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The game which iam going to introduce today is one of the best PSP games, now runable in mobile. The game is God of war Ghost Of Sparta 200mb. God of War Ghost of Sparta download APK PPSSPP is an amazing game. Where you continue the journey of kratos who is now in the search for his brother deimos.

God of War Ghost of Sparta PPSSPP Highly Compressed Download

You can get God of War Ghost of Sparta PPSSPP Highly Compressed Download PC from here. The game is small in size as it is highly compressed. Hence it won’t cost much internet to download the game. You can play the game easily with the ppsspp emulator. The game is specially designed as a small size and action packed gameplay so look forward to it.

God of War Ghost of Sparta PPSSPP 200mb

About GOW Ghost of Sparta

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is an adventure and action video game. Which is develop by Ready at Dawn and publish by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released on 2 November 2010 for PSP and PlayStation 3. Since the original file is very large, here im providing you a highly compressed version. So that you can easily have the game in your android device or IOS device.

The game features another new weapon and up to three magical attacks and a power-enhancing ability. Now Kratos have the blades of athena instead of blades of chaos. Arms of Sparta is the name of the secondary weapon which have one spear and one shield. Thera’s Bane is the name of the rage ability in God of War Ghost of Sparta 80mb Download.

The game features a brand new game mode as well. Which is known as the Challenge of the Gods, which features five Challenges of Ares. There are many kinds of difficulty levels in God of War ghost pf sparta PPSSPP Zip file Download. Which follows as easy, medium, hard and very hard. You can choose any mode which suits you better, if you’re a new player then choose either easy or medium.

Gameplay Features

  • Improved graphics in a large scale compared to chains of Olympus.
  • Features 2 weapons, one is blades of athena and other is arms of sparta.
  • Very highly compressed game into small size 100mb or 200mb.
  • Can play the game in your device without any lag or shuttering.
  • Gameplay is fully offline, no internet needed into gaming.
  • Highly amazing storyline which even won many awards.
  • Many types of gamemodes available inside one game.
  • A hall of fame mode where you can get collectables.

Gameplay & Graphics of game

Ghost of sparta is the second psp GOW game following chains of olympus. That’s why the graphics are much and highly better than chains of Olympus. The gameplay is also much better than the other game. As it features many new gameplay mechanics and functions. The blades of athena is much refined as well as the magic. The textures are much cleaner and looks much better.

Very Highly Compressed file

As you all know by the title, here iam providing you a very highly compressed file. The original file is of 1GB-2GB which is hard to download for many people. Hence that is why im giving you two variation of game size. God of War ghost of sparta 100mb PPSSPP download and God of War ghost of sparta 200mb PPSSPP. By that you can easily play the game without even depleting your whole internet.

Storyline of Ghost Of Sparta

The story of God of war Ghost of Sparta ppsspp sets between GOW 2 and GOW 1. This time kratos visits the long lost city of atlantis after having the flashbacks of his past. He come yet to know that his mother is still alive. Fron here he get to know that his long lost brother Deimos is alive as well. Who is kept by the god of death thanatos, guide kratos to save his brother. As he fights Thanatos as the final boss of the game.

Requirements & Offline Gameplay

The game is fully offline since it is a ppsspp game. Since it is offline, the game can be play without any kind of lags. To run the game there are some minimum requirements. For which your device requires 1GB RAM and 1GB space of storage. To run the game without any shuttering or lag. It is very necessary that your device is meeting the minimum requirements of the game. Now feel the ultimate fun of lag free, offline and low requirements game in your mobile.

How To Download Ghost Of Sparta PPSSPP Highly Compressed Zip file

  • Firstly download the zip/7z file of God of ghost of Sparta 200mb or 100mb.
  • Progressing that click on the game which is downloaded to open it.
  • Complete the game installation in your device.
  • Proceeding that click on the installed game to open the game.
  • When you’re done with that set up the settings as you like.
  • Play the game god of war ghost of sparta apk download or god of war ghost of sparta ppssp iso.

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