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Days gone APK

For today i have a very horror and zombie type game which is release not too long ago. The name of the game is Days gone apk for android devices and IOS devices. Days gone Android is a survival, horror, heart taking game based upon the zombie apocalypse. Here you survive in a zombie apocalypse where there are fast lurkers zombies out there.

The game is set up in a post apocalyptic scene. Where you use many kinds of weapons such as firearms or melee to defend yourself. You have to defend yourself against cannibalistic people known as freakers or zombies. There are pretty fast as compare to zombies in other games not gonna lie. Many times you can even get swarm in between hundreds of zombies which is scary.

About Days Gone APK

Days gone is a survival action adventure horror video game. Which is develop by Bend Studio and publish by Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation Mobile Inc. It was released on 26 April 2019 for PlayStation 4 and microsoft windows. Although for now the game developers are aiming for releasing it on mobile devices as well. It will be released shortly for android devices and IOS devices as well.

As for today I’m providing you the early access beta version of game for android and IOS. You can ride through the biomes of wasted land with a motorcycle. Which is basically one of the most major things of the entire game. The environment is a fully open world where you do many things to defend yourself from zombies. You have unique weapons to deal with all the fast zombies as well so don’t be worried.

Play as deacon the main protagonist of the Days Gone apk No verification with a 3D dimensional third person camera. Days gone apk + obb latest takes place 2 years after the global pandemic. Where most of the human mankind is about to extinct and now nobody is alive except some. All of the people are transform into mindless zombies which are know as freakers here. Which are available in many kinds of variations in Days Gone game for Android.

Days Gone Android Features

  • Very horror, adventure, action, survival gameplay which leaves gamers stunned.
  • Open world gameplay of the game having large hordes of zombies or lurkers in the game.
  • Players have access to various weaponry which are use to defend themselves from zombies.
  • Zombies are relatively faster than any zombies or walkers in other zombie games generally.
  • The storyline starts from two years after the global pendemic which made most of the people to zombie.
  • Providing you all the early access beta and alpha version of the game for android and IOS devices.
  • Fully three dimensional and third person perspective camera where you control the main character in game.
  • Ride on the motorbike of the main character to travel through most part of game which is an important part.
  • Play as deacon the main character of game and lead him through the hordes of zombies and lurkers.
  • Fight off against many kinds of zombies and walkers where some are big, fast, small, slow, powerful, weak etc.

Horror Gameplay of Days gone apk

Explore the wilderness of the Game Days Gone apk for Android. Where you will find big hordes of merciless zombies in Days Gone Mobile. You have to survival in this action packed adventure and horror game during a apocalypse. The environment gets more deadly at night in Days Gone apk download. As the swarmers breeds and cultivates during night which makes more zombies in the area. A big horde can be very overwhelmed to player where even massive weapons wouldn’t stop them.

Storyline or Plot of game

The main concept behind the turning into zombies of people is the hooligan virus. The hooligan virus spread across the earth turning most of the person into zombie or lurkers. With that the main protagonist of the game named deacon escapes with his wife and friend. Where at the end he let his wife go and stay behind to protect everyone remaining there. He wanders in his motorbike across the regions in the game and saving people. Although not much people are alive but he have to survives himself too.

Weapons in game

To defend yourself from large horde of lurkers, walkers or zombies. The player have access to many different and strong weapons. Which contains explosives, guns, melee weapons, machine guns and more. There are a limit to value of ammo for all of these so be sure to use them correctly. You can also use various explosives like bombs, Molotov and many more. The environment is fully destructible as well where it can catch fire too. With the help of this you can set up fire to make zombies go away as well.

How to Download Days Gone APK for Android and IOS

  • Click on the download button to Download Days Gone mod unlocked download Mobile.
  • Have the game by progressing through the website and follwing the steps while solving captcha.
  • Wait for the Days Gone game download obb to get download in your android or IOS devices.
  • After that before installing the game allow the unknown resources to get installed to let the game install.
  • Then normally install Days gone apk or Days Gone apk 31mb into your android or IOS devices.
  • When you’re done installing, kindly open the game and let it to allow the permission of your device.
  • Then you need to create a profile by giving your nickname so that you can have a profile id of game.
  • Now you can play days gone apk+obb download or Days Gone apk 2019 without any issues.
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