zone, sky sanctuary zone, mushroom hill zone, temple zone etc.
  • Excellent gameplay based highly on the original game and animated series of Sonic the hedgehog playable now in android and as well as IOS devices.

Entertaining Boss Fights

There are many kinds of boss fights available in Sonic Dash Mod APK Unlimited rings and Money. These boss fights rotates and encounters sonic different time as different bosses. Therr are Dr eggman in his egg mobile and zack from the deadly six from sonic lost World. New bosses such as from original Pac Man series.

Unlockable Characters or heroes

The unlockable characters are listed as classic sonic, shadow the hedgehog, knucles the echidna, miles tails prower, amy rose, hyper metal sonic etc. You can unlock these characters by collecting rare red rings. However in Sonic Dash MOD APK latest version or Sonic Dash Mod Apk all characters unlocked. You will have everything unlocked from yhe starting without having you collecting red rings.

Sonic dash MOD APK Features

Sonic Dash Mod Apk all characters unlocked 2020 have every single premium features unlocked. It includes luxury as every character unlocked, unlimited red rings, unlimited normal rings, unlimited head starts and unlimited lives. Bringing you out the fun of having endless run truly by download sonic dash mod apk. As now you will truly be able to run endless by having endless lives. So that if you loose one life, you will stand up and run again.

How to Download Sonic Dash Mod Apk for Android and IOS

  • Proceed onto the link of download button given below to Download sonic dash mod apk in your special Device.
  • Attain the game in your mobile by progressing on the site and following any instructions given right there.
  • Please then wait for the game sonic dash mod apk Unlimited to get download in your phone perfectly.
  • Before you really install the game make sure to carefully check up if you have the space available.
  • You just have to install the game then which is Sonic dash mod android and have the sprint onto the endless fun.
  • When the game is installed you have to open the game and buy anything you want with the unlimited rings.
  • You really want to compete in the official leaderboard of the game, you will be required to make up an id for the following.
  • After all of this is perfectly done you’re good to go to play Sonic Dash Mod apk free Shopping or Sonic Dash Mod apk happymod.
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