Friends if you’re an action gaming lover. Who loves games which includes non stop dynamic action. Then I’m glad to present you a game which fulfill your needs of action packed experience. The game is God of War 2 Apk + Obb (200 mb) download for android and IOS.

God of War 2 Apk

The game is actually very famous, it would be rare of anyone not knowing god of war. It is although a PlayStation exclusive game for PlayStation consoles only. However now you can play it in mobile phones such as iOS and Android. You can play it fully offline without any ads or surveys as well.

God of War 2 Android

There is no problem while playing the game so you can be free from worrying. God of war 2 apk + obb download has non stop infinite action potential in it. If you ever wanted to play a game with continuous action where you won’t stop attacking. Then this game is exactly what you ever wanted to be hoenst if i have to provide.

About God of War 2 Apk + obb Android

God of war is a series of game which is created for PlayStation only. Which means it is for only all of the series of consoles of PlayStation. It expands over the story of our favorite brutal action loving spartan. Whose story started in the game God of War 1 android. This game continous his legacy as the god of war.

Lastly he defeated the original god of war In previous game. This time we see him getting nerfed from god of war power because of disobeying other gods. Not only that but he met other strong gods in it. We have to pkay as the Strong and fearless Spartan Named kratos in the game. He is a very strong character with action running in his blood.

This helps the player to do unlimited action attacks against enemies. There sre various ways you can attack and destroy your enemies. You can grab, use many attacks, jump attacks, special attacks and magic powered attack. Every attack of his guarantee to break everything around him and his enemies. That’s how much strong Kratos the spartan really is.

Functions and Features of God of War Apk Android

  • Infinity entertainment for an action gameplay Loving fan with non stop action gameplay.
  • Use other abilities such as Flying. Which you will get later at the near end of the game for kratos to use.
  • Tons of Dramatic and Unlimited fun Boss fights having creative mechanics and other features included in it.
  • Time attack or Short time attack mode. Where you need to input your commands under a time limit to land a finisher.
  • Now players can enjoy God of War 2 apk file download in their any of the mobile devices such as Android and IOS.

Combat Features in game

  • Tons of options to destroy your enemies by dealing different kinds of damage to them.
  • Grab your opponent and fling them in any direction your want to. It can be left, right, up, down or anywhere.
  • Use your main Chains of Blades of Chaos or use the other weapon you will soon get in game.
  • Rush into your opponent and use the special attacks contained in the Blades Of Chaos weild by Kratos.
  • The power bestowed by gods is unleashed by Kratos through his magical gauge Powers in many styles.

God of war Ideology

The ideology of God of War Apk PPSSPP Download Includes Kratos and his vengeance to god. After being manipulated by the gods into killing his own family. Kratos decides to take his vengeance of manipulating him by gods. He first takes down Aires and now we play God of War 2 android. As he struggles in the game after getting his godly power snatched. We help him regain all of them through the game.

Android and IOS compatibility

If you’re a real gamer you must’ve know that the game is only officially available for Playstation. But here i got a very good news for all of the action lover gamers here. You can now play the game god of war 2 apk + obb download highly compressed. Easily into your device such as Android and even the IOS devices. Without spending any money, free of cost and also fully lag free. It is lag free because it is run without internet so there won’t be any lag or any kinds of Ads.

Controls made for the game

There are controls by which you controls kratos and his attacks. By pressing on L1 and the attack button you do a spin move. By using L2 and attack button you parry your opponents, breaking their guard. On pressing the both L1 and R1 you can guard through most of the attacks. Which helps you sustaining as less damage as possible. By using the R1 option you can scroll through the magic powers option. Using the Circle button lets you use the respective magic power which is displaying on the screen on above left part.

Landscapes of the game

The landscape are different and based on different style. You are introduce to all kinds of things in environmental factors. There are lava structures, Ice sculptures based environment and more. Where you will also encounter different kinds of enemies based upon those environment. These levels are pass on by defeating the boss of that respective level. You can proceed further after defeating the strong boss of that place.

How to Download God Of War 2 Apk + Obb Download

  • There are some numerous steps which you need to take under upon to Download God of War 2 android full version.
  • You can check up the Download button given below for downloading the game with high speed internet.
  • When you download the game you have to install the game by clicking on the downloaded game file of android or IOS.
  • Installation process is when done. You can play the game by just opening the game application without any internet.
  • It will load for some duration of time because it will be creating it’s first time Cache and as well as first time optimization.
  • After when all of these are done you can run God of War 2 Download for Android 200 mb for free without any kinds of error or bugs.

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