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So once again as always today i have brought Downhill Dominantion ppsspp. Which is a very famous game of its time and many gamers are grew fond of the game so by playing it, they feels nostalgia of their gaming time in past. With the help of Today’s article you can download downhill domination ppsspp on your android device and ios device.

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The game downhill domination is a very thrilling and magnificent sports game which focuses on the mountain bike sport. In this game we can perform many stunts and can cycle our way through the very high and huge mountains through which we proceed in our race.

About Downhill PSP Game

Downhill domination is a racing mountain bike video game developed by Incognito Entertainment and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and Codemasters for PlayStation 2 in the year 2003 of the 23rd july. The game is Sports-racing genre based. But with the help of Today’s article you can also play the game on your android and ios device.
As we already know the game downhill domination is a sports racing video game where we race off the tracts with other players to win the game. On top of that there are many many different stages/landscapes also available to play as in the game.

Game Modes

Speaking of the game mode, there are total 2 game modes available for the game. The single player mode and the multiplayer mode, in single player mode we cycle our way through the end of the stage to win the game and can also play with friends in the special multiplayer mode.

There are total 6 Characters to play as when you start off the game, each Characters having their own unique quirks abilities and their own unique stunts to do so. There are other unlockable Characters as well by which we can unlock them later on by advancing through the game.

Downhill Domination PPSSPP Gameplay

For some gameplay references, i have given some gameplay screenshots of the gameplay of game downhill domination. As you can see judging from the pictures we can be assured to say that the graphics of the game looks very nice as per the gameplay.

The user interface of the game also looks bery intresting as it shows what stunts we are doing and at how much speed we are driving like a literally bike or car game. It makes us feel the moment of an intense hiking mountain bike sports in whifh we performs various stunt.
Speaking of stunts, we can use Character’s arms, lege, hands, head, and whole body to perform many many unique stunts which gives us more score as we perform hard stunts while on the air during jumping off the cliff while riding the mountain bike in the game.


There is also a combat feature for the game downhill domination through which we use 2 buttons to either kick or punch other mountain bikers during the racing in the game. It resembles of the combat feature in road rash. You can harm other player and also disarmed them, it is another way of having fun during the game.

The Downhill Domination PPSSPP Android game has more than 9 characters that may be played. Every one of these nine playable characters is equipped with their very own unique set of skills and moves. Every character has their own unique statistics, which differentiate them from those of other players. Some of them are based on your speed, others on your strength, others on your agility, and so on. You are free to select anybody you want based on how you prefer to play the game.

Downhill PPSSPP Game Features:

  • Ported into PPSSPP due to which we can play it on our android and ios device
  • Specially designed 3D and High definition graphics of the game.
  • Whole total 6 unlocked Characters to play as and more Characters to unlock later.
  • Many different stages and landscapes available to bike our way through the mountains.
  • Unique combat feature available in the game by which we can use kick or punch to disown other bikers.
  • 2 specially advanced game modes available, one Through which we can also play with our friend.
  • Includes many various unique stunts which we can do to gain more score.
  • Thrilling and very high paced sport-racing game which includes mountain biking.
  • Very specialised User interface of the game which also shows speed of biking.

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How to download Downhill domination ppsspp:

  • Go through the site and click on download button below.
  • Proceed through the site and download the game from there.
  • After downloading, open up the rar file by any winrar appliances.
  • Following that, open up your ppsspp application.
  • Afterwards go through the directory of the game and click on it.
  • After that set settings as of your liking and save it.
  • Then make a save file and play the game and enjoy the luxurious gameplay.

After that we are done, so that’s how we can Install and download downhill domination PPSSPP.


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