Greetings everyone! welcome to site android1 Top. here i present you very fun and amazing game so that you can enjoy the luxurious moment of playing various awesome games in your device! So by that saying today i have bring Dragon ball fighterz Apk or dbz fighterz android & iOS. Download dragon ball Z figtherz apk or DB fighterz android following through this special article made just for fighting game fans and dragon ball fans.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Mobile APK OBB Full data Download.This game is available for both Android and ios. So you can enjoy Fighterz game on your device wether its an android device or an ios device. This game comes in Some variation a lite version and full version. you will find both versions on this site. Sounds amazing right? follow through the article to download the game!

Dragon ball FighterZ apk

As you can see, i have provided some gameplay shots of the game which you will be downloading after this article that is Dragon ball fighterz Game on your device wether its android or ios.

The game follows fighting style game which reminds fans about games like budokai series and tenkaichi series. The game entered into fighting genre just like tekken series, street fighter series and more! The best part about The game is that the game is really offline.

DBZ fighterz Android gameplay

So you will not be stressful about playing it with your data or about lag. Since the game is offline, there won’t be any lag while playing the game also! The phone will need a good battery and an average device so you won’t need a very high specification phone to play the game!

About DBZ FighterZ APK

Dragon ball figtherz is a game developed by Arc System works on 26 January 2018. The publisher is Bandai
and the game was released on platforms like PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows. But with the help of this article, you will be able to play Dragon ball fighterz apk or Dragon ball fighterz android on your device with full enjoyment! The game doesn’t have a very big roster but the amount of work the developers put in the game is absolutely phenomenal! the animation is very fluid and the fanservice in the game is outstanding!

Game features

  • Contains characters like MUI Goku, Goku black, DBS Gogeta, DBS broly, ssj4 gogeta
  • and many more!
  • Includes original soundtracks directly ported out from anime.
  • Flashy moves and fully HD Graphics
  • Arc system gameplay where the gameplay is fighting genre based
  • Introduces 3 vs 3 gameplay mode where you can form a team of 3
  • Can perform assists during battle which helps out by a big margin
  • Introduces Totally original storyline in the game
  • Collect all seven of the magical dragon balls and make a wish during the match to Shenron. He will grant one of your wishes out of a possible four.
  • Dragon Ball Fighterz Android Apk comes with a total of 43 playable characters, and that number does not include any of the downloadable content or season packs.
  • Each character has their own unique Ultimate attack or Super attack, both of which having the ability to deliver significant amounts of explosion damage.
  • Affordable size and specifications needed
  • The game is totally offline so no need to be worried
  • Contains stages which have various functions
  • Special fighting game features.
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ APK Without Verification is a brand-new fighting game that is based on the popular anime series Dragon Ball.
  • In the fighting game of Dragon Ball FighterZ APK, you may do a variety of activities such as disappear, Z rush, dragon balls, and so on.
  • Make use of the Assist option, which let the characters who you are partnered with to enter the fight and provide assistance to you while it is in progress.
  • Switch throughout the game using one of many different modes, including fast switch, conventional switch, and others, at the appropriate point in the game.
  • You may go closer to the opponent by selecting the super dash option, which will allow you to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time.
  • Take advantage of our website to have a free experience of dragon ball fighterz apk download apkpure on your Android or iOS device.
  • You will be able to play the game even if you do not have access to an online connection since the game can operate on your phone even when it is not connected to the internet.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Mobile Gameplay

The gameplay provides a superior combat experience compared to those of other games in the genre. Straight away, Dragon Ball FighterZ apk obb download turned into the fan favourite, even among those who don’t often watch anime. All of them are a result of the activity that takes place during gaming. The action is really rapid and exciting, which will keep you interested for a very long time. In addition to this, while you are playing, you have the ability to connect your combinations and extend them as well. It’s a lot more enjoyable when your colleagues or allies also get involved in the game with you.

Graphics Work

The animation style seen in Anime has been adapted for use in the game’s visuals. The developers chose to do this because they wanted the game to have an atmosphere similar to that of an anime. In terms of rendering, which seems animated in a distinct cell shading.

Story Mode

With the download of Dragon Ball FighterZ for Android, players will have access to a whole new story mode. Within this segment, you will come face to face with new clones of Z fighters as well as new clones of villains. Clones of goku, vegeta, krillin, piccolo, yamcha, buu, cell, frieza etc are available. The story contains a total of three arcs, which are referred to as the hero arc, the villain arc, and the android arc. The hero arc is the first of these three arcs. There is a unique story associated with each and every one of the arcs. It is necessary to go through all of the game’s story modes if you want to learn about all the game has to offer.


The Dragon Ball FighterZ mobile apk includes a variety of different actions, such as approach, Z rush, dragon balls, special moves, ultimate moves, and more. In the Dragon Ball Z Fighter Apk game, you start by choosing three characters to make up your own team. The fighting mechanisms in Dragon Ball FighterZ apk download are similar to those seen in other games as well. Having assists, mid combos, low combos, higher combos, chain combos, switch ins, and more are all available. Additionally, the aid function receives much too little recognition.

In addition, the gane dragon ball fighterz download apk has a brand fresh and unique plot. presenting a brand-new situation in which Z fighters and villains alike are being cloned. In the dragon ball fighterz mobile apk download, you will come across the brand new scientist Android #21. You won’t be required to access the internet in relation to this game, in contrast to the cloud services. You don’t need an internet connection to play this game on your mobile phone or Android device; it’s completely offline play.

How to Download Dragon ball FighterZ Apk

  • Proceed to click on Download button below to download dragon ball Fighterz apk for android.
  • Download the game file from there
  • Move over to your download folder and click on the downloaded file
  • Click on it to open it and install the game on your phone
  • Wait for a bit and let it finish the installation
  • After installing click on the game and open it
  • Wait for it to load and the game will start running
  • Now have fully enjoyment as you play out Dragon ball fighterz on your device

And now we are done! so that was how you can download Dragon Ball Fighterz Apk or
Dragon ball fighterz on android and ios. Be sure to tuned in to download many other Amazing and cool games as i always update the site and uploads other Magnificent games! see you next time!

Game NameDragon Ball Fighterz
Developer NameCyberConnect2
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment Inc
Last Updated May, 2022
SeriesDragon Ball
Ram Need2GB
Required Android5.0+ and up


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