Greetings my fellow visitors! I welcome you all to my humble site which is and once again i have brought another fantastic game for android and ios whose name is Naruto MUGEN apk. This is the Naruto vs bleach mod apk Mugen that contains only Naruto anime characters. It contains more than 100+ characters and there are many more modified Naruto Mugen Game like this are available in 100mb and more low MB sizes. This is a Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja storm Mugen apk for Android.

The game is small size in general, it is around 1 gb. The game needs an android device with 1 gb space and 1-2gb ram in device to run the game smoothly. Since the game is of mugen, it will be supported in most devices. The game is offline so be sure to download it by reading the article carefully.

Since it was first created in the 1970s, anime has evolved from using black-and-white pixelated visuals to using improved graphics, incredible sound quality, and some of the very finest narratives, making it one of the most popular forms of entertainment ever. The popular anime series Naruto Shippuden, as well as the films based on the Naruto franchise, serve as the inspiration for the game Naruto Mugen APK Low MB. Android version of Naruto Mugen We are extraordinarily fortunate to be living in an era in which it is possible for us to simultaneously enjoy watching four of the most revered series in the history of anime: Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Bleach.

People all across the world have been captivated by the story of a youngster who was rejected by the whole community in which he lived. The orange figure who was incapable of performing even a single jutsu due to a lack of training. Becoming the Hokage and bringing about a revolution throughout the whole world of shinobi is a narrative that you do not want to miss. This tale serves as the inspiration for the Naruto Mugen APK Android game. It gives you the opportunity to experience the shinobi world in the same way that it was shown in the anime. You might also play the game of Jump Force Mugne.

About Naruto Mugen Android Game 2022

Naruto Mugen apk

Naruto Mugen game is developed by:- Itachigaming / Tceam / Zinnat / Kizumo for android and ios devices. The game is of 1gb and it contains 100+ naruto Characters. The game is developed under M.U.G.E.N engine.

This game is specially designed for portable devices like android and ios. The game is offline as well as lag free. The game contains 10+ maps to play in as well. Along with all forms and transformations of the Characters.
Like sage mode, sharingan mode, and many more! Play through the arcade mode and also there’s a time attack and survival mode where you test out your skill in the game as you fight many foes continously.

The game version is v3.3 and it is released recently which means its the latest game as we talk of now. Feel the mugen experience while playing, as the game is not run by some emulator but it is designed as an purely APK. Try out the training mode as well where you test out your moves and refines your skills.


For gameplay purpose, i have provided some gameplay shots of game naruto mugen apk. As u can see the sprites of Characters looks very well made and the movement of Characters are done very well too. Their attacks sprites are well made as well. As u can see Characters like naruto and itachi are available in game as well and you can even use sharingan in game. The game feels very enjoyable while playing due to its very enjoyable mechanics. There are various game modes available too. Play through the story and arcade modes and get the luxurious feel of the game.

Naruto Mugen android

When seen from the point of view of a gamer, Naruto offers players the opportunity to build and battle over 400 unique characters during the course of the game. This fact might surprise you. The anime version of Naruto in his youth serves as the basis for the beginning of the plot. In order to advance to the next level, you must continue to level up your character, whichever one you select. The very best feature of Naruto Mugen APK 200MB is that as you go through the game and level up your character, you will have access to an ever-increasing amount of jutsu at your disposal. You have access to all of the most powerful Shinobi from Konoha and the surrounding villages.

Characters and Special Attacks

Naruto Mugen apk 100+ characters

The game contains vast amount of Characters more than 100+ from the major cast of the naruto franchise. Characters like itachi, naruto, sasuke, kakashi, guy, jiraiya, orachimari, deidara, pain, kaguya, kisame, sakura, nine tails fox kurama, and many more are game. The game contains many new moves which contains ultimate and special attacks of Characters like rasengan, amaterasu, sharingan, nine tails mode, sage mode, kurama blast, fire jutsu, genjutsu, and other jutsu can be performed in game.

Naruto Mugen Features

  • The game contains 100+ Characters.
  • The game is solely and purely offline.
  • While being offline, the game is also lag free.
  • Contains newly designed 10+ stages.
  • Includes all old and new transformations of naruto franchise.
  • Contains many game modes to play in as.
  • The game is of 1gb only.
  • Specially designed mugen game in an APK.
  • Can be run on lower and low specifications devices.

