Welcome everyone to Android1 Top site. here i provide you various fun and amazing games so be sure to check the site out for more. Here today im providing you Dragon ball raging blast 2 Apk. so make sure to follow the steps very carefully so you will be able to downlosd the game very easily and very Efficiently.

The game is available for both android and ios so you don’t need to be worried about the operating system of your device! after this article you will be able to Download DBZ raging blast 2 apk+Obb data or db raging blast 2 apk! This game is the sequel of that game. So what are we waiting for? let’s get started!

Here i provided some gameplay screenshot of the game you are going to download on mobile. The game is very fun as it is game from our childhood and it contain many fun gimmicks and mechanics which keeps us entertained. The game also consist of a large roster with many transformation. Dragon ball raging blast 2 apk is offline so you don’t have to be worried about having internet while playing it. Which means you can play it whenever you want to and wherever you want to! isn’t it such a benefit?

DBZ raging blast Android
Db Raging blast 2 apk

Since the game is offline it brings the opportunity to being lag free. yes! the game is lag free so you will not feel any much lag. your phone needs to be average and with good battery backup with some good amount of storage.

About Game

The game Dragon ball Raging blast 2 is based on the famous manga and famous anime named Dragon ball or dragon ball z. The game is a sequel to game named as Dragon ball Raging blast which was released on 2009.
Dragon ball Raging blast 2 was released on 2010 by developer Spike amd publisher Bandai Namco!
Dragon ball raging blast 2 contains single player mode as well as Multiplayer mode.

So you can enjoy the game with your friends as well! Dragon ball raging blast 2 have more than 100+ characters alongside various special stages which reminiscents anime landscapes! The game is available in many variations like in 1Gb, amd 500Mb according to your phone. As i said earlier the game is also offline! the game is must recommend for Dragon ball fans. So proceed carefully down below to download the game and have the luxury of enjoying the game!

Game features

  • Includes more than 100+ characters to choose and play from
  • Contains various Game modes to enjoy
  • Easy to play and lag free gameplay
  • Offline gameplay so no need to be worried about internet
  • Contains more than 15+ stages which reminisce anime scenery
  • Affordable size for android, ios and mobile
  • Soundtracks made from original composers from anime
  • Characters are already unlocked so you don’t need to
  • Challenging gameplay, Competitive gameplay which will keep you
  • Get Entertained for hours!
  • Can perform character’s special moves like kamehameha, final flash, omega blaster,
  • spirit bomb, kaioken, big bang attack, special beam cannon, masenko and many more!
  • 100+ characters can also perform transformations for example : Super saiyan, kaioken,
  • Super saiyan 3, legendary super saiyan, cell forms, buu forms and many more!

How to Download Dragon ball Raging blast 2 apk for Android & iOS

  • Proceed to click on download button below
  • Download the game from there
  • After downloading, proceed to install it in your device
  • Then click to open it on your device
  • After opening, grant the permissions and proceed to open
  • Configure your controls for the game
  • No need to have internet on as the game is offline
  • Enjoy the game and enjoy the luxurious benefits of the game

Keep enjoying and if you want to have any other games. kindly come to site as i will upload more fun, enjoyable and amazing games!