Greetings everybody! I welcome you all once again right here to my humble and helping site which is where i present you all many great games for android and ios. Today i have brought Dragon ball heroes mugen apk for android and ios. The game contains a very very large and huge roster of many Characters included in the game of menu.

Dragon Ball Heroes Mugen apk

Characters from dragon ball, dragon ball z, dragon ball gt, dragon ball super and even dragon ball movies are present in this game. Engage in combat in many game modes which is available in game.

The game contains many new game modes like arcade mode, versus mode, training mode, story mode and many much more to play in. Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission mugen APK, Dragon Ball Super Mugen 2018 download Android are covered in today’s article.

About This DB Mugen Game

The game is based on the MUGEN engine and the dragon ball heroes game is a Popular MUGEN based fighting game made by Ristar87. DBZ Heroes game contains a very hugely and vast amount of Characters roster having their own unique special moveset.

The game is also can be known as Mugen Download APK, dragon ball mugen apk android, sdbh mugen apk, dragon ball heroes apk android, dragon ball super mugen, and by other keywords.


The game contains a very fast and cool fighting game mechanics which can provide hours of funs playing it. The game contains many stages which resembles landscapes of original dragon ball, dragon ball z and dragon ball super scenery.

dbz heroes game

As you can see, i have provided some clean gameplay shots and judging on it you can just see clearly how good the sprites of the Characters looks. The sprite is bigger in shape and based off on old original dragon ball retro fighting games. Games like dbz ultimate battle 22, dbz butoden series and others. The sprites used here is fully 3-D and high definition.

There are many Characters which are self designed by the modders of the mugen game. Be sure to meet the requirements of the game to download it. The game needs a device of android or ios having 1gb space and 2gb ram so that you can run the game fully efficiently without any lagging during the gameplay.

Game modes

Game contains many mode to play as like arcade mode, story mode, versus mode, training mode, survival mode and even a tag team mode where you partner up with another Character and fights many challenging battle throughout the game.

The game is totally offline so there won’t be any network or internet problem also you will have the luxury to play the game whenever you want and wherever you want. Since the game is offline, the game will be lag free as well if it meets your device requirements.

Game Features

  • Contains a very enormous amount of Characters in game to play with.
  • Contains many stages to choose from.
  • Includes many game modes to keep having enjoyment for hours.
  • This is totally offline.
  • The game will be lag free as well.
  • The game contains a very special user interface like the specially designed ki bar.
  • It also have a special duo fighting system mechanic where you partner up with your buddy.
  • Can do many special and ultimate attacks like final flash, spirit bomb, hakai and many more.
  • The Character’s sprites are very well done and based of the extreme butoden series of dragon ball.

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How to Download Dragon Ball Heroes Mugen apk

  • Proceed through the site and click on download button.
  • After that surf through the site and download the game.
  • The game is modified as an application so just after downloading, install the game.
  • After installing open the game by clicking on it.
  • Provide amy permission it want to play the game.
  • Set the settings to your likings.
  • After that save the settings and enjoy the game.

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