Greetings my fabulous and very competitive gamers and visitors. I welcome you all to my helpful and gaming website. Which is named and popular as Android 1 top. As you may already know here i post many demanding games. Which you can play in your android devices or IOS devices without any problems.

As for today, the game which i have for now is a very brutal action adventure game. The name is God of War Chains of Olympus PPSSPP Zip file download. This game is the first ever game in psp platform aka playstation portable. God of War Chains of Olympus psp game highly compressed in 250MB is low in size.

God Of War Chains Of Olympus PPSSPP Highly Compressed Download
God Of War Chains Of Olympus PPSSPP H
God Of War Chains Of Olympus PPSSPP Gameplay

Which makes it very convenient to download in your phones. The gameplay is much like other god of war games. However it provides an all new weapon which contains a glove and shield. You can use these to destroy the monsters and creatures. Not only that but there are many kinds of features included in this game.

About Chains of Olympus

God of war : Chains of olympus is a brutal combat adventure category game. Where you go off an adventure with our spartan kratos. The game is develop by Ready at Dawn and Santa Monica Studio and Publish by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was officially and mainly released for PlayStation Portable(psp) and PlayStation 3. Now you can play easily in your device. Let me tell you how and what i mean by that.

The best part about this post is that. You can download God of War Chains of Olympus PPSSPP file download highly compressed. There are many variants of game like 100 mb, 80 mb, 85 mb, 150 mb, 200 mb, 500 mb. God of War Chains of Olympus PPSSPP download highly compressed for Android is free to download. god of war chains of olympus highly compressed psp (168mb) features new gameplay.

Which you can get new weapons as well as new 3 magical powers. Which performs A.O.E attacks to your opponents nearby. You can unlock all magical powers as you proceed further in the game. While going through the game with kratos, you will also encounter many mythological monster. Since the game is setted up in a Greek mythological timeline. It will be very common to face those creatures and monsters.

God Of War Chains of Olympus Features:

  • Outstanding graphics quality and as well as the texture and model quality.
  • Easily accessible as it is a ppsspp game, can be run by the emulator in device.
  • Only needs 1GB RAM and 1GB space in mobile to run the game easily.
  • New weapon included, the Sun Shield and Gauntlet of Zeus for Kratos to use.
  • Story features the sister of hades and the missing sun god of the olympus.
  • New game modes available which you can unlock by completing the game once.

Thrilling and Competitive Boss Fights

God of war chains of olympus highly compressed psp (168mb) features many amazing boss fights. You will encounter cyclopes, Gorgons, satyrs, harpies, minotaurs, hoplites, sphinxes and many more. Each bosses in the game have their own weak spot. Hence you have to go with a tactic to fight them in battle. Going directly won’t do any good, you have to make a plan to take them down.

Plot of the Game

The plot of game carries after the god of war Ascension. Kratos is ordered by athena to find the missing sun god. Who is taken by the sister of hades so that every god will be fast asleep. Since the gods are asleep, it will be easier for her to take over Olympus and even destroy it. Kratos must make through the city of attic upto that woman. Or else if the sun god is missing from olympus. Everything will go dark and Olympus will loose its power to do anything.

New Weapon and Moveset

As i already said, God of War Chains of Olympus psp game highly compressed in 250MB features new things. It features new weapon named as Sun Shield and Gauntlet of Zeus. Using this he can revert or reflect any rays of light from shield. With the help of this mechanic, he can solve many puzzles in game as well. With the gauntlet, kratos can smack his opponents and attack in combos. Not forgetting, he also have its blades of chaos by which he performs insane combos.

Minimum Requirements & Offline Gameplay

As we all know since the game is for ppsspp. God of War Chains of Olympus 85 MB download is Full offline. God of War Chains of Olympus 500Mb PPSSPP is also totally lag free. As for the minimum Requirements to run the game. The requirements for game are 1GB RAM and 1GB Storage for android and IOS devices. The requirements are very low if we talk about this age of 2021. Which means all devices can support the game. You can easily play the game with the help of this website and ppsspp emulator.

How to download God of War Chains of Olympus Highly Compressed PSP 85 MB:

  • Click on the download button Download God of War Chains of Olympus PPSSPP highly compressed 85mb file.
  • Download the game by progressing through the site, Following the steps.
  • Then you need to install ppsspp emulator from playstore or any website in your device.
  • Extract the game downloaded by any winrar file app in your mobile device.
  • Inside the ppsspp, look for your game’s directory in your device folders.
  • Open up the game by just clicking on the game in ppsspp emulator.
  • Set up the settings as you would like to according to your comfort.
  • Then make a save file and save that file in your emulator.
  • After that you can play God of War Chains of Olympus PPSSPP ISO download for android.