Very warm Greetings to my honest gamers and very passionate visitors. I welcome all of you very warmly to my magnificent gaming website. Which name is famous on search engines by the name of Android 1 top. Here on Android 1 top you can see many fantastic games which are of consoles and PC. It is due to the fact that you can play these games now in your android device or IOS Device.

So the game which i have for you all today is a fascinating game of Harry Potter. The name of the game is Harry Potter Magic Awakened apk for Android and IOS. This game captures the magic and its spell very very well. You can learn new skills of magic and also perform it in the academy. As a student of Hogwarts, you will be able to learn many kinds of spells or magic without any problems.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened APK

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened apk iOS is a rpg based game. Where you can control any Character you want and progress further in the academy. Rank up, level up and obtain even further higher skilled magics which are more powerful. Harry potter is a famous novel also movie which focuses our friend in glasses in his journey. Where he joins Hogwarts academy and competes there in it.

About Harry Potter Magic Awakened apk

Harry potter magic Awakened is a very special RPG element style game. Which is develop by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and publish by Netease Games. Originally the game is available for only microsoft windows. It is because the PC handles the game more efficiently. However now i have the direct port of the game Harry Potter Magic Awakened apk Android. Available for both android and IOS devices.

It follows the journey of Harry potter in Hogwarts academy. However you play as your own creatable Character here not as Harry potter. Explore Hogwarts and join in mysterious quests with other people. Meet other people nearby the Hogwarts city from online world. Start your own journey where you can learn new magic spells, meet exciting teachers or wizards. It is a very fun and amazing experience specially if you’re a harry potter fan.

Since the game is a RPG oriented one. You’ll not play as the main characters following through the story. You have over 25 Characters option category to choose and play. You have to make your own character to play in the game. Start off by choosing one category from these 25 ones. Category means that your Character will have traits and abilities like tje category. Of course you can’t be mastered in everything right?. You have to pick one skill to master and push your way through.

Features of Harry Potter Magic Awakened Android

  • Contains over 25 Characters category option to choose and excel in one respective skill or spell.
  • Play with over thousands of players online at Hogwarts University having many skilled players being there.
  • Experience a full RPG element having the features of harry potter novel, movies and its elements from the series.
  • Learn and master through many kinds of spells of magic and excel through one spell to be the master of it in game.
  • Cartoonish Animated graphics are available in the game which gives off a very different vibe while playing the game.
  • A fully open world gameplay having a very drastic open world which is totally free to roam for the players.
  • Doesn’t need a high requirements to run, only needs 1GB internal or external space with 1GB free RAM in device.
  • Immerse through the young potter’s magical vision by entering the Hogwarts University having tons of realtime players.
  • Battle through many spell battles and experience the tides of battle changing when you deliver your final blow.
  • Solve mysteries and follow your friends to join them in many mysterious missions from the Hogwarts centre academy.

Graphics of Harry potter APK

Harry Potter magic awakened apk reddit contains amazing detailed aniamted graphics. Which gives off a cartoonish looking to the game environment. Players can feel the cartoonish animation as they fight and use many kinds of spells. The focus of the game is to give players the feel of original novel art work. As the original art work of Harry potter looks same as the graphics in game. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened iOS Download is really recommend to have and play. If you’re a harry potter fan and always wanted to try out spells.

Gameplay of Harry Potter Android

Transfer yourself into the Hogwarts academy the school of magic. Learn many kinds of spells there which are used in the battle. Take in charge of missions which lets you experience more. Take in charge of being the best of the best wizard in whole Hogwarts. You can make many friends online as well. Get many rewards such as costumes and accessories for players.

How to Download Harry Potter Magic Awakened APK

  • Click on the download button to Download Harry Potter: Magic Awakened app for Android & IOS.
  • Have the game by progressing through the site and follow the steps which are given there.
  • Wait for the Harry potter magic awakened apk + obb to get download in your device to play it.
  • After that before installing the game allow the unknown resources to get installed in your mobile.
  • After that normally install Harry potter magic Awakened apk download into your android device.
  • When you’re done installing, kindly open the game from the home screen of your device.
  • Then you need to create a profile by giving your name to play online with RPG name of yours.
  • Now you can play Harry Potter Magic Awakened beta APK or Harry Potter Magic Awakened apk inewkhushi.

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