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For instance, if you want to control animals or fish in any particular game. Then, fortunately, now we can do that in I am fish Apk for Android, which is a simulation game. Indeed now you can finally experience an organic life of a fish in a simulation game now. You are presenting a total of 3 fishes which are friends of each other.

I am fish apk file

Furthermore, each of them got Separated from where they were before. Hence we start off the life of each fish in a different place as well as the environment. The main featuring goal of the game is to let all the fishes escape their place. So that all of them can meet each other in I am fish apk + obb because they are best friends.

Unlike other simulation games, this one is a logical base puzzle game. Where the player really has to solve tons of puzzles to go through the level in order to finish it up. However, as you do that, there will be many hurdles obviously which will try to stop you. Therefore you need to do your best so that at the end of I am fish android, every one can meet their fish friends.

What’s more about I am Fish Android apk

I am Fish Video Game was Developed by Bossa Studio and Published By Curve Games on March 2021 for Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and now it is available for Android and iOS mobile too. A very simple slice of life gameplay is present here, including various fishes. Although we can control three fishes here, there are also other creatures to be feature in this game. The main playable characters in the I am fish android download are goldfish, piranha, flying fish, and pufferfish. What’s more, all of these fishes have their own unique mechanics in-game. Especially charming gameplay attracts all of the players into the beauty of the game and as well as visuals.

There’s no doubt that due to this, you’ll have all the different kinds of experience throughout the game. Furthermore, herein I am fish apk for Android; all of the fishes have different environments from where they startup. One is totally taken away, one is in the aquarium, one lives in an ocean, and one is wandering around. Your main goal is to finish up various puzzles and lead these friends to their goals.

The illustrations of the environment around the fishes are based on high-definition graphics. Which makes everything in-game look very bright and also really clear. These graphics give a glow-up to the game as well as its surroundings. In particular, you can play with these fishes in I am fish apk android on your Android or even in IOS handsets. Being the game in a small size, this is a great way for an adventure of under waters. Other than the puzzling main game mode, there are other game modes available as well.

Lead Four Fishes to their goals

The four fishes which are feature in this game are very brave and as well as serious about their goals, which is to reach up to their friends and get together once again. Unfortunately, for that, we need to solve many puzzle full levels in the I am fish apk file. Furthermore, if you want more challenges, then the puzzles also get harder as you complete more levels. Conversely, these fishes have different abilities and also controls associated with them.

Unique abilities of each fish

Every single fish here possess a unique ability in them. Which also makes their control different than other fishes in the game. Such as the pufferfish can roll out on the land. Goldfish have a boost option by which they can swim faster. The flying fish can hover and as well as jump out of the levels of water. Deadly piranha fish can bite its way through many obstacles throughout the challenging read in I am fish for Android over the levels.

Charming and intuitive gameplay

A very cute and as well as Charming fish controlling game is here, even on handset devices. The simple and as well as challenging gameplay of the I am fish apk game leaves everyone dazzling. In spite of enthralling challenges, we can access many kinds of challenges and levels in this game, which focuses on different kinds of environments around their respective fishes. The very charming game graphics make every player dive into the deep world of this game.

FAQ’s about I am fish android game

Q) How many fish can we control in this charming game?

All four brave fishes are onto the adventure to reunite with their friends in I am fish apk adventure. Goldfish, flying fish, piranha, and also pufferfish are the playable and as well as controllable characters here. They are featuring their own different gimmicks as well as distinct gameplay in their own levels.

Q) is the game Fully compatible with handset phones such as Android?

The very fortunate thing is that the game I am fish apk android download is for all kinds of handset now. Even more than this, they’re really comfortable to play also with their easy controls. Now it is really easy to perform various movements just by the handset. Indeed this marks I am fish android game as a comfortable handset game.

How to Download I am Fish Apk for Android

A very diverse simulation puzzle game is here featuring the life of fishes as they got separate from their lands underwater. The players have to help them to get reunite once again at the ocean together. They were passing all the hurdles, such as hard challenges to pass out the level and get even closer to their friends. Charming gameplay and magnificent graphics are also awaiting in this game.

  • The obb file and as well as APK file of I am fish android apk are here given. It’s really simple to get the game, no my friends. For that, just simply access the link given here below from these points on.
  • A really important option which you need to turn on then is to allow unknown resources in settings. Then you can install the game files after getting all of these files downloaded to your handset phone.
  • Thereafter copy the obb file of the game to the right directory. This step should be done before actually installing apk file in your handset phone.
  • After these necessary things are done already, the main icon of the following respective game, I am fish, will be available at the home screen where the other apps are.
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