Greetings my friends! I have welcome you all to my website which is android1 Today as always i have brought another very demanding topic. Which is Dragon ball xenoverse 2 apk or Dragon ball xenoverse 2 android. Because of this article, you all will be able to download Dbxv2 mod apk very easily. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 APK OBB for Android or Can be downloaded played on your Android Or IOS device without verification or we can say no verification is needed.

The game is very popular among Dragon ball fans and dragon ball gaming fans and is also very demanding among anime and gaming fans. Dragon ball xenoverse 2 let us make our own character and let us follow through the story line and the game itself.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Apk
DB Xenoverse Android

For reference, i have given some gameplay shots of dragon ball Xenoverse 2 running on the device and as you can see the Graphics of the game is very high and astonishing. The shading on the character models is much better as compare to the shiney models from the previous game. The attack also feels very unreal if we look at it deeply. The game contains almost all characters from dragon ball franchise to choose from and to play with. The game’s User interface, that is the life bars and ki bars also looks better. The atmosphere looks kinda pale and less brightening as compare to last installment of the game which suits the dark environment of the dark future in the game.

About DB Xenoverse 2 Apk

Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 is a roleplay and adventure fighting game developed by dimps and published by bandia namco on 25 October of 2016. The game is a direct sequel of the game dragon ball xenoverse which was released on 2015 and was really famous worldwide. The game is available on platforms as PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia. But with the help of this android 1 site. We can now play the game on our android or iOS device too so be sure to tuned it and follow the steps very carefully to enjoy the Game on your device.

Game Features

The game have also introduced its own original storyline. The timelines are messed up because of towa and mira and time patrollers again have to save the timeline and we have to help them in this mission. The game introduces a very big roster as compare to the previous installment of the game. So go through the article very well to download Xenoverse 2 apk on your device.

This game consists of online and offline game mode. Compete with professional fighters across the globe or enjoy the fight against the cpu in offline mode.


The Game contains a very very big roster of characters from Dragon ball, dragon ball z, dragon ball gt, dragon ball super and even from dragon ball movies.
Play with your own creatable character and imagine the dragon ball story with him. Go through battles and join goku, vegeta, trunks and the company in the adventure.
The game also have very large variety of stages ranging from dragon ball z to dragon ball super! Design your CAC as you like. Change the clothes, give him special attacks and so on!

An Action Game

Two years after the events of The Xenoverse 2, the original version of the game is still in play. The main hero is a persona we develop ourselves. Diverse races from the Dragon Ball universe are available for our selection, each with its own own history, culture, and set of characteristics. The aforementioned persona is a Time Patrol agent, fighting against villains from another dimension.

The first season is a major focus of the gameplay. Hunting in this game is done by navigating the game’s layout. Hubs serve as our initial points of navigation when conducting searches.

Next to Toki-Toki, the town of Conton is the most important location in the first season. According to the writers’ original claims before the debut, the metropolis comprises of multiple districts and is seven times larger than it initially seemed. In any case, you can’t fight and float without authorization.

As each subsequent task is broken down into features and optional ones, the subordinate level can be raised, and loot in the form of skills and equipment can be gathered (certain skills, however, can only be learned from masters). It may be essential to bring in additional personnel for the project if the search ends up being too extensive for us to handle alone.

Key Features:

  • No emulator needed to play this game.
  • Offline and online both modes are available to play with.
  • Lag free gaming with this latest version of game.
  • High definition graphics.
  • Very fast paced and competitive gameplay.
  • A large menu of character to choose and to play from.
  • Very large lobby to explore with your CAC.
  • Create your own character on the game.
  • join on raid battles with everyone on global.
  • Very affordable size to download and to store on device.
  • The game is totally free so no need to be worried about anything paid.

How to Download Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 on Android and iOS:

  • Proceed carefully down below and click on the download button to proceed.
  • After clicking on the download button, proceed through the site.
  • After that download the game and wait for it to get downloaded.
  • Then, install the game on your device.
  • Grants the permission to the game after opening it.
  • Then set the settings as suitable to your device.
  • After that set the graphics settings and click on save.
  • Now create your own character in game and you’re ready to go!

And after all of this we are finally done my fellow friends! This is how you can download dragon ball xenoverse 2 apk. Dragon ball xenoverse 2 on android and ios is a very demanding game which now you all can obtain. Tune in for more special and amazing games. See you all later next time! Keep enjoying.


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