Greetings fellow friends! I welcome you all once again to my site that is android1 and today i have brought another latest and demading game across gamers which is Jump force ppsspp. Here on Android 1 top you get best android games so stay tuned with this site to get more amazing games.

As we all know, jump force isn’t available for android officially but because of this file we can experience and feel jump force on android in PPSSPP GOLD which is the emulator of psp for android.

About Jump Force PSP

Jump force PPSSPP

Jump force is a japanese cross anime fighting game which was released on 12 October 2018 and this file is a modded version of JUMP FORCE for PPSSPP so you can play it efficiently, offline and without any lag on your ideal phone. The mod can downloaded by the link given below as well as the ISO. The character roster is also just as big as the real jump force. The story line is also unique just like the real jump force which introduces new characters. For a team of many anime characters and play the game to have the jump force experience on your phone.

The mod is made very well as well which feels like real jump force. Since it is ppsspp mod, it will be able to run on any android device without any high requirements. The graphics and textures of games and models are fully HIGH DEFINITION and 3-D as well. This game can also be played in PC and iOS via having a PPSSPP Emulator installed in that devices, then you can play jump force psp.


Jump force mod iso psp

For gameplay reference purposes and to show you all the gameplay amd graphics of the game. I have provided some gameplay shots. As you can see the graphics are fully High definition and 3-D as well. The user interface of game is also modded like to be real jump force. The game contains all characters like real jump force such as, goku, vegeta, midoriya, aizen, madara, naruto, piccolo, frieza, cell, giorno, jotaro, dio, shoto todoroki, all might and etc.

Just like jump force the game is also modded to have ultimate and super attacks of the specific characters like kamehameha, all for one, rasengan, bankai etc along with transformation from the direct anime.

Jump Force PPSSPP Game Features:

  • It game can be run on any android device.
  • This game is a modded version for ppsspp.
  • A huge amount of character in big roster of game.
  • The game is offline as well as lag free.
  • The game features a new unique game mode.
  • There are plenty of new game modes as well.
  • Character’s transformation are also available in this mod.
  • Tag team or allies function is also available like real jump force.
  • High definition and 3-D graphics.
  • Competitive and challenging gameplay.

The Story Mode

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy’s storyline is followed in Story mode. However, you can play the story mode with characters from Jump Force Anime. It has the potential to provide for a more engaging experience. There are three plot arcs in the story mode. First, the Gods’ betrayal, then the final battle light, and finally, the Creator’s confession.

In-Battle Mode

Among the Battle Mode’s options are Quick Battle Party, Arcade Mode, and Labyrinth. In Quick Battle Mode, players can quickly engage in 1 on 1 combat by selecting their character and their opponent before the game begins. Quick Battle Party has a team Battle mode. Arcade Mode is a standard 1 vs. 1 battle mode, except in this mode, you will face off against multiple opponents, each of whom will gradually become stronger with each subsequent bout. In some ways, Labyrinth resembles the battle mode found in Tournament of Champions.

Mode of Interaction

Communication mode is a battleground for people all around the world who are connected to the internet. With Multiplayer, you and your buddies can play at the same time. Group Battle and Online Lobby are the two modes of communication available in this mode.

Mod All Characters for Jump Force in PPSSPP

  • Goku – from Dragon Ball Super, this mod depicts Goku holding a stick in his hands. He uses a stick to carry out his final and most powerful assaults. Goku is also a super Saiyan in shape, capable of unleashing powerful attacks.
  • Another DBS character, Frieza, is able to use his psychic powers to attack the Dragon Ball anime, hence he is used in this mod frieza.
  • Naruto – this mod features a basic Naruto with perhaps original attacks from the Naruto anime.
  • As a villain in the Naruto Shippuden Anime and a Naruto anime character, Madara Uchiha is known as Madara Uchiha. There is a superb 3D model of Madara Uchiha in this Jump Force PSP Mod.
  • It is a popular Naruto anime game character, Ichigo.
  • Luffy:- Monkey D. Luffy, better known as “Straw Hat” Luffy, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the One Piece anime series. Roronoa Zoro, a.k.a. “Pirate Hunter Zoro,” is a fictional character in the One Piece.
  • There are a lot more characters in the mod compared to what is in the game.

How to Download Jump Force PPSSPP zip File Highly Compressed

The game is modded version of game so you will need to install mod pack which i have already given below. The game runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • The game can be run on any android device from android version 4.
  • Download ppsspp emulator on your device.
  • Download the given original iso from the link below.
  • Then Download the given mod from the link below.
  • After that extract the mod file on your device.
  • After Extract you will see a file namely “PSP”
  • Put That “PSP” file on your SD card or Internal storage, whichever is default on your Android or other device.
  • Now run ppsspp and open the iso and have fun!

So that’s how you can play Jump force PPSSPP mod iso on your android device!


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