Name Project QT
Developers Nutaku & xDNA
File TypeMod Apk
Size178 Mb
Mod Features Unlimited Gems
Devices compatible Android & IOS

In particular, take all pleasure from an aesthetic Anime RPG game. Which is definitely Project QT Mod Apk No Verification. In spite of that, it is the latest Aesthetic Manga style RPG puzzle game. Which is being fascinated by tons of players globally. Furthermore, it contains really attractive characters and visuals. Which represents some theme of Anime or Manga. For sure, there are tons of challenges over this RPG installment. Alongside also containing a really definitive story to carry over. Meanwhile, also collect tons of female characters alongside. Match 3 or more elements to deal damage and wreck the opponents.

Deal damage by matching 3 or more elements. Surely, this seems like a puzzle RPG style game. Undoubtedly, that’s the gameplay of Project QT Mod Apk Download. In particular, the gameplay revolve around this puzzling actions. For sure, the puzzle also have special powers associated with it. Moreover, Power up your girls alongside your tedious adventure. Such that, there are tons of interactive options with your characters. Ultimately, the gameplay purely even feels like a gacha one. Indeed, the system of game acts like a gacha one as well. Which is particularly responsible for the summoning system upon this experience.

Reach beyond the earth and demolish the ruthless aliens. Since the narrative of Project QT Mod Apk plays like that. Consequently, the planet gets purely immersed and invaded by monster girls. Thus, the player have to fight against them using technology powered girls. Therefore, recruit these powered up girls for your technical team. However, the system of recruiting purely relies on luck. Which needs more resources to actually recruit your favorite character. The solution is this MOD Edition.

Some Details On Project QT Mod APK

Recruit some of the most gorgeous Gacha girls. Consequently, fight against the Monsters girls from the black hole. Although the gameplay is definitely just a puzzle game. Where the system is to match 3 same element. In particular, it is really basic, however the story purely isn’t. Since it revolves around the technical campaigns. Indeed, this fiction is about reaching beyond the earth planet. However, while doing so over the storyline. The characters summoned various black holes over the areas. Which summons distinct monsters girls everywhere. Therefore, demolish their plots and close all the black holes.

Therefore, form a particular squad of gorgeous girls. Who are really advanced in technologies as well. That’s the way they can purely combat and fight against others. Such that, this is not just a Puzzle game. Meanwhile, Project QT Mod Apk 2022 is also a RPG game. In spite of that, player can upgrade and customize their girls. For sure, most of the characters over this installment are girls. That’s why the characters and visuals seems really immersive. Link your characters or girls together to form a powerful ability. Progress and help the girls in your team to overcome every time.

Although the game is really immersive itself. Project QT Mod Apk Full Version have tons of interactions. Such that, each character and the player can interact with everyone. Which indeed lets the player to understand every character on the game. Furthermore, go through the dungeons and overcome them as well. Alongside the main header part of the game. There are tons of side amusement as well. Which are the particular casual time limited events. Of course, since this game is a gacha one as well. It receives tons of playable events as well through times. However, there are unlimited gems over this edition.

Recruit Powered Up Girls

Since Project QT Mod Apk Latest Version is a gacha experience. The players have to recruit gorgeous girls on their teams. Such that, it is purely based upon their respective luck. Of course, this have an exclusive summoning system for that. Definitely, a team can contain only 4 girls upon them. However, the player can collect and recruit as much as they want. Since they can play with any girl characters by getting them from character list. Although it is based on full over the luck. Sometimes, the player might not get their favorite Girls. However, since there are unlimited gems available over this edition of game.

Puzzling RPG Experience

Undoubtedly, this installment is a pure on mixture of both. Which are the RPG and as well as puzzle gameplay. As for the puzzle experience over the game. The player have to match up 3 or more elements on the bottom screen. Such that, they mix up and the characters then attacks. Moreover, the RPG refers to the interactive options against the characters. Certainly, they can get customized in any particular way. Furthermore, characters also have interactions with the player. Indeed, player can talk and interact with each characters. Surely, it creates the game to have both puzzle and RPG system.

Battle Against Monster Girls

The plot of Project QT Mod Apk Unlocked is about black holes. Which are conducted after the failed attempt to leave earth. Furthermore, most of the men got wiped out over the process. Consequently, various black holes also appears around the game’s areas. Through which monster girls appears. Undoubtedly, the player and her team of girls then have to fight them. So that they can purely annihilate their plot on the game. Therefore, stop the monster girl’s invasion over earth at all cost. Otherwise, they will particularly invade through distinct ways.

Unlimited QT Gems

Indeed, Project QT Mod Apk Unlimited seems really amusing. However, it is purely not amusing when you don’t receive your character. For sure, the gacha system is present over this game. Which gets the player to purely recruit their distinct characters. However, it doesn’t goes purely successful always. Since everything resides upon the respective’s luck. Therefore, obtain Unlimited Gems here. Which gets you to summon unlimited and get every character. Thus, player won’t fear of not getting their favorite character over the game.

Particular Features Of Project QT Mod APK Unlimited Money

  • Play a Mixture of Both RPG and puzzle. Which provides a really amusing gameplay.
  • Recruit some of the most gorgeous girls ever. Consequently, there are tons of them.
  • Form a team of 4 girl characters. So that they can fight together over the game.
  • Obtain Unlimited gems for your characters. Since now you can summon infinitely.
  • A really simple yet amusing storyline. Which focuses on the technical future and fight against monster girls.

Some F.A.Q For Project QT Mods

Q) How to Recruit Characters in the game?

Ans: Go through the summoning system. Then save up your gems and recruit the characters from their banner.

Q) What are the features of Project QT Mod Apk Mobile ?

Ans: In particular, the player can get unlimited resources. Which in particular are the gems. By which the player can then recruit characters infinitely.

Final Ending Words

Certainly, Project QT Mods Apk Android is a game about gorgeous girls. Who teams up against monster girls. Surely, this mixture of RPG and puzzle genre is really amusing. Since it lets the player to enjoy simple gameplay. While also enjoying all the flashy and thrilling aspects of game. Furthermore, its visual and manga style art style doesn’t fail too. In particular, it makes the game to look like an anime. Now players can even summon infinitely.

How To Download Project QT Mod Apk Latest Version 2022

Surely, become a part of the gorgeous girls team. As they fight against the monster girls from black hole. Recruit characters, level them up, interact with them, and do more. Furthermore, obtain this edition of the game. Which provides the player with unlimited gems to recruit characters.

  • To obtain the game files. Surely go to the bottom section of the website.
  • There, you will purely find the download button. Then just press over it. As it takes you to some another website automatically.
  • When you get upon this website. Check out for the download link.
  • Which will get over your screen after a while. Then just open it by clicking over it.
  • It will then start the downloading process of your files.
  • From that instance, just wait for it to get completed. When it does, open the APK file to install the game.
  • As you open the APK file. It will open with a pop up of installation steps.Therefore, click on the install button there. Then it will install itself and loads for a while.
  • Since everything is done already. Launch the game through clicking its icon.
  • Then just make your account over the game. From there, you will be able to play peacefully.