Several distinct game modes

The Naruto Mugen APK download file has a number of different modes, each one of which might completely transform how you approach the game. It has a teamplay option, in which you may pit your group of friends against one another in the multiplayer game. You may go through the main gaming arena, which is where the game’s story is told, by levelling up your character. This will allow you to take on increasingly difficult challenges. In addition to that, there is the arcade mode. Characters of primary importance, like as Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, would progress through the many levels of becoming powerful as the story progressed. Many people believe that Naruto is one of the kindest, most upbeat, and most inspirational characters that has ever appeared in an anime. The plot of the anime focuses on how Naruto became renowned and how he was able to influence the lives of others via his interactions with them.

Play Offline

The fact that the Naruto Mugen download for Android may be played without an internet connection helps make it the finest Naruto game ever. When playing any game based on anime, the fact that it is almost always played online is the most significant challenge. In order to compete against other players, you will first need to log onto the game’s server. On the other hand, this is not the case with Naruto Mugen, as playing the game requires no online connectivity at all. Even when you are not connected to the internet, it provides more than 12 different arenas for you to fight in. With over 400 unique individuals to choose from.


The APK Naruto Mugen mobile version includes a morphing element for all of the playable characters. The significance of this component to the whole experience of playing the game simply cannot be overstated. If you are a fan of Naruto and want to play a game based on the franchise, you will find that there are a lot of options. The transformation techniques used in these games are not up to par. They would either have characters who had already undergone the change, or they would have no characters at all. Alternately, when transforming, each individual would have a unique interpretation of the same character. When it comes to this game, you have the option to take a seat, meditate, and create chakra from the outside in order to enter the sage mode.

Specific Elements of the Attack

We are all aware of the nature of games and how they detract from the defining characteristics of anime. The majority of the time, you will have access to special attacks in video games based on anime; nevertheless, these special strikes will often consist of simple techniques that can be activated by pressing a few buttons. When it comes to Naruto Mugen APK 100MB, this is not the case. In this game, you will undergo a transformation whenever you become furious, exactly like Naruto does when he enters the Kyuubi mode. All of the important attacks, such as employing the Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Shinra Tensei, may be unlocked by the respective characters when they reach a certain level.

Practice in Training Mod

If you are familiar with the Naruto series, then you are aware of the significance that training has. You are aware that the training you are receiving, be it from the renowned Sannin Jiraiya Sensei or from Kakashi, is going to be beneficial to you in the long run, regardless of who is providing it. A training mode has been incorporated into this video game since it has been designed to be an exact replica of the original anime series. You would be able to collaborate with the other playable characters in this mode to hone your game-playing skills. In addition to that, it features several training modes for various functions and powers, such as the Rinnegan mode and the Sage mode.

Game Requirements

  • Make sure that your Android smartphone has nearly two gigabytes worth of free space accessible to use.
  • It is recommended that you have a minimum of 2 gigabytes of RAM in order to play a game without experiencing any latency or choppy performance.
  • You may download the file by clicking the button that is located on this page.
  • Make sure that you have advertisements loaded in your browser by ensuring that you have this option enabled.
  • After the link has been loaded, it will direct you to a website hosted by Mediafire, where you will be able to download the game.
  • After ten seconds, you will be able to start downloading the file by clicking on the website. Enjoy!


Even among the most popular anime series that are now accessible, my personal favourite is Naruto. It has stunning visuals, a compelling narrative, and many formidable advantages for the player. Training your character in this game will make you feel as if you are really taking part in the epic battle between the ninja clans that is depicted in the anime.

You are free to focus on developing just one specific character during the course of the game and see to it that they get the very best possible instruction. This would not only help you have a firm grasp on the character, but it would also make it easier for you to see the anime from the perspective of that character. Downloading the Naruto Mugen APK from this website should thus be done as soon as possible.

How to Download Naruto Mugen APK for Android 2022

  • Proceed through the article and click on download button to download Naruto Mugen apk.
  • After that proceed through the site and download the game.
  • After download the game, click on it to open.
  • Then install the game in your device.
  • Now click on it to open.
  • After opening, set the settings of the game as you like.
  • After that save it and start playing!

And after that we are done! So that’s how you can play naruto mugen apk on your device! Stay tuned in for more!

NameNaruto Mugen APK
DeveloperAlexDzy Gaming
Available Characters100+ Characters


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