Hey there splendid naruto fans. If you want to have the all new naruto game. I’m glad to have you all here because I’m providing a new naruto game. That new naruto game is Naruto Slugfest X apk Android. Naruto Slugfest X is an online specially designed latest RPG game.

This new RPG type is known as MMO RPG. Where you play in the home of every ninja in naruto Universe. Konoha is that one village, which is also a major factor throughout the anime. If you’re a true naruto fan then I’m sure you always wanted to run around the konoha village.

Naruto Slugfest X Mod Apk
Naruto Slugfest X APK

As it seems very peaceful and the fact that Naruto Slugfest X presented whole landscape well is really magnificent. There are all of the characters available for you to obtain in game. Gameplay is overall like the other RPG role playing games. I’m sure you’ll have a very pleasant experience in playing the game.

More Details About Naruto Slugfest X Mod APK

Naruto is a very enjoyable anime franchise. Which is created by manga creator Masashi Kishimoto. Delivering a very new MMO RPG role-playing experience. You can find many people like you who are naruto shippuden fans out there. You can make friends and as well as new rivals.

Play along with them or fight against them it’s on your choice. Perfectly enhancing your own gaming experience giving you the freedom to play on your mobile devices. Which supports Android and IOS kind of mobile devices fully without any problems. Normally you may feel lag or shuttering in any of the games.

However that’s not any of the case in here. Many online missions launches every day for you to complete and get many Rewards. These rewards have in game currency by which you can summon for new characters as well. Summon feature is the feature by which you obtain new characters. Let’s get into more details down below.

New features of Naruto Slugfest X Android Apk

  • Summon feature lets you summon for many characters which releases on designated banners.
  • A very large environment available for the players to move around and visit different places.
  • Different characters have new rarities which have Henshins, SP, SS, SA and more as we go down.
  • Role playing MMO RPG is focused as the main aspect category of the game in Naruto Slugfest apk.
  • Naruto slugfest android apk is a free to play game but it have collectibles which you have to farm.
  • Many events and banners releases on special occasions such as New year, Black friday and more.
  • Fight as a group or also fight as a 1 on 1 action brought to you by the game Naruto Slugfest X apk download.
  • Naruto theme controls placed over the screen allowing you to control everything and letting you move swiftly.
  • Acquire experience as you play the game and also get various equipments to make your party stronger than ever.
  • Firstly create a character or choose from the already given ones and give him an ability from the four types of abilities.

MMO RPG Experience

MMO means massively multiplayer online game. RPG means role playing game as by the full forms. This already gives you the hint about how massive the game is. Having a very big or large fan base among the game. Having over 100 players in each server of the game. There are total of over 50 servers available working online. Making over 50,000 and more players playing the game at once.

Summoning Feature

Summoning action is based upon the RNG. RNG is the random number generator function. Which decides which character you’ll get when you draw out characters there. There are different chances of characters in obtaining them. Henshin, SS, SR, SA all have different chances in obtaining them. Which means sometimes you may get lucky and pull of your favorite genre of character. There is no denying that the game can be really fun.

Online Missions

There are many types of online experience for you to play with online people. There are raids battles, special story mode missions. Where you have to participate with at least 4 players to bring down 1 enemy. It can be Madara Uchiha, Obito, and many villains from Naruto anime. By doing these missions you can get many prize. If you do it with your friends you can get additional prizes and rewards. Every saga from naruto is represented as a MMO RPG game here.

Powering Up Your Characters

There are many ways to power up your characters here. You can upgrade your own moves and change it into a better version. Changing it increases the damage and also making it new. For example if you reach upto a high level you can change normal rasengan into rasenshuriken. Making it cover more distance and dealing more damage. Other than it you can equip more better equipments or upgrading the equipped ones. You can join a group of different names having real person to have rewards of a guild. Upgrade the level of each character, making your whole team stronger.

How to Download Naruto Slugfest APK Android

  • Naruto slugfest X apk or Naruto Slugfest Android can be download by going through the download link below.
  • You would get transferred to the website then having the the game ready to download for you.
  • The website having the game will then provide you the game and you have to download it from there.
  • Allowing installation from unknown website setting to turn on allowing the game to install in your mobile.
  • Then you can directly install the game if your device have all of the represented requirements for game.
  • The game will then take some time to install. Open it afterwards and it will load for a short duration of time.
  • After that you need to create a player id to play the game and join the MMO RPG experience.
  • Then you have to create a character which will be your first ever through the game when you start your role play game.

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