Name Of The Game Geometry Dash Apk File
File Type APK File
Developers Of GameRobTop Games
Supporting Devices Android & iOS 15
Total Size 84 Mb
Category Of GameRhythm Platforming Game
Geometry Dash Apk Android

Certainly, there are tons of rhythm based games. However, they’re sloppy in pure comparison to this installment. In particular, this rhythm game is Geometry Dash APK For Android. Indeed, this is a rhythm platformer handset game. However, its intensity is unparalleled in the gameplay. It is literally one of the most challenging handset game ever. Furthermore, it is counted as one of the hardest games ever as well. For sure, now obtain and try this competitive game yourself.

Geometry Dash Apk Download

Although the platforming is really tough. It also displays tons of fascinating soundtracks as well. Such that, we can platform meanwhile enjoying these soundtracks. Alongside it being competitive, it contains various levels. Which have their own design of platforming in it. We control a really blocky cube in Geometry Dash APK. Which jumps as we Tap over the particular screen. By having it jump, it does its platforming through the level. Henceforth, take your respective cube to tons of dangers.

As we progress through these challenging levels. The cube can also encounter tons of power ups for him. Such as Flip Gravity, Rockets, rotation, and more. Moreover, the overall background seems really aesthetic in its experience. Since it also changes its color into many exotic themes. Furthermore, each level have its own soundtrack as well. Moreover, for more amusing experience in the platforming. We can implement custom song in Geometry Dash APK 2022.

Furthermore Details Geometry Dash Apk File

Geometry Dash Apk Latest Version

If you want a rhythm game containing challenges in it. Then take up the gameplay of Geometry Dash APK Latest Version. Where you flip your way in the aesthetic levels. In particular, take your cube and go over tons of difficult levels. Undoubtedly, the challenges and difficulty here are unparalleled. It contains thrilling platforming with tons of passages. Certainly, there will be tons of spikes stopping the cube. However, avoid them by shifting to some distinct platform.

Geometry Dash Apk File

The soundtracks available here will surely create a rhythm. The soundtracks actually makes the whole level even more exhilarating. In this experience, we can form our own levels as well. Of course, which is done by level editor of Geometry Dash APK Game. Indeed, we can customize the cube we use as well. Throughout the level gameplay available here. We also obtain tons of icons and stickers. Which we can totally apply over this respective cube.

As for the toughness of the levels here. Undoubtedly we can say they are totally unmatchable. Furthermore, the difficulty itself seems really insane as well. Although, to ease some difficulty in the experience. Rockets are also available for the cube. Which takes it off for some place further in the level. If you’re feeling totally trashed out in the game. Then implement your own favorite soundtrack in Geometry Dash APK + Obb. In particular, the whole level will shift accordingly to the soundtrack.

Aesthetic Background

Enjoy platforming in a really fantastic game. Which consists of tons of aesthetic backgrounds. Certainly, they also shifts its colors as you proceed through level. Moreover, it also gives a really fascinating vibe to gameplay. Although the gameplay is really hard here. The fabulous background will surely cheer you up. Aside from the background, tons of obstacles are also present in the level. Which will stop your cube in Geometry Dash APK Download.

Intense Challenging Gameplay

The intensity of Geometry Dash APK Android is really outstanding. Although some levels are easier comparatively. However, the core gameplay and Platforming is still really hard. Where we will have to carry our cube through tons of spikes. Alongside spikes, these are tons of rings, flames, and lightning as well. Furthermore, it also gets increased by progressing through a particular level. The gameplay here is also divided into tons of levels and acts. In spite of difficulty, we can also increase it purely.

Game Changing Power Ups

As we go through harsh levels of Geometry Dash APK File. We also get to access some power ups for the cube. In particular, it can be Rocket, Gravity switch, invisibility, and more. Rocket can purely ascend the cube to some distance. Meanwhile the gravity switch totally flips the level upside down. Consequently, cube can actually avoids all the spikes. Undoubtedly, in such a challenging game like this. There’s no power up more beneficial than invisibility. Henceforth, boost your cube through the level.

Fascinating Soundtracks

Sometimes, soundtrack can be the fuel to victory. Such that, Geometry Dash APK Mobile contains various musics. For sure, it makes the level even more exciting in the experience. If you have your own fabulous soundtrack. Then add it up in Geometry dash. Since there lies an option by which we can use any music. Of course, the level will seems even more enjoyable by this. Since anything feels even more amazing by your favorite soundtrack. The fascinating thing is, the level will form itself accordingly to the music.

Useful F.A.Q For Geometry Dash Apk

Q) How to change the Cube’s appearance here?

Ans: Throughout the finishing point of any level. We obtain various stickers in the experience. Such that, we can use it upon our cube here. Furthermore, some distinct skins are also available for the cube. For sure, the skin can be obtained through tons of levels. Of course, some of these skins also provides additional power up.

Q) How to add up your soundtrack in Geometry Dash Mobile?

Ans: Although there already tons of fascinating soundtracks available. We can also add our own soundtracks in the experience. In particular, go to the setting and select up the music editor. From there, import your own soundtrack file there. Undoubtedly, it supports all manners of formats of music file.

Fascinating Features Of Geometry Dash Mod APK 2022

  • One of the most thrilling games ever. Which can easily be experienced on handset. It takes you to tons of challenging levels.
  • Control your cube and take it to tons of Platforming. In particular, swirl, jump, flip, and do other actions. Which can be done by simply touching.
  • Feel the aesthetic background of geometry dash. Which also changes its color as you tap every time. Of course, it changes its color every timeyou do any action.
  • Touch Rocket or other power ups to use them. Certainly, there are Rocket, Gravity switch, Invisibility, and other power ups.
  • Go through tons of platforming all you can. Since the whole gameplay is about platforming mostly.
  • Add your own favorable soundtrack as well. Which absolutely enhances the experience of Geometry Dash even more.
  • Download tons of additional package of levels as well. Continuing levels of ice, Fire, Electricity and more.
  • Take your cube against Spikes, Rings, Fires, and more. Consequently, there will be tons of distinct obstacles waiting in platforming.

Final Summary Around Geometry Dash

Take up to the intensive gameplay of Geometry Dash. In particular, this piece of retro like Game is one of the toughest. It all happens in just a particular handset as well. Such that, any user can experience Geometry dash anytime. There are tons of challenges in this installment. Meanwhile, there are tons of things to make it difficult as well. Flick the cube by your finger tips and take it to the end. Of course, we can do tons of action to cube by the screen. If you’re fond of retro game based soundtracks. Then it will be even more fascinating for you all.

How To Download Geometry Dash Apk 2.2 Full Version Android/iOS

There are tons of challenging games everywhere. However, geometry dash is surely one of the most hardest game. In particular, it can be the hardest game for any person as well. Furthermore, now obtain the latest edition of Geometry dash for yourself. Certainly, this amusing installment is totally made for handset. Since swiping, touching screen, and other actions will guide the cube. Henceforth, get this silly cube through hellish passages.

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