Grand theft auto is a very special series of open wide world game. They features world which is very wide and free to explore. Containing a path way of serial wise connected missions. This time we have GTA 3 Apk + obb 600mb Download for Android and IOS. I can surely say it is very fun when you play the game. As the game provides a different kinds of feels inside when you play the game.

Gta 3 apk

So friends if you were looking for the nostalgia Grand theft auto 3 android apk game. Then you can visit this website and get the game from here. As GTA 3 apk android is also available at playstore. However on playstore, the game is paid and you have to pay for it.

Gta 3 apk Obb 600 mb

Everyone knows that not everyone can afford the game from playstore. That’s why I’m here present to you, providing Download Gta 3 apk + obb for android. Just stay and be with me, read the full article. Because here i guide you to download the game step by step fully till down below.

More About GTA 3 apk Android

Grand theft auto is famous for its very interesting game pattern. Where you control a character which have a very defined story associated with him. Having to play missions which have a very great plot attached to it. That plot are start from missions and then carries on to the end by missions.

Gta 3 mobile gameplay

On Present time we have a guy named Claude. He doesn’t speak much and he stays silent for the whole game. However that doesn’t stop him from working like a real cool guy. He works silently in his own shadow, being silent and carrying his work like he should. He is a guy with many skills and talents inside him.

We control him in his story in the liberty city. Which seems like a american or USA city. Which is really true, because the developers made the city in game like in real life world. If you want to dive deep in the story, carry out the missions. Which starts when you land in the red circle around the world map of game.

Various functions of GTA 3 apk + obb

  • Gta 3 apk android is also available on playstore but it’s paid, but here it’s totally free.
  • Control a very cool guy named Claude who doesn’t speak but works silently in shadows.
  • Drive and ride on tons of vehicles which are lying around everywhere in the streets of city.
  • Get your arms and hands to so many weapons which will help you in missions and in fun as well.
  • Very big city free to explore is include inside the game which you can walk and run in your free time.
  • Move and step on the red circle to start the missions which are connected to tons of story lines of game.
  • You find yourself allied with many friends and also foes, who works with you only for business and can also betray.
  • Disturb yourself in an environment which is very vivid in terms of expressions and the climate of there.
  • New era of gaming is here introducing by the 3D and open world environment of Download Gta 3 Android.
  • Supporting fully without any delay into the function of game having very small requirements in your mobile or phones.

Vivid Climate of game

The climate of game is very vivid and looks very hazy. It is a very mysterious city having tons of crimes down it’s spines. Different kinds of crimes undergoes by the way of many criminals. One of them is the person we will control in the game named Claude. We are allies with other kinds of people which we will work with.

Player named Claude

Every single Grand theft auto game or GTA apk android game. We have a main protagonist attached to it. This time we have a gentle guy named Claude in the game Gta 3 apk + obb highly compressed. Where we play as a criminal, acting through acts and carrying out his job. As we work in the game and helps his allied forces in the vivid city named as Liberty City.

Ride and Drive Vehicles

There are tons of vehicles for you to get yourself inside and drive it on streets. Every vehicle have a different kind of driving style and different kinds of speed. One of the thing that happens when you hit your vehicles alot of times. It can explode as well, destroying your vehicle or car fully. There are bikes, cars and other kinds of four wheelers as well. There are many vehicles lying around the streets and you have to steal them in order to control them. You can also steal cars which have someone driving in them by throwing them out.

Travel Anywhere

You can travel any place you want to inside the world of GTA 3 apk Download Android. There are many ways you can reach your destination. Claude have the ability to sprint fastly as well. Although he gets tired after you run for some duration of time. After that he will need to rest up for a short amount of time. Although there aren’t trains available in gta 3 like in GTA san Andreas apk or Gta 5 apk or Gta 6 apk.

How to Download GTA 3 Apk + Obb 600mb

  • When you feel like downloading GTA 3 Apk + Obb Android and IOS, proceed onto these steps down before.
  • The first step of obtaining the game is to click on the Download button which i have given below there.
  • Then you have to wait for some period of time and see if the game is download fully in your mobile or not.
  • After the game is installed, it will be in a ZIP or RAR file which you have to extract in order to install the game.
  • There you will find both apk and obb file. You have to copy paste that obb file into your Android > Obb folder.
  • After the obb file is pasted to your mobile, you will have to install the apk file then in order to make the game work.
  • Open up the apk file which is downloaded then you will be able to play the game in your mobile with fully free and no lag.

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