Greetings my sincere visitors and confident gamers friends. I welcome all of you very sincerely to my gaming genre website. Which name is very popular by the name of Android 1 top. There you can find tons and tons of special kinds of games. Which are officially for usually consoles and microsoft windows. Now can be play in your android devices or IOS devices.

The game which i have for everyone today is a game of a branch of football game. The game is FTS 2021 apk for both devices Android and IOS. FTS 2021 Apk Download is the latest game version in the FTS apk series. There are many new features added into the game which made the game even more fun. FTS 2021 APK download is one of the best games of one of the best soccer game series.

FTS 21 APK Obb
FTS 21 APK Gameplay

The game contains a significant higher graphics than its previous past games. Where this game is also playable fully offline without any kind of internet connection. Except if you’re playing in the special online multiplayer through. Which means you can play both offline and online game mode. Where you’re introduced to many kinds of gameplay modes having different mechanics in each of them.

About FTS 2021 APK

FTS 2021 – First touch soccer is a branch of soccer game for mobile devices. Which is develop by First touch limited and also published by first touch limited games. FTS 2021 Apk Obb Data is the best and suitable soccer game for mobile due to its smaller size as well. In just a smaller size of game you’re introduced to many kinds of gameplay Features and mechanics.

There you’ll find so many licensed players from the real life soccer game series. Everything in the game FTS 2021 game Download is fully customizable. Which makes the game a fully customizable game having the feature to customize team, players, outfits etc. There is no limited option to your creativity in the customization mode. Not only that but build your team, stadium, players etc.

You can hire a manager in FTS 21 Mod FIFA 21 Apk Download as well. Who will lead you to the bunch of game modes in FTS 2021 Apk android. FTS games provides such a totally comfortable controls of the game. As it is a game which is specifically made up for mobile devices. We can proudly say that there is no problems while controlling everything going on stadium by on screen controls.

Features of FTS 21 APK Obb Data download

  • FTS 2021 Android provides a real time realistic high definition graphics right into your mobile devices.
  • Fully lag free gaming as the game is specifically made for mobile devices such as Android or IOS.
  • A direct sequel to one of the most famous soccer games FTS 2020 Apk or FTS 2020 APK download.
  • New user interface along with new icon and logo which gives off a very new look to the game.
  • Special teams from original series of football or soccer including Conmebol, africa zone and many more.
  • Highly improved and amazing graphics which takes a close approach to providing a realistic graphics to game.
  • A very small size game ranging around 100 – 200mb which is a very small range of size for such a brilliant game.
  • Fully unlocked apk file where all of the teams, stadiums, customization items are available for free with no cost.
  • Play the multiplayer game mode and aim to rank as high as possible to defeat everyone and gain amazing rewards.
  • Participate in many kinds of leagues, tournaments, urban matches and other stuffs to gain more experience points.

Game Modes in FTS 2021 APK

The game assures their players that it will not back out players by boredom. With that there are tons of game modes which players can enjoy. There are tournaments, leagues, quick matches, 3 goal match, training mode etc. These are the game modes for single player offline mode. Whereas there are online multiplayer game mode available as well. Where you can join a club, play with friends, participate in ranked matches, tournament and many more.

Unlocked Game FTS 21 APK

Since the game I’m providing is an unlocked version of the FTS 21 APK. You’ll have everything unlocked from the beginning of the game. You won’t have to work so hard to unlock stadium, players, teams etc. Everything will be unlocked for you to play in the game. All you will have to do is just play the game in any way you want. You can experience the game in any way you like by having everything unlocked.

Stadiums in game

There are numerous stadiums available in game FTS 21 APK download. Which are higher in number than the previous game. Not only that but you can make your own stadium in this game as well. Although since the game is Full unlocked from the beginning you won’t need to unlock stadiums. Otherwise there are many stadium which originally unlocks after winning the tournament. Or just buying them with the in game money you have.

Graphics of the Game

The graphics in the game is more focused to realism rather than cartoonish. The developers of the game approach towards more realistic graphics. Everything including the grass of stadium to the weather and sky looks more realistic.

How to Download FTS 21 APK for Android

  • Click on the download button to Download FTS 2021 APK for Android & IOS mobiles.
  • Download the game by progressing through the site and closing in the websites to get the game.
  • Wait for the FTS 21 APK + OBB to get download in your device so that you can install it later.
  • After that before installing the game allow the unknown resources to get install in your portable phone device.
  • After that easily just install FTS apk or First touch soccer 21 apk into your android or IOS devices.
  • When you’re done installing, kindly freely open the game from the game screen of your mobile.
  • Then you need to create a profile so you can participate in tournament, leagues and ranked matches.
  • Now you can play Download FTS 2021 APK and make your own team to shine in the ranking system.
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