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The game im presenting you all today is Dark souls 3 apk or Dark souls 3 android. The game is an indirect sequel to the previous 2 dark souls game which was Dark souls 1 and Dark souls 2. In this game you play as the undead ash, an ash which will never worn out even if you die.

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The game dark souls 3 is another installment in the soulsborn series and it is said that this is the last installment in the souls franchise which means this is the last game of the Dark Souls Series. It is also said that this game is more challenging and more difficult if we compare it to the other games of the franchise.

Since the humanity options has been removed and changed into ember state. In this state we use an ember to lighten ourselves which is an ash. By that we increase our health. the combat mechanics are much better as well and the model of the enemies looks very sharp and high detailed like the armour of the lothric knight looks very shiney.

About Dark Souls APK Game

Dark souls apk

Dark souls 3 or Dark souls III is an action, adventure, role play RPG video game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Which was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows in 24th of march 2016. But now with the help of today’s article you can play the game in your android or ios devices as well.

The game is purely offline so you don’t have to be worried even a single bit about playing it under some circumstances. You can play the game wherever you want and whenever you want as there is no time limit as well. Since the game is not online but purely offline then it will be fully lag free as well. Which means you will not have to face any lag problems.

The game Dark souls 3 followed its trend of being one of the most hardest game ever and also one of the most challenging games as well. We take our journey once again to end the endless cycle of the age of fire. Since the other undead champions are Awakened as well due to the weird and unstable age of fire. Champions like thorn the giant.

Dark souls 3 apk

Features Of Dark Souls 3 APK

  • Very high definition end graphics of the game.
  • A very intresting and tragic storyline.
  • A RPG action adventure gameplay.
  • Can pick from a very large different varieties of weopans.
  • Can do many side quest storylines for the NPC.
  • Every character have their own story with a very tragic end.
  • Fight off many tough bosses through the game.
  • Can pick from many different kinds of classes of Characters.
  • The game is purely offline so you wanted have to be worried about network issues.
  • Dark Souls 3 game is totally lag free as well.
  • The game soundtrack is very amazing and sad too if you know the story.

Characters and Bosses

Dark souls Android

The abyss watchers, the twin princes, the aldrich, the pontiff sulivahn, and many others as well. Take on many powerful bosses like midir the dragon, all champion of ashes, nameless king, the knight artorias, and many more. Travel through many different different places like firelink shrine, our old anor londo, the mountain of dragons, the cathedral, and many more.
The game is very depressing as every and each character have their own story with a tragic end. The story is very touching and not easily narrative. Which means you have to find clues and discover the story. Pick from many different Different varieties of Weapons and weild them ranging from short sword, long sword, great sword, Axe, special dex Weapons e.t.c.

Gameplay of Dark souls Android

For the reference gameplay purposes, i have provided some gameplay screenshots so that you can see the high definition end graphics of the game. As you can see since our main protagonist or main character is the undead ash or chosen ash, the fire emits through the body of the character like its burning continously.
The effect of ashes is really outdone and looks very good.


Other than that the environment of Dark Souls 3 is very huge and big as compare to other last games and the graphics of the environment looks much better even though the environment is very large it is very detailed as well. the User interface looks Totally different as well.

How to Download Dark Souls 3 APK for Android

  • Proceed to go through the site and click on download button.
  • Proceed through the site and download the game.
  • Click on it to install it on your android or IOS device.
  • After installing, open the game and proceed to wait as it loads.
  • Afterwards it loads, set your settings as you like.
  • After that, hit on save and proceed to play the game.

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