Greetings my fellow visitors! Once again as always im welcoming you to my humble and helpful site. Which is Here i present you all many kinds of amazing games. hich are very demanding and have high end graphics. The games are playable on both android and ios devices. game which iam going to present you today is Secret Neighbor APK or Secret neighbor APK OBB. game is explore and horror simulation oriented game which is a direct sequel to one of the best horror game Hello neighbor. If you want to download the game be sure to read the article carefully to download the game without verification, No Verification is needed.

Secret Neighbor Apk

You can find the game on search engine as Secret Neighbor download Android no verification. Also as Secret Neighbor apk without verification. since you can download the game without any verification from here. The game comes in variants according to size as well. Like Secret neighbor APK 100 mb or Secret neighbor APK Obb 500 mb.

About Secret Neighbor APK

Secret neighbor APK or secret neighbor APK OBB is a Horror and thrilling game which is a direct sequel to the previous game Hello neighbor. Only thing new is that this game is multiplayer game in which you can play with your friends to go through the neighbour’s house and explore it fully to discover things.In the game you and a group of kids tries to rescue tom. The kid from the story of Hello neighbor who got trapped in the basement or can say house in neighbor house. Only problem here is that one of the kids is trying to disguise as neighbor. With that all players will rescue tom where one of them will be neighbor and have to stop them.

The game Secret Neighbor is a video game developed by Hologryph and published by tinyBuild Games. It was originally released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia but now with the help of the article you will be able to play the game in your android and IOS devices as well.


Secret Neighbor apk obb

Nicky Roth, a small child, is out playing in the street when he hears his next-door neighbour cry. The Youngster Nicky looks into it and discovers that his next-door neighbour is supposedly locking someone in his basement. Nicky then enters his neighbor’s house, obtains the basement key, and opens the door. He discovers that his next-door neighbour has converted his basement into a makeshift underground prison, but no convicts have been discovered.

Nicky is then nabbed after running into Mr. Peterson, a neighbour. Nicky awakens in the underground dungeon of his next-door neighbour. He breaks free from his confinement and makes his way to the surface, only to find that his next-door neighbour has erected a gigantic barrier around his land to keep him from escaping. Nicky is compelled to complete a series of puzzles in order to escape his neighbor’s land. After crossing the fence, he runs back to his house, but Mr. Peterson does not pursue him.

Nicky, now an adult, walks into his flat. He returns to his childhood home after getting evicted from his apartment. His old house is in disarray, and his next-door neighbor’s house is similarly in chaos. While investigating the ruins, Nicky is disturbed by a dark shadow-like thing, so he returns home and falls asleep.

He is startled awake by a child’s cry, and he realises the neighbor’s house has returned, but it is now larger, more intricate, and weird than before. Nicky wanders throughout the house, encountering strange happenings such as learning to double jump by shrinking and attempting to turn on a light that is much out of reach. He ultimately makes his way down to the basement, older and stranger than before.

Features of Secret Neighbor Android

  • A very thrilling and horror gameplay of the game.
  • A direct sequel to the one of the best horror games hello neighbor.
  • Contains a very great cooperation type gameplay with your buddies.
  • Play with your friends and partners to rescue tom from the neighbor’s house.
  • The game is totally and fully lag free so you won’t feel any lag during the gameplay.
  • Many abilities included like bear trap, disguise, and also a rage mechanic.
  • In the newest version the game has also added a clown and butcher character instead of just neighbor.

Gameplay & Graphics

Secret Neighbor Android gameplay

To show you all some gameplay and graphics of the game i have provided some gameplay screenshots of Secret Neighbor apk no verification. As you can see the game focus on more of a Cartoonish look in visuals but it also makes it more horror and scary in that way by using the darkness and the night to its full potential.

Objective of game

In the game Secret neighbor The children have to collect up to 6 keys to unlock the basement door. While the Neighbor must catch all of the children. the children must get all the keys and unlock the basement to rescue their friend tom. Before the neighbor catches them and makes them missing from the town.

Game requirements

To run the game efficiently without any problems. you will need 2Gb RAM and 1 Gb storage or space in your android and IOS devices. If you want to run the game without any problems, glitches or any kind of shuttering. You will need your device to must meets the following minimum requirements of the game.

Secret Neighbor Apk Download Without Verification

We also don’t like human verification, As a result, our website is well-known for providing exclusive games without the need for authentication. We’re back with another great video with a direct download link. Yes, you can now download hidden Neighbor apk without verification; there is no need to provide any information to instal this game on your phone. It’s incredibly simple to get this game; simply follow the methods outlined below and you’ll be able to play Secret Neighbor apk on your Android device without having to go through any human verification.

How to Download Secret Neighbor APK OBB

  • Click the download button below to get the Secret Neighbor apk obb file.
  • Then click on the apk file.
  • Open the file, you’ll see a message that says.“Your phone is programmed to prohibit installation of apps received from unknown sources for security reasons.”Just allow installation from the unknown sources.
  • Allow Secret Neighbor apk to be installed.
  • It will just take a few minutes to set up
  • Your phone will display the Secret Neighbor icon.
  • You start the game, it will download the obb and data files, and then the game will begin to play