NameJioSaavn Pro
 UpdatedSep 25, 2022
 Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
 Last version8.4.1
 Size28.19 Mb
 MODPro Unlocked
 CategoryMusic & Audio
 DeveloperSaavn Media Pvt. Ltd.

Download the latest version of JioSaavn Pro APK Mod for Android, which comes with all premium features unlocked. With this software installed on your mobile device, you can listen to the radio, podcasts, JioTunes, songs, and music.

The older versions of Jiosaavn Pro is 8.1 which were ofcourse good but the latest 8.4 is even more amazing now.

Jiosaavn Pro APK

About JioSaavn Pro

Millions songs

Do you take pleasure in listening to songs, podcasts, radio, or music in general? You have found the most useful programme available for accomplishing this task. You may listen to a variety of songs, podcasts, and radio stations all in one place when you use Jiosaavn Pro APK. The incredible thing is that you may experience all of these on your mobile device completely free of charge.

Jiosaavn premium

Jiosaavn Pro Mod APK Features

Jiosaavn Pro APK Gamestoremobi provides users with carefully selected content, the majority of which originates in South Asian countries. It is important to point out that this was created as a result of the collaboration between Saavn and Jio Music. Before the app was even released in 2018, the merger was successfully completed. Currently, you are able to utilise the app to listen to a variety of song and music collections. It features songs sung in English and Hindi, as well as Bangla Gaan, Telugu Patalu, and other languages.

You can also enjoy incredible playlists, which include a wide variety of songs and genres, such as love songs, Hindi sad songs, DJ songs, Bhajans, relaxing music, children’s rhymes, Bhangra songs, and more. This app has songs that are appropriate for any situation you might find yourself in. This is due to the fact that it provides a large range of playlists and a diverse selection of stations. Songs appropriate for birthdays, parties, Holi, the gym, and a great many other occasions are examples.

You can begin listening to all of these songs as soon as you have the app downloaded on your mobile device.

Through the use of this software, you will have access to a wide variety of features. The fact that Jiosaavn Pro makes all of its services available at no cost is one of the primary reasons why so many people utilise it. You may also utilise the app to download tracks by some of your preferred musicians.

This app showcases the work of a large number of talented musicians and artists. Several additional musicians, such as Arijit Singh, Himesh Reshammiya, Jass Manak, Geeth Govindam, and Alka Yagnik, are included in this category. When utilising this software, you won’t just be able to listen to songs to pass the time. You would additionally receive the lyrics to all of the music that you now listen to. The app provides a seamless synchronisation of song lyrics with the music being played. As a result, you are able to listen to music while simultaneously reading the lyrics.

As was just explained, none of this app’s offerings cost anything to take use of. This is a chance that should not be passed up. When you use the app, you are eligible for a variety of free offers, including those listed below:

Jiosaavn Pro mod APK
  • You can listen to an unlimited amount of music on your mobile device at any given time.
  • The playlists and radio stations have been carefully selected by a specialist.
  • All of the suggestions are specifically tailored to you using advanced technology.
  • Enjoy exclusive material
  • Podcasts and programmes that are created in-house
  • Lyrics that are perfectly matched, making them perfect for karaoke.

There are a great number of other aspects that appeal to you about it. Do not hesitate to install JioSaavn on your mobile device, and start taking use of all of its advantages right away.

User Interface

The appearance of the app can be described as both contemporary and stylish. Because the structure is so well-organized and centred around thumbnails, navigating through the music library is a fairly streamlined process. It comes with a white background and controls that are easy to use by default. The album cover or the artists’ thumbnails, with their colourful themes, will look fantastic against the white background, which serves as the ideal backdrop. There is an option called “Dark Mode” that you can switch to if you are in the mood for something edgy and want to give it more personality.

It is high time that the voice of South Asia spread over the rest of the world. Users have complimented the app on how frequently it is updated, which contributes to its continued growth. On Google Play, it has gathered more than one hundred million downloads at this point. The feedback appears to be very positive, with the vast majority of responders giving it five stars out of a possible 10. Because the software is designed to work on all of your different Android gadgets, you can enjoy it on any of them.



Tune in to some of the popular radio channels or trendy subjects, both of which have the potential to keep you interested and occupied for a long period of time. You may also get your daily dosage of cricket through one of the many podcasts available by listening to Cricket Mania, which is available to you.

Sleep Timer

You are able to set a sleep timer, and once it goes off, the app will stop playing music. This will provide you the opportunity to have a restful night and pleasant dreams.

Surprise me!

If you don’t know what you want to listen to but still want to make the most of your time, go to the search option and select “surprise me” for some of the greatest ideas. You can save time by not having to ponder potential search terms.

Downloads Available Offline

You can download an infinite number of audio songs, whole albums, playlists, and podcast recordings from any language or category with the JioSaavn Pro Mod app, and then listen to them for free even when you are not connected to the internet.

Top-Notch Suggestions

Most reviews of streaming services focus on the recommendation features offered by each, as users are most interested in hearing more tracks similar to those they already enjoy. These programmes analyse a user’s search and streaming habits and then sort the resulting music accordingly.

Using AI technology, the Jiosaavn Pro APK’s auto-suggest tool displays a list of recommended tracks next to the currently playing song. Because of this software, you won’t ever have to worry about being bored, and you won’t even have to go out of your way to find new songs in your preferred genre. The organisation in charge of such is JioSaavn.


Is it worthwhile to pay for a JioSaavn Premium account?

It’s human nature to wonder about a product’s value before making a purchase. This software, however, offers a complete package at a low cost. Plays music without interfering commercials or time constraints. JioSaavn Pro includes access to all of the original shows and all genres of music, including podcasts and upbeat music. Because the software is compatible with smart speakers, the addition of Hi-Fi audio features increases the value of the package. When you’re on the road and can’t access the internet, you may still enjoy your music collection.

What does Jio Saavn Pro cost?

The Premium Plan is the finest option for music fans and can rescue a bad mood in an instant. The monthly subscription is $99, while the annual plan only costs $399, a savings of 67%! Here on jioSaavn, you may pay using both Paytm and Amazon Pay.

Jiosaavn Pro APK Download 2022 Mod for Android

  • The Jiosaavn Pro mod APK file, which includes all of the app’s features but locks some of them behind a paywall, will begin downloading as soon as you click the button situated further down on this page.
  • The.apk file will start downloading as soon as you click the button, which will trigger the process.
  • Installing it is as simple as selecting the right link, and then following the on-screen instructions that appear after doing so.
  • If I am to make the assumption that you were able to successfully install the browser without running into any problems, then I highly propose that you make use of the premium features and have a lovely time doing so in order to take benefit of them. I’m going to assume that the browser installation went off without a hitch for you because that’s the way I’m going to phrase it
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