GTA Vice City APK + OBB 200 MB

Certainly, if you want to obtain this famous game in small packet size. Then for that, here we have GTA Vice City APK 200 MB Download. Which is the full original GTA Vice city game mobile edition in small size. This let many gamers to have this game in their phone. Since, it consumes less storage and also less internet during downloading. There are many gta vice city apk versions are available like in 70 mb or 500 mb, here we have the most used versions of it.

GTA Vice City APK + OBB file 500mb

Furthermore, it contains a really vast world. Which is totally available for us to explore. There is a fascinating island theme environment in GTA Vice City APK Download 200 MB. Where we go through many missions and storyline of Tommy. Undoubtedly, Tommy is the main protagonist of this particular on-going installment.

There are tons of exploring and action filled missions available. Which build up the particular story of Tommy. Certainly, there are so many exhilarating things to do in GTA Vice City APK Obb 500MB 2022. In certain, including riding various bikes, hanging on any environment, visiting places, driving a car and so much more. All of these now purely available in a small game size to download.

More About GTA Vice City APK

GTA Vice City APK 70mb

Now is the chance if couldn’t have GTA Vice City due to Storage issues. Since, it is around 200 MB as a whole. Various GTA enjoyers can actually access the game in their phone now. It is compressed in a way that it is now in a minimal packet of size. It doesn’t have anything cut according to it’s gameplay. Furthermore, it contains all of the missions and also the cut scenes.


Grab the opportunity to be a really core mafia leader. Where you are a person Tommy Vercetti. In particular, you build up your business in this story. Which leads you to deal with distinct mafia contracts. During these, you grow as a character in GTA Vice City APK Android 200 MB. All of these happens through the missions function of the game. However, you can also roam around for your own comfort.

In particular, many people would like to have amusement around the surrounding. Which they can purely do here in GTA Vice City APK 70mb. There are multiple islands across the game map. Particularly, which is totally open to explore and also have fun. There are various drastic things you can do in this experience. Such as, going around in a drive, riding tons of vehicle, visit tons of exciting places and more.

Reside in Explorable Vice City

Undoubtedly, Vice City is a collection of having various big islands in the game map. The game map is actually the core landscape of GTA Vice City APK Android Download. Furthermore, everything is accessible here if you like to go around for your fun. In case, there are also things which you unlock by playing the storyline of game. Such as, big mansions, large hotels, enjoyable Clubs and various cars for your usage.

Get Through Tons Of Experience

Since, it is a really fascinating open surrounding game. The game actually have tons of experiences for us in this installment. Undoubtedly, this installment is much more detailed than GTA 3 Mobile. Consequently, GTA Vice City OBB File 200 MB have physical actions like dancing, jumping, running and more. Exclusively, Tommy still can’t swim even in this installment. However, now we have boats to traverse through the paths of water.

Features of GTA VC Android

  • Experience the particular Vice City in Higher Quality in your Phone.
  • Obtain the following Game file in a really short APK + OBB size.
  • Now access boats to travel through the glorious water levels.
  • Arm yourself with tons of distinction weapons. Which are in much more quality and quantity than previous installment.
  • A really huge map compiled of tons of big islands into one. Which gets unlocked as you play the game.

Mobile Suited Gameplay

The actual game is much more suitable on handsets now. Since, we have the game for handset. The gameplay is totally perfect and works greatly for any handset devices. Furthermore, GTA Vice City Android OBB file 200 MB have all the on screen controls. By which we can control Cars, Bikes, Tommy, Boats, Action buttons and more. Every control is represented over the screen for your usage.

GTA Vice City Cheats Code for Android

The vice city has a number of cheat codes that can help you acquire weapons, evade cops, and more. Codes such as these are critical:-

  1. Thugstools – Professionaltools – and nuttertools provides you with a lot of weapons like missile, guns, grenade and many other.
  2. Aspirine – restore your health to the maximum.
  3. Leavemealone – escape from the police.
  4. Comeflywithme – It makes the car fly.
  5. Preciousprotection – It provides you with an armor that acts as an additional protection against enemies.
  6. Icanttakeitanymore – kills yourself.


