Greetings my fellow friends! I welcome you all to my site android1 and today i have brought another new fantastic and demanding game which is Dragon ball z shin budokai 6 ppsspp which is also searched as Shin Budokai 6 PPSSPP file. This DBZ shin budokai 6 mod iso psp can be played in PC windows and Android/iOS devices by installing a PPSSPP gold or psp Emulator. People are searching for the highly Compressed Dragon Ball Z shin budokai 6 PPSSPP in 100mb low size, so here you will get it.

Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 6 PPSSPP

The game is also searched as Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 6 PPSSPP download For PC, dbz shin budokai 6, dragon ball z shin budokai 6 download, download dbz shin budokai ppsspp. The game offers new modded attacks and new modded stages which is very well made with the help of great modders who modded the game in such a way it will represent DBS version game of Dragon ball z shin budokai series for psp platform. So let’s get right to it.

About Game

Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP

The game Dragon ball z shin budokai 6 is a modded game version of the original Dragon ball z shin budokai 2. In the modded version, many things newly are added to the game to make it look like its the new installment of the series. As the game contains new characters, new stages and more. While playing, characters can also performs modded attacks which is also modded by the special modders who worked on the mod. Special new attacks like ultra instinct kamehameha, ssbe final flash and more. The arcade mode is also revamed due to the revampation of the character roster of the game where you beat up characters and proceed forward in a continous series of competitive battles as it gets harder and harder as we beat the characters and proceed through stages.


Here for gameplay purpose i have shown some gameplay shots of Dragon ball z shin budokai 6 and as you can see the game contains many new modded characters in roster like ultra instinct goku, jiren, dbs broly which can transform into their powered up stages too.

The model of characters looks very neat and good looking as well. Every stage is also modded with the help of modders which represents or resembles stages and sceneries from Dragon ball super anime and manga. Dbz shin budokai is the latest version of shin budokai series.
The game can be run on android and ios device with 1gb space in device and 2 gb ram inside the device to run the game efficiently!

Story Mod

This Dragon ball super PPSSPP game contains a modded story line which resembles story line of the original anime and manga that is Dragon ball super. The game also includes new soundtracks of the game from the anime like chala head chala, dan dan kokoro, and from dbs anime! This DBZ PPSSPP game featuring a new story mode with characters from Dragon ball super too like Ultra instinct goku, Dbs broly, new dbs gogeta, ssb vegito, zamasu, beerus, toppo, jiren, and many more. Experience through the new ultimate Dragon ball experience as you play through the game.

About Characters

DBZ shin Budokai 6 mod

The game is a followed up game from Dragon ball Z shin budokai series which follows up story of Dragon ball z and dragon ball anime. The game features characters from anime like goku, gohan, krillin, vegeta, piccolo, gogeta, vegito, frieza, broly, janemba, buu, gotenks and others.

Game features:

  • Various modded character roster with many new characters.
  • Powerful special and ultimate attacks from dragon ball super anime.
  • New specially designed modded story mode.
  • Newly game modes modded through mods and with new characters.
  • New stages which resembles Dragon ball super locations.
  • Astounding fantastic Soundtrack collection from original anime.
  • The game is lag free.
  • The game is offline and does not need any internet service to run.
  • Updated the old arcade game mode with new style.
  • Added new functions to the game like dragon rush.
  • Characters like ultra instinct goku, jiren, dbs broly, dbs gogeta and more makes an appearance in the game.

How to Download Dragon ball Z Shin Budokai 6 PPSSPP

  • The game requires a device of 1gb space and 2gb ram on android and ios.
  • Click on the download button given below.
  • Proceed through the sites after that until you download the game ISO+PSP apk zip file.
  • After downloading it, run your ppsspp.
  • And extract the iso zip by using rar application from Play Store.
  • Then open psp and chose the directory of the game and open it.
  • After opening it, configure the controls of the game.
  • After that saved the settings and run the game

And after that you can enjoy shin budokai 6 on your android devices! So that’s how you play Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 6 v2 PPSSPP with such highly compressed 100mb in size of maximum 200mb after Extraction.


Is Shin Budokai 6 officially released?

No, there is no official release dragon ball Z Shin Budokai 6, the game which is being provided here is a moded version of dragon ball z Shin Budokai 2 or another road game.

How many characters does it contains?

More than 30 characters with their new transformations included are available in the game as a playable unlocked character with save data. You have to set the save data to get all the features unlocked.