Neither Fortnite nor Dragon Ball need to be explained to the world. It’s estimated that hundreds of millions of people are currently playing Fortnite and that another a large number are regularly watching Dragon Ball Z.

Find out more about this fantastic Fortnite mod and get the APK for it on Android in this post! Users of the PC and console versions did not need to do anything to receive the update, but those on mobile devices were required to do so. Since Epic Games is having trouble with in-app purchases on both Google Play and the App Store.

It’s possible you won’t be able to discover it in the canonical app store. If you want to play Fortnite with Dragon Ball Super characters, you should obtain the newest version of the game’s Android app (APK). Follow the instructions below to manually install the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super APK file you downloaded from this page.

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super APK

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Fortnite X Dragon Ball APK Description

Fortnite X Dragon Ball mod apk

A fresh new mod for Fortnite has just been released, and it’s called “Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super.” With this mod, you can now play Fortnite with your favourite Dragon Ball Super characters.

In addition to that, a number of new game modes that make use of these characters have been added, and each of these types provides players with their own special set of advantages. Get the file as soon as you can and start playing as soon as you can before the event is over on September 17 to have the best potential experience.

Both the Dragon Ball Adventure Island and the Battle Royale have new events and game types that players can participate in. You are also able to monitor who all complete the race and keep track of how far along you are in the competition. You will earn a Shenron Glider as a reward if you are successful in completing all seven missions and collecting all seven Dragon Balls.

So, to include beloved characters from the Dragon Ball series, Epic Games worked with the series’ creators. Fortnite players may now take control of four of Dragon Ball Super’s most recognisable characters. New playable characters include Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus from Dragon Ball Z.

Fortnite X Dragon Ball z APK

You’ll have to act quickly if you want to get your hands on the exclusive rewards, as both the Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super APK event and the Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z Android APK are time-limited.

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super Mobile Features

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super characters

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super Mobile contains the following features:-

Different Boards, Different Players, Same Goal

Fortnite X Dragon Ball APK

For the most seasoned of combatants, our Versus Boards provide a consistent opportunity to prove one’s worth.

The Versus Boards are where you go up against another player to determine who will rule the Island. On this island, each player must use a Board to battle against the other. The other team’s map will reflect both players’ locations after battle has begun. There will subsequently be a five-minute elimination round during which the victor can be declared.

You may find Versus Boards in the same locations as Bounty Boards for the time being.

Leverage Your Battle Royale Skills To New Heights

You may harness Son Goku’s power for use with the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) weapons in this game.

Get your hands on the Kamehameha and use its devastating energy beam to wipe out any opposition, or fly high above the Island on a Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun). Capsule Corp constantly comes up with novel strategies for delivering these items by air drop throughout the course of each match. As the Storm draws to a close, more capsules will become available, so be on the lookout for exciting climactic clashes and tests of power.

Superb Visuals

We’re all familiar with Fortnite’s impressive visuals, and new mode continues in that vein. The Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super events boast high-quality visuals, with each character from the anime adding their own unique moves and effects.

Unlock a Wide Range of Prizes

This edition is required downloading and playing because the entire event revolves around accumulating rewards. Every time you advance in the game, you’ll get a new perk. If you’ve unlocked a new level, be sure to claim your rewards. Utilize this new mode to increase your inventory size and open up a world of new possibilities.

No cost to acquire, use, or enjoy

The new mode and all of its benefits are completely free to all players. The Fortnite mobile payment system has been discontinued, therefore it is effectively useless. This is something you simply cannot accomplish. Do not use an APK file from a website that asks for money to update to the latest version.

Wholly Risk-Free & Secure

Feel free to download and play in this mode without any apprehension. This option has been tested on our devices and is functioning normally. We’ve included download links for the Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super pack, so you may play the new game mode without any hassle.

Compatibility with Any Device

Any Android smartphone with Android OS 6.0 or later can play Fortnite: Dragon Ball Super. To get started, download the game using the links on this page, then sign in using any of your existing social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super Mod Android Gameplay

There haven’t been any major updates to the official version of Fortnite. Nonetheless, the game will open up to you in unexpected ways and reveal fresh content. In this new game mode, you’ll be tested on your skills, concentration, and physical prowess, and then rewarded in various ways.

After installing the Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super mod Android APK, launch the game to take part in the Dragon Ball Super-themed events. In this mode, you can advance to the next level if you have completed a Training Set. A brand new Dragon Ball will be given to you, and your overall Power Level will increase as well. Complete each level to unlock a new set of rewards and a slew of new components.

FAQs Download Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z APK

How Do I Get the PC Version of the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super Game?

The PC version of the crossover event between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Super is available for download from Epic Games. You must use the Epic Games Launcher to update your copy of the game if you have previously purchased it. In any other scenario, you can contact us and we will provide you with the required files, or you can use torrent links to download the update for your Windows or MAC machine.

How can I update the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super game?

All game updates must be installed from a third-party file, such as the ones we’ve given here. Since the game is no longer available through the app stores, the only places you can get your hands on these files are Epic Games’ official website or sites like ours. The installation procedure will remain unchanged.

Can I Get the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super IPA File for iOS?

The Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super mode is playable on all platforms that can run the base Fortnite game, but the IPA installation file for this update is not yet available. You won’t be able to find this game on the official Apple App Store website, so please wait for us to bring the installation file for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

Is the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super APK safe to install?

The Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super download links provided on this page are 100% safe to use. These data are a zipped copy of the whole game that can be played on nearly any computer or mobile device. Don’t worry about anything going wrong while you’re downloading and using them; we’ve already done that testing on our own devices and then presented the results here in the blog.


The Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super APK has been downloaded and is being played by many people. Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your Android and start reaping the benefits in your account today! The creators have promised that more new tasks would be introduced to the game soon, with prizes for all players.

Both Fortnite and Dragon Ball Super have massive fan bases, so the combination of the two is naturally gaining traction. We’ve done our best to cover all the bases with this event mode tutorial and we hope you find it useful. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have during setup or while playing.

How To Download Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super APK For Android & OBB File

From what has been discussed thus far, you should have a good idea of what this new mode and event entails. There isn’t much more information available, so we recommend downloading the Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super APK from this link and giving it a try for yourself.

Following the instructions for installing it, we’ve included a download link for the setup file. After downloading and installing, you can participate in this fantastic new opportunity and earn exclusive bonuses. It’s possible that some Android device owners have never dealt with an installation file before. That’s why a detailed installation guide has been provided for their convenience.

  • Download both sets of files from the source we’ve provided below.
  • After enabling a setting in Android’s Security Settings, these files must be installed.
  • Under the Settings menu, you’ll see an option labelled “Unknown Sources,” which you should switch on.
  • The game’s APK file can now be used during setup, but the app itself should not be launched.
  • To access the file’s contents, you must move it to the Android/OBB folder.
  • As soon as that’s done, you may launch the game and begin playing.
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