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The game which i will be presenting you today is again one of the most running and famous game and it is Gta San Andreas highly compressed apk Obb file 200mb Latest Version 2022 for Android. Another very fantastic and famous series in Grand theft Auto franchise which brings nostalgia to every Gta fans when they play the game.

Gta san Andreas apk download

Gta san andreas is an old yet a very amazing release of Grand theft auto franchise which features Carl Johnson as our main character of the game as we progress through his story we get to meet many great and remembering Characters like big smoke, rider, sweet, and many other which are in the family of groove street.


Grand theft auto san andreas game is another very fantastic and awesome release in the Grand theft auto series developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. GTA San Andreas android game is an action-adventure game where you have a very big map which includes many cities where you can perform many tasks like eating, buying house and etc.

The game was released firstly on 26 October 2004. The game was released for Android, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, iOS, PlayStation 3 and on other platforms. GTA game features a very intresting storyline where you play as carl johnson (CJ) and progress through the story by doing various different different missions with other characters.

This game is one of those grand theft auto games in which you can explore freely and do many things, whatever you like. Like Robbing, ride any vehicle, go to police, and many other stuffs. You can also buy clothes and can perform or attempt jobs like jobs of fire brigade, job of police, job of taxi driver and many more. The game also features a gang option.



Carl “CJ” Johnson leaves his hometown of Ganton because his brother Sweet, the leader of the gang “Grove Street Family,” believes him responsible for their younger brother Brian’s death. CJ, fed up with all the crime and drugs, chooses to move to Liberty City to establish a fresh and tranquil life away from the gangs. However, his quiet life is cut short after 5 years when he receives word of his mother’s death, Beverly.

CJ decides to return to his mother’s funeral, and upon arriving at the airport, he decides to take a cab back to his mother’s house, but some corrupt cops, including CRASH and Frank Tenpenny, stop him and threaten him that if he doesn’t work for them, he will be wrongfully charged with the murder of another cop.

CJ, on the other hand, returns to his hood and attends his mother’s burial, promising that he will find out who killed his mother. He quickly finds that his older brother, Sweet, is losing control of the streets, and competing gangs are taking over all of the city’s illegal activities. CJ tries to help his brother and childhood pals regain their vigour while also tracking down and avenging those who killed his mother.

Soon after, CJ joins forces with Big Smoke, Sweet, and Ryder to reclaim the lost streets by spraying gang tags, scaring away rival dealers, and so on. His efforts to resurrect “Grove Street” eventually pay off, and they now dominate the majority of the Ballas territories.

But, with the help of Cesar, CJ uncovers a dark secret: the drive-by shooting that killed his mother was actually arranged by none other than his boyhood pals Smoke and Ryder, who have been working for CRASH and the Ballas, to get rid of him and his gang. CJ avenges his mother’s death by assassinating both traitors.

GTA San Andreas APK Download 2022 Features

  • The game is a very big open world game in gta san Andreas apk.
  • Contains many fun and different different missions.
  • The game features a gang feature.
  • Real High definition and 3D graphics.
  • Play the stunning and thrilling missions with carl johnson.
  • Drive many different varieties of veichles in game.
  • The game is purely and fully offline.
  • The game is fully lag free as well
  • Can perform many different different jobs as well.

The Grand Theft Auto series, which includes Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA 5, is one of the best games thus far. The most popular of these is GTA San Andreas, which is also accessible on the Google Play Store. Due to the fact that it is a premium game, many people began hunting for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK download links. Furthermore, there are a large number of people searching for GTA San Andreas MOD APK. If you’re one of them, you’ve arrived at the right place. We’ll inform you about GTA San Andreas APK MOD in this post, and you can also get GTA San Andreas MOD APK free download full version.


Gta san Andreas apk+Obb 200mb file

For the games purposes i have provided some gameplay screenshots for you all to see and experience the graphics of the game Gta san Andreas apk. As you can see the graphics looks great and better than other releases of grand theft auto san andreas like for the ps2. The graphics are more smoother and more brighter.
The user interface looks also very highly better in terms of efficiency as it helps us in playing the game more easily. The game features many things like handling weapan, riding a vehicle like boat, cars, planes, bikes, cycles and many other things. The controls for all of them are organised in such a way that it will be easy to play in mobile.

Use Cheat Codes to hack the GTA San Andreas APK

Where you can make and form a gang of many members and also fight against other gangs. You can input many different different fun cheat codes by which you can have more luxurious fun in the game like making car fly, making car swim on water, change the citizen of the game, release the stars of the police on the top right corner of the screen and much more. You will need a cheat code keyboard and android cheats for gta san Andreas to use this feature.

You can now use the map and the weapons

Guns that need to be stored in a safe place: Even if you have an unlimited budget, you still have to do some things before you can buy powerful weapons. But that’s no longer the case, because this mod apk turns off the requirement. You can now legally get any and all weapons that you couldn’t get before.
There are no more weapons or maps that are locked. But if you play with the GTA San Andreas mod apk, you can get to all of the maps and places.

Like weapons, maps also have a way to “unlock” them. You can go to any place in the game with the GTA San Andreas mod apk OBB.

Vehicles in GTA San Andreas Android Game

Gta San Andreas apk download 2022

There are many veichles like Alpha, Buffalo, Bullet, Turismo, Windsor, ZR-350, Cheetah, Comet, Euros, Hotknife, Infernus, Phoenix, Super GT and many more. The game features many new real life aspect locations which exists in real life for example the Los santos and other places. You can also manage money in this game by which you can perform many tasks.

GTA SA Android Requirements

The game is for android devices and ios devices. The game requires 3Gb of space and 4Gb of ram as well as Snapdragon 600+ for your device to play it more efficiently and effectively. If your device meets the game requirements then it will be able to run smoothly as well as without any lag. So be sure to read the article carefully to download the game for your device.

How To Download GTA San Andreas APK+Obb file 200mb for Android

  • Proceeds through the site and click on the download button to download gta san Andreas Obb file 200mb with the apk.
  • After that surf through the website and download the game GTA San Andreas APK 15MB from there.
  • After downloading click on the game to open the game san andreas apk.
  • Afterwards opening the APK install the game in your device.
  • After installing, click on game to open it.
  • Grant the permissions which it needs.
  • After that you can play the game.

This highly compressed version of gta is by adreno, Obb file 200mb with apk for Android.

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