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Jump force Mugen apk
Jump force anime Mugen

So for today, the game which iam going to introduce is an anime Crossover MUGEN game. The game name is Jump Force MUGEN Apk for android and exe for PC, you can play this jump force Mugen on PC also. Any laptop is enough to run this jump force Mugen anime game. Jump Force Mugen v7 Apk is an anime crossover mugen game. Which consists of many amazing animes characters included inside the game. Plus many elements like stages are also included right from the anime.

You can play as over 200+ anime characters in this mixed Fighting game. Jump force is an original crossover anime fighting game. Which had many anime characters in it. Jump Force Mugen Apk mediafıre is based off directly on that game. It features retro and pixelated sprites and graphics. Which is also i can say that is another kind of fun. Playing fighting game in retro style like good old days.

About Jump Force MUGEN

Jump Force Anime Mugen Apk is a fighting game for android and IOS. Which is created on the M.U.G.E.N engine and based off the original jump force game. Just like that jump force it also includes anime characters from many types of animes. However unlike the original jump force game which includes only Shounen jump characters. This game contains other characters which are not from Shounen jump as well.

Jump Force Mugen v7 download is Full comparable and made only for android and IOS. It needs a very small minimal requirements which your device needs to have. It only needs 1GB RAM and 500 MB storage in android or IOS to play the game. If your device does not have these requirements. Then it may have issues during the gameplay of Jump Force Mugen Apk low MB. I really recommend this game to all mugen fans.

Specially the Anime fans or otakus who loves animes. The game contains both voice actings in game which are in Japanese and English. I often prefer japanese voice rather than English one. As the Japanese voice acting is done by official voice actors. Who also voiced the characters in official anime release of the manga. The gameplay is a faced pace game which speed you can set in the settings option.

Jump Force Mugen APK Features

  • Competitive and fast paced retro style fighting game.
  • Originally made sprites of each character in Jump Force Mugen V3 Download Apk.
  • Characters from demon slayer, jujutsu kaisen, shingeki no kyojin also available.
  • Transformation like susao, titan forms, demon forms, tail beasts and others are available as well.
  • Landscapes of the stage is made from the scratch of Scenery from Anime and manga series.
  • Highly compressed version of Jump Force Mugen games for Android.
  • Needs only a small requirements to run the game in your android or IOS phones.
  • Can team up in the 2 versus 2 or 3 versus 3 game mode.
  • Eren yeager, gojou satoru, erwin smith, attack titan, sukuna, kurama etc are available.

Large Anime Character Roster in Jump force mugen v7

As i said already, Jump Force Mugen V7 download Android contains many characters. Not only just from shounen jump classification but also from different genres. Which are from series like: jujutsu kaisen, Seven deadly sins, Attack on titan, bleach, Dragon ball, demon slayer etc.

All of the well-known anime series have a total of 80 characters. There are thirty auxiliary fighters and twenty-eight fighting maps. Kamehameha and Final Flash sound effects accompany each Warrior’s powerful attacks. New character attacks and a new pixel model are also included. Fans of Naruto, My Hero Academia’s My Hero Academia characters, Jojo’s Adventure, The King of Fighters, and Demon Slayer will be able to view them ( Heroes and villains ).

The list of characters are :

  • Gojou satoru
  • Itadori yuuji
  • Giyu tomioka
  • Rengoku kyojirou
  • Kugisaki nobara
  • Kento nanami
  • Son Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Kakashi hatake
  • Kamado tanjiro
  • Zenitsu
  • Inosuke hashibira
  • Akaza
  • Mahito
  • Sukuna
  • Eren yeager
  • Levi Ackerman
  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Tengen uzui
  • Ichigo kuruzaki
  • Escanor
  • Meliodas

And many many more in 200+ characters.

Jump force Mugen Gameplay

Mugen games for Android are brought to life with the help of BVN Jump Force Mugen v7 Apk. If you’ve already played this game, you’re already familiar with the rules. The gameplay is absolutely great, and if you’ve never played it before, I highly recommend it. The controls/Ganepad are really simple to understand and utilise in this game. During gameplay, each character may perform three super attacks, four types of combos, a jump, fast movement, and transformations. There are only a few characters who can undergo the transformation like Goku, Sasuke, and Vegeta.

Jump Force Anime Mugen Based Attacks

Since this is an anime crossover mugen game. There are anime like attacks included inside the game. You can perform them by combining the moving buttons with A,B,C buttons.

The attacks which are included in game are:

  • Rasengan
  • Kamehameha
  • Chidori
  • Domain expansion
  • Black flash
  • Water breathing
  • Flame breathing
  • Demon blood arts
  • Final flash
  • Big bang attack
  • Raiki
  • Susanos
  • Vanishing steps
  • Shadow creatures
  • Titan forms

And many many more in this amazing fighting mugen.

Entertaining Game Modes

Like any other MUGEN games you can find many modes here in Jump Force MUGEN apk download as well. The continuous competitive fighting game mode Arcade mode. The mode where you can practice the attacks, the Training mode. Option mode where you can set up the settings of your game. The versus mode where you can fight against any opponent you want. You can also see the AI computer fighting with each other in VS mode.

How to download jump force MUGEN Apk for Android & PC

  • Click on the download link below to Download Jump Force Mugen APK. And if you are using Laptop or PC, then download the PC version of the game.
  • After that proceed through the site and download the game from the website.
  • Following that click on the mugen jump force game to open the apk in your device.
  • After that wait for the completion of the installation of the Mugen jump force android.
  • Then when the game has been installed, click on the game to open the mugen.
  • Then set up the settings as you like in the option mode of the game.
  • After that play the game as you like. Enjoy Jump force mugen Apk or jump force MUGEN Android.
NameJump Force Mugen
Apk Mod ByZinnat Gaming
GenreFighting Game
AndroidVersion 7.0 and Up
ProcessorSnapdragon 600+ and Up
Free Internal Space4GB