Greetings fellow friends! Welcome to android1 site and today here i present you a very famous and amazing game known as Hyper dragon ball z. It’s a Dragon Ball Z Mugen Apk Android which you can free download, Hyper DBZ mugen Apk. Hyper Dbz Mobile all can be accessable and can be downloaded from Android 1 Site.
The game is developed under the M.U.G.E.N. Engine which uses spirtes to produce the game which can be played on android, pc and ios. The game is totally free for both android and pc so you don’t have to pay even a single penny for Hyper DBZ download or Mugen hyper DBZ Apk.

DBZ Mugen Characters

The game feels so fun as the animations of the character movements and their attacks are very fluid on its own. The special attacks feels unreal too. The game consist of characters like goku, majin buu, vegeta, majin vegeta, gohan, piccolo, frieza, cell and many more! The spirtes of characters in mugen game feels so professional. As the spirtes are very well done so that the fans can be hardcore fan of the game! So why waiting? Let’s know about it more down below also to know how to download it.

DBZ hyper dimensions Mugen
DBZ Mugen apk


For the reference, i have given some gameplay shots of the game Hyper dbz apk or Hyper dbz. Which is also searched as Download hyper dbz apk or Download Hyper dbz. The roster of the game isn’t very big but that is because of the amount of the work they put in each character and on the game. As the sprites looks so very well done and clean.

Game consists of many destructible environment stages which references scenery from the anime like kami lookout, wasteland, goku’s house, dark future, west city and so on. The game falls under some variants like Z2 or Z2i which are more likely lite version and full version! Both can be accessable from the links i have given below so don’t worry.

About Game

Hyper Dragon ball z is a mugen game which was developed under MUGEN engine. The game is being developed purely by fans and the game is available for free. 16-bit dragon ball games leaves a big impact over every fan of dragon ball its game fans. That is why mugen games holds a big heart inside the fans of Dragon ball. The game is totally offline so you don’t have to be worried bout data issues. The game is very famous among fans as this is a very old yet a gold game.

As i have said the game is for both android and ios so you can play it on any device you want to. The game is focused on fighting genre game. This game is also like any other mugen game where you play on arcade mode and also versus mode. The game also have a assist option. In that option you can have your buddy character to help you during the battle. The game consists of many amazing moves like big bang attack, final flash, kamehameha and so on.

Game features

  • Available on both android and ios.
  • Very affordable size as compared to any other mugen game.
  • Active mugen development team.
  • Very high definition Sprites models of characters.
  • Destructable stages like not seen in any other game.
  • Medium sized roster containing very famous characters.
  • The game is offline so there is no need to be worried of.
  • Total of 10 main characters from the Z
  • Introduces an assist feature during the gameplay.
  • Lag free gaming during gameplay.
  • Application modified game so no need of installing emulators.
  • Fantastic work in soundtrack of the game
  • Fighting based genre game like other MUGEN games
  • Fast paced gameplay

How to Download DBZ Mugen apk Hyper Dimension

  • Proceed to click on the download button below.
  • After clicking, proceed through the site to download the game.
  • After that the download will start.
  • Install the game and proceed to install the game.
  • After installing the game, click on it to open it.
  • Now configure the controls as you would like.
  • Set up the buttons of the application.
  • Now play the game and enjoy the luxurious moment of playing the game.

And after this. WE ARE DONE. thank you guys for visiting! And that’s how you download hyper DBZ on your android or iOS device. Tune in to download more amazing games and see you all next time.