Greetings my fellow visitors! I welcome you all once again to my site which is and as always once again i have brought another fantastic and very popular game among gamers which is god of war 3 ppsspp. In this android 1 top site, you get free games for Android /iOS, pc and PSP Emulator.

God of war 3 psp

Normally god of war 3 is for ps3 only but with the help of this article you will be able to play the game on your android device. The game will be offline so you won’t have to be worried about internet issues or any type of lag. The original game size is 1.3gb and also can be as high as 2gb but here I am providing the game in just 200mb file highly compressed of god of war 3 PPSSPP iso. God of war 3 PSP iso rom is free to download for Android/PC and iOS devices.

About God Of War 3 PSP

God of war 3 or God of war III is an action, adventure based game which is developed by Santa Monica Studio and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment which was released on 16 March 2010. The game is a direct sequel to its last game and proceeds right from the part where it left of the previous game. The game’s graphics is on another level if we compare it to last games. God of war 3 is a the next of the god of war 2 game of god of war series and the story continues from the final of 2nd game.


The game picks upon the story where kratos have allied with the titans to defeat the mythical gods but failed miserably. This game introduces many new functions and outstanding mechanics. The game continues as kratos comes back to life to take revenge on the mythical gods with the titans he have allied with but as he can see they are highly pushed back because of the power of mythical gods.

Where we can fight off with humangous titans and huge monsters as well. The game proceeds through as we finishes off mythical gods one by one by controlling kratos in the game. The game is very famous among the gamers of this generation as it is widely sold in the PlayStation era of game. Now you can play it on your device with the help of this article so stay tuned.

God of war 3 PPSSPP Gameplay

God of war 3 PPSSPP 200mb
God of war 3 android psp

As you can see for gameplay purposes i have provided some gameplay shots of game and the graphics are very stunning and impressive over how high definition it looks and the 3D models with detailed textures. The game is offline and lag free. The game is easily controlled because of the ppsspp emulation. So you can feel the enjoyment of the luxurious gameplay of god of war 3 on your android device.

The game have very impressive and high definition graphics but can be played on ppsspp. Since the game is for ppsspp. You won’t need any high specifications device, as it will run on any device mostly.


The God of War 3 series is largely considered to be among the most successful in the annals of video game history. In my opinion, the images are very accurate representations of the subject matter. In addition, playing through the God of War series is a fun and engaging activity.The visuals of God of War 3 for PPSSPP are top-notch. The boss fights are some of the best in the game, the setting is breathtaking, and the difficulty is just right.

Game Features:

  • Very high definition graphics.
  • Hugely detailed models of characters.
  • Sequel to the last game which is GOW 2 of the series.
  • Kratos now have different blades and gains more new powers.
  • The game is purely offline.
  • The gameplay will be lag free.
  • Since it is on ppsspp, it is supported on mostly all devices.
  • New combos and functions to play with.
  • New titans introduced to the game.

Isn’t there lag?

The game’s compatibility with a wide range of devices is also impressive, it doesn’t lags on any device. Because it’s a modified version, the game doesn’t need as much more RAM to operate. Android 5.0 or above is required to play the 1.3GB God of War 3 PPSSPP ISO download game.

Download with a smaller file size

In most cases, you may download God of War 3 PPSSPP in its original size from most sources. Those who don’t have access to limitless bandwidth will have a tough time installing the game. As a workaround, we’ve included a link to the game’s compressed version, which you may access here.

GoW3 PSP’s Game mode

You may choose from a variety of game modes in God of War 3 PSP. Main story mode is where you’ll experience the game’s narrative. Challenge mode is also available, where you’ll be tasked with completing a variety of objectives. You may also play against other people online in the multiplayer mode. They all have different gaming mechanics and difficulties. What makes each of these modes unique will be examined in this essay.

Story Mode of game

Game mode “Gauntlet” has been given to God of War 3 PSP’s primary narrative mode. A variety of tasks must be completed in order for you to proceed through the game’s narrative. They might be as simple as finishing a level or as complex as solving a series of riddles. Story mode in this game is not only lengthy and challenging but also very rewarding.

Daily Challenge mode

God of War 3 PSP’s difficulty mode is dubbed “Trial.” You’ll receive prizes by accomplishing several tasks in this mode. Kratos may use the spoils to buy new weapons, armour, and other improvements. Despite the fact that the challenge mode is just a fraction of the length of the main narrative mode, it is nevertheless very difficult.

Mode of Play for Multiple Players

Arena is the name of the multiplayer mode in God of War 3 PSP. As the name suggests, this option lets you compete against other online gamers. This game’s Arena mode is the shortest and most action-packed of the three modes. To succeed in this level, you’ll need to be swift on your feet and have excellent reflexes.


God of War 3 PPSSPP is one of the most popular games of all time. It has added new elements to the God of War franchise that have never been seen before. As a result, it’s strongly suggested to download the PPSSPP version of God of War 3 on your Android devices and begin playing right now.

How to Download God Of War 3 PPSSPP 200MB

  • Proceed through article and click on download button below.
  • Proceed through site and download the iso.
  • Open up your ppsspp and open the iso directory.
  • After opening it, open the game by locating it in your internal storage.
  • Then set the settings as you like. Although the default settings of PSP is already Perfect to Play the game.
  • After that click on save and then you’re done.

So that’s how you can download god of war 3 on your device! Stay tuned for more amazing games. And if you are having any problem regarding the gameplay and setup, then let me know in the comments section.


On the PPSSPP, is it possible to play God of War?

While PPSSPP or PPSSPP Gold is an emulator that enables you to play PlayStation games on your Android or iOS smartphone, God of War is a video game that is exclusive to the PlayStation console. You will be able to play the game on the PPSSPP emulator if you get the ISO file and the emulator files from this page.

Is it safe to use the God of War 3 ISO file?

The ISO files were developed specifically for use with games that may be played on emulators. The games were initially developed for other devices, but you can get an ISO file to play them on your iOS or Android device. The games were originally designed for other devices. If you download these files from our website, you won’t have to worry about their safety in any way since they are very well secured.

Is it possible to play God of War 3 on an Android device?

Yes. Santa Monica studios is responsible for the creation of the single-player component of God of War 3, while Sony Entertainment Group is the company that distributed the game for PlayStation and its associated platforms. You will be able to play God of War 3 on Android, provided that you download the ISO file in addition to the emulator.

Where can I get PPSSPP for God of War 3, and how do I download it?

In order to play God of War 3 on your mobile device, you will want a PPSSPP emulator that is capable of running ISO files. You may download the emulator by selecting the download link that is provided on this page, and you can download the ISO file at the same time that you download the emulator. This emulator is capable of reading a variety of ISO files and would function quite well with the ISO file that you have provided.


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