Greetings to my pleasurable friends and very highly anticipated visitors. I welcome all of you very gently to my website specially created just for you friends. The website name is famous by the name of Android 1 top. This website name Android 1 top is a website about gaming as you can see. Not only normal gaming but about games of Consoles and PC. Fortunately giving you the way to play then in Android or IOS.

So my friends the game i have for you all today is a installment of branch Need for speed. The game is the newest game in need for speed named as need for speed heat apk for android and IOS. Need for speed heat android is the latest installment in the need for speed franchise as you can see. Having a new type of graphics never seen before. Whereas the detailing is superb and on a brand new level as compare to others.

If you’re looking for a new appealing racing game. Then i must say this one would be best for you to have and play. Need for speed heat apk + obb is considered as one of the best racing games ever made. We will go into the depth down below onto why it is considered as one of the best. You can download the game without any verification and also without any problems. The gameplay is also available in both offline and online.

Need for Speed Heat APK
Need for Speed Heat APK obb

About Need For Speed Heat APK

Need for heat speed is a new racing video game which looks really promising. It is released on the 28th of october in 2019 which isn’t too long ago. Being developed by EA Gothenburg and published by Electronic Arts. Take enjoyment in the thrilling racing experience where you drive off many vehicles. The landscape or environment of the game Need for Speed Heat apk no verification is known as palm city. Which is of course is a fictional part or environment.

That fictional part of the environment is based upon the Miami of Florida. The players can switch up between the day time or the night time based upon their liking. However it doesn’t change automatically in the past game of need for speed apk. Take up part in many sectional or specific races and win in them to gain more scores, points and other stuff. The selection of vehicles are very huge providing you with non stop amount of vehicles in game.

If you want to unlock the vehicles you must participate in various events, races, tournaments and more. The influence of police are also existant in the game. If you race at the night time then you’ll be traced by police as they want to shut down palm city. Being caught by them makes you loose all the scores or the rep points which you earned in game. Having all of these features, now you must have know why it us considered as one of the best racing games ever.

Features of Need For speed Heat Android

  • Contains a humongous roster of cars ranging from a total of 127 cars from a whole 33 manufacturers.
  • Latest edition of Ultra high definition graphics Exists in game which makes it looks really appealing to fans.
  • Collect loot boxes which have many kinds of rewards available in game including even upgrades of cars.
  • The environment or the surrounding is based on a fictional part of Miami of florida named as Palm City.
  • You’re introduced to a fully open world landscape in Need for Speed Heat Mobile for you to explore.
  • Everyone’s favourite car or vehicle has returned once again after being unavailable in NFS payback which is “Ferrari”.
  • In game map on the bottom part of the screen to assist you in having to know the direction or the surroundings.
  • Specialized Day night cycle is available for player to switch in between the gameplay of Need for Speed Heat apk android.
  • Take in part of night pursuit if you race at the time of night by police in order to shutdown the palm city.
  • If you want a purely lag free, offline and online, no verification, racing game then this is a highly recommend.

Alluring Gameplay

The appealing gameplay of need for speed heat apk + obb won many heart of racing game fans. It is because the game contains an all new different kind of graphics. If we compare it to the last game which was Need for Speed payback android. Everything looks highly better and so much improved. Not only that but gameplay wise, the game looks highly attaractive. The looks of cars or vehicles gives off a metallic shiney look. Which represents the cars of nowadays in real life.

Pleasurable Gameplay

The gameplay of download Need For Speed Heat android contains many gameplay factors. Open world gameplay of Palm city is very magnificent. Not only you can explore around but you can also take part in any race you want to.

Police Pursuit

Need for speed heat mobile apk includes the all new night pursuit. It is because the police of the game wants the palm city to get shut down. For that they need some excuse to do so. If you get caught during the pursuit you loose all of the credits or rep points you earned. However if you win, you gain a huge amount of rep points or credits.

How to Download Need For Speed Heat apk OBB

  • Click on the download button below to Download Need for Speed Heat apk obb for Android and IOS.
  • Then surf on the website till you get the final link to download Need for speed heat download.
  • After downloading, just you have to simply install the game Need for Speed android download.
  • Then you just need to wait up till it ends installing the apk file of Need for Speed or android in some time.
  • Proceeding that then you need to make a save file and finally play the game in your mobile device.
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