NameProject: BloodStrike Mobile
DeveloperNetEase Games
PlatfromAndroid & (iOS Coming Soon)
GenreFirst Person Shooter
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Project BloodStrike Apk

Downloads of the Project BloodStrike apk+Obb Mediafire are now available for mobile devices running Android and iOS. Because the gameplay is similar to that of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, you can play Project Blood Strike apk on an Android device and have an experience similar to that of COD Warzone Mobile.

Please stick around until the end of this article because we are going to go over all there is to know about this game, including how to download and install Project BloodStrike Apk OBB for Android.

Details About Project: BloodStrike Apk

Multiple upgrade modes

Project: Bloodstrike, a new game for iOS and Android-powered mobile devices, was just discovered. Playing this game is a lot like playing the Call of Duty: Warzone video game. Those who have been waiting for an Android release of Project Bloodstrike can finally do so, and those who own the iOS version can play it on their desktops by means of an emulator.

The BloodStrike Apk is a mobile first-person shooter roguelike royale game. You may almost create an infinite number of different strategies by combining the many upgrade mods available. Choose operators with specialised skills to build a unique set of fundamental tactics for your team. Earning gold on the field of combat can be used to purchase new weapons or even revive your fallen teammates. However, the most crucial objective is to survive till the finish of the level.

Mobile RPG, Short for Role Playing Game First-person shooter Project: BloodStrike features a deathmatch mode. You can customise your experience in an unlimited number of ways thanks to the wide variety of upgrade changes at your disposal. By picking operators with specialised skills, you may build a unique tactical core set that perfectly suits your needs. Earnings from battle can be used to stock up on weapons and potentially bring back to life fallen allies. Nonetheless, your top priority should be to make it to the finish line without getting hurt.


Project BloodStrike game

Android Project Bloodstrike Game Gameplay innovations have helped spread Project Bloodstrike’s fan base far beyond its original release regions. As of recently, it has been ranked as one of the best action games available. Because the learning curve in Project Bloodstrike Mobile is smaller than in most action games, you can jump right in and feel the thrill of playing an action game with less preparation.

Project Bloodstrike Apk Mobile uses the newest version of the Virtual Engine, 1.5.1, in contrast to more traditional action games. The graphics in Project Bloodstrike Mobile are reminiscent of classic action games. There is a lot of excitement surrounding this game among action lovers, and one reason is the game’s high quality characters, maps, and graphics. The quality of modern video games is largely attributable to technical progress in the industry.

Due to the vast selection of games available for mobile phones and the impressive adaptability of these games, Project Bloodstrike Mobile 1.5.1 will appeal to action game lovers of all stripes. The potential applications are wide-ranging. Given that it typically takes quite some time in an action game to build up your riches, skills, and powers, it stands to reason that this is also the phase during which players become the most fatigued. However, this scenario has been significantly altered by the moderators.

Project BloodStrike Mod Apk Features

Project BloodStrike Mod apk

To avoid exhaustion and burnout, “gathering” should not take up the bulk of your time. To reiterate, this is the single most crucial consideration. If you’re using a mod, you can skip this step entirely. This will free you up to focus more on having fun while playing the game. Project Bloodstrike, the popular social cheating game, has now been adapted for mobile play. Whether you survive or die in this game depends on whether you work with or betray your opponents.

You and your seven friends must try to escape this white hell, find supplies to send out a distress signal, and survive a brutal snowstorm. Other dangers include saboteurs inside the ranks who will do anything to protect their own survival, and the possibility that a lethal weapon is hidden behind a friendly smile.


Project BloodStrike ios

Recent technology developments have greatly enhanced the game’s graphical experience. Project Bloodstrike Mobile 1.5.1 retains the game’s original manner of play while expanding the app’s accessibility to a wider audience thanks to the vast array of app-capable mobile phones available today.


There’s little doubt that the time it takes to amass wealth, skills, and talents in a standard action game would wear gamers out. However, with the availability of mods, this situation has been rethought from the ground up. The bulk of your effort and the continuation of the extremely routine “accumulation” are not required here. If you use a mod, you can skip this procedure and go right into the excitement of playing the game.


A person’s personal influence can be increased with money, and it can also be utilised to assist in the rehabilitation of fallen comrades.

