Greetings my united friends and my ultimate gamer friends. I welcome all of you to this installment of website. The website name is known as Android 1 top. Here on Android 1 top you can find many magnificent games. These games are available for consoles or PC originally. Fortunately you can play all of these games on your mobile too friends.

Dragon Ball JUS Edition Ultimate APK

With my help play these games on android and IOS. Although for today the game i have is a Dragon ball MUGEN apk. The name is Dragon ball jus edition ultimate mugen apk for android and ios. Dragon Ball JUS Edition Ultimate APK Download is a very special mugen game. Mugen games are based on a different engine on which pixelated games are made.

Dragon ball jus edition ultimate android is a fighting game. Which is based off Dragon ball anime and manga. There you can find many dragon ball Characters from the original anime or manga. Not only that but the stages are from the Dragon ball anime as well. The game is really so fun, specially for retro game fans. Originally mugen games have another vibe so i suggest you all to check this out.

About Dragon ball Jus Edition Ultimate APK

Dragon ball – JUS Edition Ultimate is a mugen based fighting action game. Which is created by a die hard fan of anime or dragon ball fan named Tower games mugen. Everything in this game is totally created by him officially. Including the sprites of the Characters, stages the menu and other things. Dragon Ball jus edition ultimate Android download is an ultimate game having tons of features.

We have many kinds of attacks including ultimate and supers available. Which of course is different for every character available and based on the moves from anime. We have death ball, spirit bomb, final flash, galick gun, Makankosappo, masenko etc. Newly Characters are available as well like jiren, merged zamasu, mastered ultra instinct goku, toppo, goku black, new #17 etc.

Battle through and make your way to the top in arcade mode. There you fight many consecutive battles which gets harder as you proceed. The training mode lets you help in learning about the game more and more. Generally this is one of the best Dragon Ball Z Mugen Apk Android Download. Although the game is for pc only. However i have changed it in an apk file. So you can play in your android or IOS devices by this game file.

Features of Dragon ball JUS Ultimate Edition Android

  • Over total 54 Characters available in game for you to have them engage in high skilled combat fights.
  • Feel the intensity of the high speed or fast paced action packed battles in Dragon ball jus mugen apk.
  • A very affordable size of the game ranging around only 200mb which isn’t that much for today’s world.
  • Pixelated graphics which feels nostalgic to Dragon ball gamer fans about past Dragon ball fighting games android.
  • Tons of game modes options available for you to take part in and enjoy which have competitive and high speed battles.
  • Varities of stages available which are totally inspired from the scenery of Dragon ball scenery in the anime or the manga.
  • The game is created by the MUGEN engine which means you can add more Characters by your own in the game.
  • Take usage of different special damage dealer attacks like kamehameha, death beam, hellzome grenade, and others.
  • A very low requirements available to play this amazing game, needs only 500mb internal storage and 1GB free RAM.
  • Dragon Ball JUS Edition Ultimate controls are easy to pull off with the on screen controls of the game during the fight.

Full Of Excitement Gameplay

The gameplay of Dragon Ball jus Mugen Mobile is not like any other mugen game. This game is usually faster than other mugen games to be honest. You can chain in many combos together here by using the buttons. The Character model sprites are very well done as well. Each Character have their own aura as well. Which looks very fantastic in terms of looks. Engage in many battles which have skilled ai. When you loose you can continue from that point with different Character as well.

Game Modes

Dragon Ball JUS edition ultimate apk android have many kinds of joyful modes. These gameplay modes are entirely different in terms of gameplay. There are arcade mode, training mode, options mode, versus mode, team battle mode etc. The arcade mode is about fighting continous battles upto a limit. The fighters gets more skilled as you progress further in it. The training mode lets you practice your own skills of playing game. Option mode lets you change the settings of whole game.

Team Battle Mode

Team battle mode is a mode about having a team of 2 or 3 Characters. While having opponent the same amount of Characters as well and fighting together. This means the game can have a total of 6 Characters playing all together at once on screen. The screen gets very busy and you can feel the intensity of this explosive battle. You can set up CPUs to fight instead of real players as well. In this way you can spectate CPUs fighting together.

How to Download Dragon Ball JUS Edition Ultimate apk Android

  • Click on the download button to Download Dragon ball jus edition ultimate Mobile Android or IOS.
  • Have the game by progressing through the site and following the steps given there for it.
  • Wait for the Dragon ball Jus Edition ultimate apk + obb to get download in your phone so you can play.
  • But before installing the game, allow the unknown resources to get installed in your android or ios mobiles.
  • After that just normally install Dragon ball mugen apk from the file manager to your phone.
  • When you’re done installing, kindly open the game from the game screen section of mobile.
  • Then you need to allow some permission and create a profile so that you can save your arcade progress.
  • Now you can finally play Dragon ball jus edition ultimate android apk and take part in explosives battles.