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PUBG New State APK

The game i have for you all today is the new battle royale game. The name of the game is Pubg new state APK game file for Android and IOS devices. PUBG new state android is the newest launch in the Player’s unknown battle ground series. After a big revolution of game by Original PUBG : player’s unknown battle ground. The creators are back once again with another revolutionary game.

This time the game is set up in a futuristic timeline of pubg timeline. Which means that players are playing in the future world of PUBG series. Where they will find many futuristic things including vehicles, weapons and more. Pubg new state apk download haven’t released yet for now. However as always I’m providing you my friends the early access of the game right now. So that you can play this amazing and one of the best game out here right now.

About PUBG New State APK

Pubg new state is a fully exclusive mobile battle royale game. Which is develop by KRAFTON and als well as publish by KRAFTON. The game is known as the next game upon the original player’s unknown battle ground apk. This time however everything is set up in age of 2051. Which means the time is accelerate into 50 years more into the future. The function of the game are Just like the original pubg game.

Where players are drop into an island and battle for the last man standing. The one who stays till the end and comes up at the top wins the game. The winning of the game is defined as winner winner chicken dinner in game. Download pubg new state apk is rewarding the early access players with a futuristic bike. That’s why players should pre register or just play the early access. Which you can do now by downloading the game from below link.

The players are drop into a new battleground named as TROI. Which is the futuristic island where players can see how the world have changed from last game. Explore the new environment which is fully free to explore. The map this time is much bigger than the previous game. Each destination have an unique characteristics hidden into it and you have to explore it. PUBG NEW STATE APK Tap Tap is really such an amazing game.

Pubg New State Android Features

  • Improved graphics than previous game which looks completely ultra realistic and totally refined in terms of looks.
  • The game pubg new state apk android brings a new battle roye experience to players right into their mobile devices.
  • Futuristic environment where everything has changed as compare to the previous PUBG game and have become futuristic.
  • Realistic and future weapons are available in the game where they can try out the weapons in the 50 years after the timeline.
  • Providing you my friends the early access of the game as the game haven’t released globally for everyone out there Fully.
  • New next generation survival in this amazing new game from the developers of player’s unknown battleground android apk.
  • Many types of game modes available which will be expanded in the future as the game will be released globally for everyone.
  • For now the requirements of the game are 2GB RAM free in mobile with 2 GB internal storage only free to play the game.
  • Various future vehicles are also available like future cars and future bikes for players to have a futuristic feel in pubg new state download.
  • Upto 100 players drops in an island to play together in this amazing new battle royale game which is set up in the future timeline.

Futuristic Gameplay

Player’s unknown battleground new state apk is design to give a futuristic look in every aspect. It is because of the fact that the PUBG New State APK combo is up in 2051. Which means that the game is settle up after 50 years in the future of original pubg apk game. That is why everything looks modernised and much more futuristic. From the environment to the cars and bikes, everything looks like future. Even the weapons looks they are straight up from the future of PUBG New State APK beta.

Ultra Realistic Graphics

Since PUBG New State APK sizevfeatures everything from the future. The graphics looks super ultra realistic as well. The developers put so much work this time for the graphics of the game. The textures and the model designing of everything looks so high definition. The graphics are superb in terms of looking with a refresh rate of 60fps. You can enjoy this amazing and high level graphics game in 60fps. If you meet up with the maximum requirements of the game which is yet to be show. You can run the game without any problems.

How to Download PUBG New State APK For Android and IOS

  • Click on the download button to Download Player’s unknown battleground new state apk for Android & IOS.
  • Get the game by proceeding through the site and start downloading from the download link.
  • Wait for the PUBG New State Apk + obb to get download fully into your Android phone.
  • After that before installing the game allow the unknown resources to get install in your mobile.
  • Then after that normally install PUBG New State APK download 2021 into your phone and wait.
  • When you’re done installing, just open the game from the game or home screen of your device.
  • Then you need to create a profile by giving your name so that you can link your progress into your account.
  • Link your Facebook id or google play id to save the game and play PUBG New State APK download 2020.
  • Enjoy the futuristic gameplay and ultra high definition graphics of pubg new state apk + obb.
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