Greetings my fellow kind visitors! Welcome to my site android1 and today i have present you a very phenomenal and very outrageous Dbz ttt or Dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team mod. People are looking for highly compressed versus of DBZ ttt mods in 200mb size or 500mb for PPSSPP so here you will get the download link of MediaFire to this game without any problem.

The game is a modded version of original dbz ttt game which is specially designed and modded by special modders. The game have NEWLY and UPDATED High definition graphics which is most unique in its own and specially made for this mod iso. The model of characters is made originally that is why it looks so brilliant, amazing and outrageous! The special moves are also revamped and updated in terms of graphics and in terms of mechanic as well. New special and ultimate attacks are also added.

About Game

The game name is Dbz ttt ultimate mod or Dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team ultimate mod. This is a modded game by special modders with new added graphics and many new port attacks from the original tenkaichi series. The game is modded for psp, so you will need to run the game by using a psp emulator. I recommend you ppsspp gold to play this game as ppsspp is a very good emulator to play psp games in your device.

Game modes

The game contains many new game mods aside from just survival mode that is story mode, time attack mode, team battle mode and many more. Just like original version, the game mode also have allies function. Where you can fight side by side with your partner/buddy character from roster. The modded roster is very big for the game as we compare it to the original game or the previous mods installments.


DBZ TTT mod download
Dragon Ball Z TTT mod

As you can see in the gameplay shots which i have provided that the character models and the graphics of model looks very neat and high definition which is made purely out of modder’s hardwork. The game also have newly added modded stages like future city and tournament of power.

You can play it on your device using PSP emulator which is PPSSPP gold. The game is a 3-D style fighting game like the other tenkaichi series. Speaking of tenkaichi series the game have also new attack ports from the original tenkaichi games!


New characters are added like Mastered ultra instinct goku, super saiyan blue vegeta, new hit, jiren, dbs gogeta, dbs broly, fused zamasu, new super saiyan 3 goku with it’s dragon fist move ported from xenoverse 2, super Saiyan blue vegito and many more! The game contains a story mode which focuses on dbs story line and also a survival mode where you fight off many characters continously.

Specially the New HIT model looks very well done and looks PERFECT. The mod have many new LATEST characters added to the game from dragon ball, dragon ball z and newly dragon ball super. Other characters have revamped graphics as well.

Game features:

  • •Specially designed HD and 3-D Graphics for the characters.
  • Specially modded story mode.
  • Very huge roster of characters in game.
  • The special menu is also added in game.
  • New attacks from direct port of tenkaichi games.
  • New characters like mui goku, jiren, dbs gogeta, dbs broly are also available.
  • The game is totally Offline.
  • Specially designed for Lag free gaming.
  • Many game modes to play and choose from.
  • Special japanese and english voices for characters.
  • 3-D and competitive gameplay.
  • Game features a buddy/partner function as well.

Modders who developed this DBZ TTT Mod

  • ✓EnzoBlack
  • ✓Younite 507 TTT
  • ✓Thai Fighters Single Fighters
  • ✓Link Dark
  • ✓Alexis El Rojo
  • ✓J.J Gamers Panama
  • ✓Johnny Z Modder
  • ✓Tex Mod
  • ✓TD Channel VN
  • ✓Denku
  • ✓Black Modder Android
  • ✓Skull Modder
  • ✓Zero devs
  • ✓Elkevin0924 texs
  • ✓Red Gamer
  • ✓Fremio Bello
  • ✓Super Kasuke
  • ✓Blade Modder
  • ✓Broly Mods
  • ✓Dbz TTT GameOverZ
  • ✓Dark Alex 2099
  • ✓SKR_Z Developer (Sakura Zarco)
  • ✓Emir ttt mods
  • ✓Daniflow TTT Mods
  • ✓HeroEDpro
  • ✓Thejuliodroids
  • ✓Minami
  • ✓Metal God
  • ✓Ezequiel
  • ✓Droid Games
  • ✓Luisgoku10
  • ✓Modder Alberto
  • ✓Isaki PVZ
  • ✓Julio Modder Z
  • ✓ZetroNix1997
  • ✓Leyder Mods
  • ✓Modder Antonio
  • ✓Diego Modder
  • ✓Alex Vicente
  • ✓The Ghost LP
  • ✓Santy ttt mods
  • ✓GearVnzla
  • ✓Frost96
  • ✓ModderZ Mods
  • ✓Trou Gaming
  • ✓Neoarcher
  • ✓Hunter
  • ✓xFred – 695
  • ✓LemonMcartney 97
  • ✓Sans C Mods
  • ✓Jorge Modder
  • ✓OarzerDBZ Mods
  • ✓Vegetto Modder
  • ✓Gohan ZS
  • ✓Goku Modder
  • ✓BatuTH
  • ✓Klever Blue Z
  • ✓DBZ TTT Full Dragons X
  • ✓Luis04
  • ✓Cristian Risco Sosa
  • ✓Alex Ortega Razo
  • ✓AI ALV
  • ✓GT Ken
  • ✓ZUNO LZ
  • ✓Kevin Senpai
  • ✓ARX Mods
  • ✓Minato gamer
  • ✓MXD Mods
  • ✓Evil Pro Mods TTT/BT3
  • ✓Evil Pro
  • ✓Jayzz Modder
  • ✓Remind King
  • ✓The Last Full DBS X
  • ✓Shadow Modder
  • ✓Tutos Tag Team
  • ✓Nerd Games Z
  • ✓Magical Mods
  • ✓Modder Pacman :v
  • ✓Staryfix – Ken
  • ✓The Dark Modder
  • ✓THE DBS Bøïs. bd
  • ✓Kasto Modder

How to Download DBZ TTT Ultimate Mod PSP

  • Download Dbz ttt mod iso from link given below.
  • Proceed through the site and download the game.
  • After downloading, extract the iso file from zip.
  • Open up your psp emulator on your device.
  • Progress through the directory and open up your game.
  • Set settings as it suits your gameplay.
  • Click on save and make your save file.
  • Now you can play the game efficiently.

And after that we are DONE! so that’s how you can Successfully download DBZ TTT mod for Android mobiles/iOS and PC too.