Greetings everybody! I welcome you all my friends to my site android1 and today as always i have brought another demanding game for android and ios devices. Today i have bring another fantastic installment in dragon ball mugen. It’s name is Dragon ball Ultimate Fighter 2 mugen free to download. Which can also be searched as Download Dragon ball mugen apk.

Dragon Ball Z Mugen apk
DBZ Mugen android

The game is very unique as the sprites of the game is very rare to see. It got big sprites which reminds me of the sprites from Dragon ball Z extreme Butoden on 3ds. The sprites looks very similar to that. Before, mugen used to have big sprites and it is one of those games with very high definition big sprites of characters. The character roster of the game is very very enormous or massive.

Here to show you all i have given some gameplay shots for reference of the gameplay and the model sprites of the characters in the mugen game and as you can see the sprites of model are very well done. It got the extreme butoden style sprites and the healthbar looks like xenoverse 2 which proves that the game is made very well.

About Game

The game is made and run on the basis of MUGEN engine and is produced/made by SasukeUCHIHA592 and Fan Games Studio. It features 167 characters from dragon ball, dragon ball z, dragon ball gt and dragon ball super. Characters from dragon ball movies, what if scenarios, dragon ball games are also included in those 167 whole total characters! Recreate the special battles on the game as the game features many game modes to play with.

A 20-battle Arcade Mode where you will be fighting opponent starting from weak ones until the FINAL BOSS in Battle having mui goku as the final boss. Fight versus your friend 1V1 or in the squad during the battle. Challenging Survival Mode in which you can try Solo or with your friend and much more! Try going through the story mode as you progress through the storyline of whole dragon ball franchise timeline during the gameplay.

Game features

  • Consists of a very enormous roster of character having 167 characters.
  • Contains stages which reminds fans of dragon ball scenery.
  • Includes many different game modes to play with.
  • Extreme butoden style sprites of the game.
  • Affordable size of the game.
  • Offline game so no need to be worried about network or internet.
  • Works on both IOS and Android devices.
  • Competitive and gets more harder as we progress through the game.
  • Special Mugen sprites models.
  • Contains special attacks in every model of characters.
  • Special transformation mechanic in game.


The game consists of many stages which remarks of Dragon ball landscapes. Characters like ultra instinct goku, ssb evolution vegeta, dbs broly, who are latest characters off from dragon ball franchise are also making a debut into the game which makes the menu selection of character very wide.

The game is very competitive and gets hard as we progress through each stage which makes the game much harder and competitive like other MUGEN fighting arcade type games.

Each characters have its own special move, signature move and ultimate move and even its own special transformation. Which makes the game much better in every way! Just like any other M.U.G.E.N game, this game is also developed under MUGEN engine for pc, android and ios. So to download it, keep reading the article on to how to download the game.

How to Download Dragon ball Ultimate Fighter 2 Mugen apk

  • The game needs android with 1Gb space and 2Gb ram and same with IOS.
  • Proceed to click on the download link which i have gave below.
  • After that progress through site to get the download link.
  • Click on that to download the game.
  • After the downloading, click on it to install the game on your device.
  • After installation, click on it to open the game.
  • Now configure and set your settings.
  • All done, now you can play peacefully.

And after that we are done. I hope you all will enjoy the game to its fullest as this mugen dbz game is very enjoyable to play. The game is made very well so its very rare to have mugen games like this. Tuned in to download more games!