Hello everyone, today we’re going to discuss about Power Warriors 13.6 apk, and the MediaFire download link is included at the bottom of the page. Previously, we’ve seen version 13.5 of the PW Power-Warriors gaming series, which was the most current and recent release.

Various gamers are looking for power warriors 13.6 mod apk unlimited money and all characters unlocked, so here you will get it today. After the last release of power Warriors, you no longer have the ability to Unlock characters by paying with money. If you want to perform that action, you must complete the challenge mode. All the characters in this power warriors 13.6 mod apk are unlocked, ready to use.

Power warriors 13.6 apk

Power Warriors 13.6 APK

Power warriors 13.6 mod apk

When unlocking characters, you won’t have to put in any extra work. There is only one way to unlock all characters and that is to only purchase them. When one’s focus is simply on money, they will not be able to access all the characters. In terms of in-game monetary value, all mythic characters are considered to be extremely expensive, such as MUI Goku, Jiren, Super Vegetto Blue, etc.

At the moment, however, we have obtained a complete access to Power Warriors 13.6, as all previously locked components have been unlocked. It is quite exciting to see so many unusual, unique items and new characters that possess distinct shining abilities. Guys, on this page, I’m going to give you the latest update for Power Warriors 13.6 mod, an Apk file for unlimited coins.

Power Warriors Gameplay

Overall, this is the best 2D fighting dragon ball game, which is why I like it. Due to the many options in this game, there are many ways to play. It is a simple game with a lot of different choices. While some fighting games are decent, they tend to not provide players many options. In this particular instance, Power Warriors is just fantastic. There are multiple gameplay options available in the game, allowing you to play the game in many different ways.

A variety of additional in-game tasks are available in addition to the main missions. In comparison to the previous version, this updated version apk is running at a steady frame rate. Frames per second are boosted in this game, which means higher frame rates.

Game mode

  • Survival and Training mode: I appreciate having the option to play in the training mode after passing survival. There are players who have to put in effort to master the game. If you’re one of those players, this option is open to you. Prior to using this, you should already know how all of the buttons in the Power Warrior work. First, head to the training room, and then you can go to whichever other option you’d want.
  • Boss is the entire name of the game, as in “Boss Battle.” This is the ideal method for amusing all of your characters, defeating them one by one. Once you have defeated all of the characters, you will then be able to face the boss. That is not that much easier. The greater the depth of the situation, the more difficult it will be. After each player has defeated one game, it grows progressively more difficult.
  • Free battle – In other words, if you simply want to do a single battle, you only have to go to the arcade.
  • Additional Challenges: there is a chance you will be engaging multiple combatants in combat.


This game is just like all other Dragon Ball games, because it has a collection of Dragon Ball characters from all the anime and manga series you have ever watched. It has more than 200 characters from the DB franchise. It features characters from Dragon Ball Z (DBZ), Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball absolon. You’ll encounter a variety of powerful heroes and villains, including Goku with Mastered Ultra Instinct, Vegeta in all of his forms, Beerus, Jiren, Hit, Cabba, Caulifla, Toppo God, Vegito, Gogeta, Gohan, Krillin, Cell, Frieza, Android 17 & 18, Master Roshi, Dispo, Frost, Super Saiyan 5 Vegeta and Goku, and many others.

Download Power Warriors 13.6 Mod apk

So here is the direct MediaFire download link to get the power warriors 13.6 mod apk with all characters unlocked and unlimited money/coins.

NamePower Warriors
File typeApk
Mod featuresUnlimited coins
All characters unlocked

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