Reborn And Attack

If you have a friend, you have the ability to keep coming back to life for an infinite amount of time.

Create The Ideal Military Device

You have access to a broad selection of tools, from which you can select the one that best suits the construction of your unique weapon.

The Original Roguelike Gunslinger

You can generate an infinite number of unique playthroughs by combining a wide range of operators and tactical components in a variety of different ways.

The roguelike first-person shooter game Project Bloodstrike, which features a battle royale mode, is presently available to play on mobile devices running iOS and Android. Because of the numerous different ways in which the game can be upgraded, your experience while playing can be tailored to your preferences eternally. Choose individuals who have expertise in specific areas to serve as the foundation of your core strategic set.

You will be able to acquire weapons and revive fallen comrades if you are successful in acquiring funds while adventuring. Nevertheless, the single most important thing you can do right now is to make sure that you survive right up until the very conclusion of this ordeal.

Take The Battle To The Changing Sky

Can you handle the pressure of battlegrounds where the elements are always shifting?

When compared to traditional action games, the gameplay of Project Bloodstrike Mobile 1.5.1 is vastly improved because to the virtual engine it uses. The game also boasts an arsenal of fresh firearms for players to experiment with.

The style of Project Bloodstrike Mobile is reminiscent of that of classic action games. Many action-game fans will be interested in purchasing it because of the great quality of its visuals, maps, and characters.

Features of the Latest Project BloodStrike APK/iOS 2022 Version

  • Recently, a new multiplayer game option known as multi-line action became accessible.
  • A lot. Recently, there has been an increase in the quantity of downloadable updates and mods.
  • Developed by professionals with deep experience in the field.
  • Put all of your downloaded software on an SD card.
  • 4,000 by 4,000 pixel resolution, high-definition photographs
  • Take part in games that are similar to those you might play by yourself.
  • Make sure you spend all of your money, chips, and jewels.
  • When the app’s functionalities are unlocked, you can use them without any restrictions.
  • As part of its design, it incorporates a feature that allows it to operate outside of the constraints.
  • It’s prepared for usage right away on your end.
  • User-friendly interface.


In what ways can I access Project BloodStrike on my Android device?

Project BloodStrike is a free game that can be downloaded through the Google Play store or directly from our website. The attachment can be found in the post.

How Do I Get The Apk File For The International Version Of Project BloodStrike?

it’s not available as of now.

When downloading, is it safe to do so?

Yes! Download with confidence; we carefully scanned the game for viruses before posting it online.

Is there a worldwide release of Project BloodStrike?

No! Due to its current testing status, this game is currently unavailable outside of the United States. The beta version of Project BloodStrike was made available on the Google Play Store in the Philippines by the game’s developers, NetEase Games. To access Project BloodStrike outside of the Philippines, you’ll need to get the game’s Apk OBB file and connect to a VPN server in the Philippines.

How To Download Project BloodStrike Apk Global For Android & iOS (Play Store)

Due to the absence of an age requirement, the friendly competition is open to anybody and everyone. The platform also allows game developers to showcase their skills, which is a really unique feature. This is a fantastic trait to have. The developed games can use already platform templates or be designed from the ground up.

When they’ve had enough fun for the day, they teach the game to newcomers. As a means of monetizing the game even further, they might offer downloadable content (DLC). Take these measures to acquire the APK file:

  • To allow the app to be installed, you will need to head into the Settings section on your device.
  • Changing the configuration to allow access from unknown sources
  • You may encounter a lag after selecting the download option on this page, depending on the speed of your network connection. How long this lag is depends on how fast your network is.
  • To acquire the Project BloodStrike Apk OBB Download link, click the download button and wait 20 seconds.
  • Once the file has downloaded completely, select “Install” from the menu.
  • Without downloading and installing the software, nothing can be done.
  • Begin using the App and have some fun!

How To Download Project BloodStrike For PC?

  • One of the lightest PC emulators, LDPlayers, requires downloading before it can be installed.
  • Initiate the LD Player.
  • To access Project, please click the link provided. Placement of the Bloodstrike
  • In the “Install from Unknown Sources” section, you must choose the checkbox.
  • Take part in the installation’s final stages.
  • Enjoy!
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