Experience top-notch fighting combat game that goes all around the western-style city. Where you smash on the button and beat up an opponent in front of you, this massive explosive action experience can be attained in God hand apk + obb, to be very honest. The atmosphere also changes if you enter a region where there is an immense power of fight.

God hand apk

Wield up the mighty power God Hand which grants you tons of strength and power. Furthermore, that’s how you bash everyone who comes in front of you with your dynamic moves in God hand Android. As you fight through the level, the special move meter also increases at a good steady rate. When it has some amount stored in it, then you can fully unleash the drastic powered moves.

God hand Android

This respective world of God hand Apk file takes up in a 3D environment. That’s why you can range over the house and land over the areas, which are open in terms of going inside them and fighting there too. Nearby things such as chairs and tables can also be used as combating experiences if you encounter a really powerful character. Then the sky also turns into a purplish style of atmosphere to give an intimidating vibe.

More featured things in God Hand Apk Android

God hand Apk + obb

The featuring fighting controls are really impressive in God’s hand for Android. Such that it gives you a full grasp over the fighting going over the screen. There are literally four dodge moveset for you to implement during the battle section of the game. Thereby, with this, you can dodge many stylish moves. The controls feel much more comfortable and as well as smoother on phones. It is because now you get the controls over your screen, rather than on the gamepad.

God hand Mobile

It’s all about being stylish and beating other opponents up. However, there are much stronger than other guys as well. Thereafter, there are also many challenging boss fights as well, which you can fight by using the ultimate power of God Hand in God hand apk download. This is such a grand game, in my opinion. That’s why many reviewers also have this as their favorite game, in my opinion.

Sleeve up your God reel and deliver a really fantastic and explosive move over your opponent. This is the wheel of the move, which has various fighting punch and kick selection. Collect on various cards, which then give you access to new unlockable moves throughout the experience of God’s hand Apk. The moment of playing this game on the handset also feels really magnificent. As before, we used to play this game on Console, so now it is on mobile devices now.

Take Out God Roulette in God Hand Apk

This is the special menu of choosing up several Mighty moves. Hence, as you beat up any character one by one in God hand Android download. The meter of God Reel develops on and increases respectively. Furthermore, then you can launch any attack out from the Roulette of that. These are very high impacting explosive moves to be honest, which can destroy any character easily.

Western Style Environment

In my opinion, the surrounding of the game involves the old-time western style of things where you will see things like Cowboy-type bars, place, environment, desert-filled areas, and more—fighting under the sunshine around the desert sandy part of the game—having wide mountains nearby and small houses of wood, where inside there are bad guys as well.

Control & Wield God Hand Mobile

The main elemental overpowered thing here in God hand mobile file is the God hand. The character here is granted by the curse and power of God hand. It is attaining an incredible harness of power with tons of great moves. However, there’s also someone else who also has this respective god hand. That’s why the main objective here is to capture him and defeat him generally.

Dodging mechanics to implement

Suppose you’re getting rushed up by tons of attacks close to you. Then during that, you can dodge them by doing any of the four dodging features. That’s why in God hand apk for Android if you’re getting attacked. Then furthermore, there’s an escape from it as well, which is, of course, performing the dodge action by pressing over the respective button on your device.

F.A.Q. of God Hand Mobile Game

Q) How do collect the skull cards for new moves?

These skull cards get you new moves that you can add to your God reel, to be honest. These are totally scattered around every part of the area. Such that you can go over and search for them at every level. They aren’t really out over the open atmosphere or surface of the game. Still, they lie over the secret areas of the game as well.

Q) How to unlock more areas?

As you go through from every level. You can also totally obtain maps from secret locations of each level. These map passages will get you more areas to be unlocked. These areas will be unique and will have more resources for you to join in. For sure, to unlock these levels. You must need to grab these maps parts near you from the levels.

Lastly, ending words

As in the following experience of God hand apk Android, we see impactful fights over the area. Such that we can move around and kick on anyone using the amazing power of God Hand. Which gives the power of God Hand to the character we control. At the nearby end of this respective game. We then fight against another wielder of God Hand, to be honest. That’s the epic combat Final Boss of this fighting experience.

How to Download God Hand APK + Obb file for Android

The sense of fighting that this game provides is beyond anything. Moreover, this also has many open surrounding areas, which looks like Cowboy areas at the start. Involving dark powers and god hand makes the narrative really overhaul great, to be honest. Indeed, the game also works really great over your handset devices without any kind of troubleshooting.

  • Giving this game in an encrypted apk file now. Thus, to obtain the file, just go over the download link below in the download button and get it.
  • From there, you will really have to install the apk file package of God hand Apk mobile. That’s the way your device can have the game in general.
  • It will surely take its own definitive time to install its package files to form an apk. After this, the logo of the game will be represented over your phone screen.
  • Indeed, now you can press over the icon and play the game, to be honest. This is the way you can play God Hand Mobile apk on your handset or other phones.