NameProject Makeover
 UpdatedSep 24, 2022
 Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
 Last version2.48.1
 Size44.95 Mb
 MODUnlimited money
 DeveloperBubblegum Games

You may select attractive outfits and do more by downloading the latest version of the Project Makeover Mod Apk for free for Android. Utilizing this programme, you can get your ideal appearance.

Project Makeover Description

Project Makeover Mod

Bubblegum Games’s Project Makeover is a light-hearted mobile app, and it’s likely that you’d be interested in downloading it. There are currently more than one million copies of it downloaded from the Google Play Store. Any Android smartphone is capable of downloading and installing Project Makeover, and users of any age are welcome to use the software.

Project Makeover Mod APK latest version

This application is geared toward individuals who take pride in their appearance and enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends. In this game, you’ll be tasked with assisting characters who are in serious need of a makeover. Get the game downloaded to give them a hand in realising their goals. You have a selection of options available to you in terms of fashionable haircuts, clothing, furniture, and makeup to choose from.

Project Makeover Mod APK Infinito Dinheiro

You’ll interact with a variety of individuals during Project Makeover, the majority of them are theatrical. This includes clients who are unwilling to budge and fashion icons who are completely self-absorbed. One thing that all of these individuals have in common is the fact that they are in desperate need of new clothing.

You may now tackle all of the fashion-themed puzzles in Project Makeover by downloading it on your mobile device and playing it. This is a fun and tough game that features a variety of various problems. Can you achieve the ideal appearance by playing this game? The fact that you may personalise the appearance of your signature using your avatar is an incredible feature.


Participating in a fashion show can be both frustrating and exciting; if you’ve ever seen “The Devil Wears Prada,” you’ll have some idea of what it’s like to feel both of those emotions. You will initially find yourself in a creation studio, where you will be tasked with collaborating with three specialists in the fields of fashion, interior design, and hair and cosmetics.

In a world that has never seen anything like it before, you are expected to be an expert in all three subjects, and in order to satisfy the consumers, you will have to overcome the challenges that come along with being a demi-god who knows everything. You will begin by advising your clients on what aspects of their physical presentation need to be improved, followed by advising them on what they should wear, and finally, you will design their homes, studios, and other commercial areas to be completely congruent with how your clients currently present themselves. It appears to be simple, yeah.

A Challenging Gameplay

To say the least, it is not exactly simple. The most difficult obstacle you will need to overcome is learning how to put up with the insane attitudes of the customers who come in. Even though they appear to have just been in a terrible car accident, and even though they are in the wrong, they are still being harsh with you. This does not stop them from being harsh.

The game Project Makeover Mod APK will put your patience to the test as it challenges you to see how far you can go in providing your services without going completely insane on your customers. You’ll encounter difficult customers who will make your life miserable and, as a result, cause you to lose points on your makeover. Forget about coming up with a methodical approach to excelling at the game as soon as possible; there is no point in doing so. The ingenuity of Project Makeover Mod Apk lies in the fact that it does not reveal a pattern that can be used to achieve a high score.

The choices are made in a manner that is wholly arbitrary, and the fulfilment of the requirements of your customers will be contingent purely on their outward appearances and the energies they exude. After only a few short weeks of being available on the Play Store, this game has already racked up more than 5 million downloads. It currently has more than 25 million downloads from people all over the world, and it has also received quite a lot of appreciation from these users. The simplicity of this game, the fact that it doesn’t involve much thought, and the fact that it tosses out random awards when you least expect them to are all things that the players adore about it.

Project Makeover Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems Features

Project Makeover Mod APK
  • There is a variety of stylish clothing available for you to chose from. The objective is to achieve the most beautiful and ideal appearance possible. Because of this, you need to choose carefully so that you don’t regret it afterwards.
  • There are a great number of customers that are bereft and in desperate need of a makeover. You are an authority on the subject, and you are in a position to assist those individuals. Can you instil in them the self-assurance that will allow them to pursue their ambitions?
  • Not only would you make the characters in this game more attractive, but you would also be responsible for decorating their homes. This is the essence of what it means to be beautiful on the inside and out. You’ll need to download the game in order to make this happen.
  • There is the potential for excitement in every facet of the game. You will soon come upon a character whose personality was on the extreme side. Prepare yourself to deal with folks like these.
  • Because it contains a variety of challenging puzzles, Project Makeover is highly addicting. These problems are difficult, and you’ll want more of them if you’re anything like me. Be aware of the challenges that add an additional layer of difficulty to the puzzles.
  • Create one-of-a-kind looks for your avatar to make it stand out.
  • To unlock incredible rewards, you must complete a variety of levels. You can make life easier for yourself by using the power-ups.
Project Makeover Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems

Project Makeover Mod Apk Download Latest Version Android/iOS

On your mobile device, you can get the Project Makeover Mod Apk for free download. Utilizing the mod apk, you will be able to unlock all of the game’s features. In addition to the numerous wonderful things it offers, it comes with a limitless supply of money. You can begin working through the game’s many challenges as soon as the mod APK has been installed.

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