Here is the list of the characters in gta vice city android game are:-

  • Tommy Vercetti – Main and the playable character of the game.
  • Sonny Ferelli – main villain of the game and is the main member of the Ferelli crime family.
  • Ken Rosenberg – He is a lawyer
  • Lance Vance – He is the head of the Vance Crime Family.
  • Juan Cortez
  • Kent Paul
  • Avery Carrington
  • Umberto Robina
  • Auntie Poulet 
  • Steve Scott
  • Mitch Baker
  • Phil Cassidy
  • Mercedes Cortez
  • Rico
  • Harry and Lee
  • Donald Love
  • Leo Teal
  • Love Fist
  • Alberto Robina
  • Pepe
  • Gonzalez
  • Hilary King
  • Cam Jones
  • Mike
  • Cougar and Zeppelin
  • BJ Smith
  • Candy Suxxx
  • Alex Shrub
  • Maude Hanson
  • Doris
  • Earnest Kelly
  • Dwaine and Jethro
  • Pastor Richards
  • Carl Pearson
  • Dick Tanner
  • Candy’s Agent
  • Property Developer

Sound Effects & Audio

Including the entrance music and the rest of the audio track The video games GTA Vice City apk obb are fantastic. A lot of work has gone into the voice acting, and it shows. The city of Vice City in Grand Theft Auto V is huge and beautiful, and it has a retro vibe about it that will transport you back to the late 1980s. The safe houses in GTA Vice City 5 apk can be purchased by players at any moment, allowing them to store their progress. To keep things interesting, there are a lot of objectives to complete. Playing GTA Vice City is a worthwhile experience regardless of whether or not you complete the major missions.

Reviews & Ratings

As reported by the official website and other sites, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Apk is the most popular game of all time, averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars. GTA Vice City is a popular game because of its storyline and features. Game play revolves around you playing as a criminal known as a Gangster.

The variety of vehicles available to you in the game adds to its appeal. GTA Vice City has been a fan favourite since the day it was released, and that adoration hasn’t waned in the past two decades. As with prior iterations, the fresh additions to this game are a joy to experience.

F.A.Q To Know About GTA Vice City Stories APK + Obb 2022

Q) How and Why is it compressed to 200 MB File for Mobile?

Ans: In particular, the game is really compressed now. Making every GTA lover to have this game in their handset. Therefore, now they will be able to open and play GTA Vice City APK For Android easily.

Q) How to unlock the locked parts of the islands in GTA Vice City APK + OBB Download?

Ans: There are certain parts locked behind barriers in this game. Which gets accessible when you progress through the story. They aren’t accessible from the start because they are connected in story points. That’s why they get unlock as we play the game main core storyline.

is GTA vice city worth playing in 2022?

Yes, it’s a fantastic game, 18 million copies of Grand Theft Auto VC have been sold: Vice City have been sold to prove that the game is still popular in 2021-22. Many games have been released, but GTAVC mod apk is one of the best, and it continues to be adored by its fans even after its first release. While some gamers enjoy the game’s gameplay and sound quality, others enjoy the plot and characters in it.

Is GTA Vice City offline game?

If you don’t have a good internet connection, you can still play this offline GTA game. You’ll need to fulfil a variety of tasks in order to complete this GTA vice city OBB file download 200MB android game.

Is the plot of GTA vice city interesting?

You may wonder whether or not this GTA vice city android game’s plot is nice or poor at times. In my opinion, each objective has a fantastic and thrilling story behind it, which will enrich your gameplay. However, there are numerous missions in this GTA Vice City apk download for Android game, making it more challenging and engaging.

Final Words

It is a really fascinating things that people have compressed the game this much. Now everyone can obtain the game, since 200 MB isn’t that much. It is a collection of tons of entertainment or amusement. Using Tommy Vercetti feels even more comfortable through handset mobile. Undoubtedly, it also makes the game to be more accessible. Since, everyone carries their phone around every definitive place.

How to Get Vice City APK + OBB File Download 200 MB Android

For sure, everyone likes open world game so much. Furthermore, GTA game are fan favorites to play and enjoy till the end. That’s why, now we are providing the game in 200 MB. Which is a really small compressed size over-all. Such that, every gamer will be able to obtain the fantastic GTA original Nostalgic game.

  • The game needs both APK and as well as OBB file to run. Hence, we have both kind of files here present in just 200 MB.
  • Go through the download link below and look around for link.
  • After a bit duration of waiting, it will generate the major download link for the files.
  • When both files are Downloaded in your device. Then you will need to get the OBB folder out of the Zip file.
  • Use any kind of unzipper app for this following job. It will take a bit and then unzip the folder.
  • Then the folder must be copy and paste to the Android -> OBB Folder.
  • Now then, you’re eligible to install the APK. Installing the APK file before the OBB file would be a problem.
  • However, now you can play GTA Vice city in your phone. Undoubtedly, open it and it will run flawlessly as it is. All the controls will be over your game screen of phone.
Name Of GameGTA Vice City
Developer NameRock star Gamers
Apk Size70MB+200MB
Android Requirement6.0+ & iOS 10+

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