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The game which iam going to introduce today is a very famous soccer mobile game. The game name is FTS 22 APK or First Touch Soccer 22 apk. This is the newest installment or release in the FTS series. FTS is a soccer gaming series for mobile devices like Android or IOS.

It handles the gameplay really very well for mobile devices. Since the whole name is as “First Touch Screen” it is mainly for android or IOS platforms. It features many kinds of special moves just by the touch of screen in game. Other than FIFA or PES series games for android or ios. This one stands in its own league due to its amazing features.

About FTS 22 Android

First touch soccer 22 apk or also known as FTS 22 apk is a soccer game. It is a very highly dense soccer or football simulation game. Which focuses on the mobile device platforms like the android devices or IOS devices. It is available for both android and IOS platforms.

The on screen controls is very stylish and provides many types of functions. As you can see in the pictures i have provided in this article. You can see the different kinds of controls on screen. By using them you can control the ball or the controls on players very well.

It is a very well known soccer games for phones. It also received updates and new features in time intervals. Play the game and win medals or awards along with achievements as well. Rank up in the online matches as well. I am sure that this is a very ultimate experience for mobile soccer fans. Specially who loves FIFA games and PES games.

Features of FTS 22 game

  • Much easy controls and gameplay style as compare to other soccer games.
  • Live and frequent updates and events to come in First touch soccer 22 android.
  • Many types of game modes which will make you have tons of fun and entertainment.
  • New tournaments and Leagues added into the game and will be in future as well.
  • Ranked matches and ranked league online matches to rank up among other players.
  • Level up experience by winning in matches, tournaments or leagues upto 100 levels.
  • Fully and 100% just made for mobile devices like android and IOS devices.
  • On screen controls with many amazing and comfortable controls to control ball and players.
  • Over 50+ teams and 130+ players from original series of soccer or football.
  • Needs only a small amount of requirements to play, only 1GB RAM and 500MB storage.

Levels Experience and Rank up

There is a Level experience mechanic in game. It denotes the amount of experience or level you have. You can increase the level from Level 1 upto 100 in this game. You get experience by playing the matches and tournaments and also leagues. If you win the matches, tournament or leagues you will gain extra experience points. By leveling up you can upgrade your players and team power. You can also unlock many types of perks and abilities

Frequently Updates and Events

FTS 22 latest version Download game is an ongoing game. Which means events and updates usually comes in timely basis in the game. With that you can play in new tournaments and leagues as well. New events and updates brings changes to gameplay and improved it bit by bit. New events have new things to do which will never keep you off the hook. There are many celebrations in game which adds new events into the game.

Graphics & Gameplay

FTS 22 Mobile contains very amazing and outstanding graphics for a mobile game. Even though its a mobile game, it introduces high level graphics which you can set through settings option. As for the gameplay, it is much more easy to play than PES or FIFA. Since FTS 22 Apk Obb Download is fully made and supported for android or ios. Meanwhile the FIFA and PES weren’t fully compatible with mobiles.

Types of Game Modes in FTS 22

There are many types of Game modes in FTS 22 like FIFA and PES. however there are more game modes in FTS 22. You can play many new events and tournament which comes in weekly basis. New updates and much more to play in the game. New things comes weekly and also monthly in FTS 22 Android apk + obb. I can assure due to these magnificent game modes. It will being an ultimate experience to you while playing the game.

How to Download FTS 22 APK OBB Data Android

  • Click on the download link below to FTS 22 Mod PES 22 Apk Obb.
  • Proceed through the site and download the game FTS 22 Android from there.
  • Following that click on the downloaded game to open the apk in your device mobile.
  • After that wait for the completion of the installation and let it get completed.
  • Then when the game has been installed, click on the game to open it in your phone.
  • Then set up the settings as you like on the screen for the on screen controls.
  • After that play the game as you like. Enjoy FTS Free Download or FTS Apk Download.