Greetings my fellow Friends! Im welcoming you all to my humble and helpful website which is where i present many different and amazing types of game which you can play in your android or ios device. The game contains very High end graphic settings as well so you can enjoy the luxury of it.The game which im going to present you all today is Call Of Duty Black OPS PPSSPP Gold. The game is one of the best Call of duty games in its own franchise which features many new mechanics and obviously high end graphics with it. Call of duty Black ops is counted as one of the best First player shooting game ever.

Call of duty Black ops PPSSPP

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The game Call Of Duty Black OPS let us feel the real experience of the First person shooter game. Where the gameplay is very competitive.

About Call of Duty Black Ops PPSSPP

Cod black ops PPSSPP

Call of duty : Black Ops PSP is one of the most famous games in the COD franchise. It is a first person shooter game which was developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. It was released on 2010 for many platforms like Microsoft Windows, the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360. But now with the help of the article you can play the game in your android or IOS Device too with ppsspp.

The storey of call of duty black ops ppsspp game, Dave Anthony, and Corky Lehmkuhl was written by Craig Houston. These three aren’t the only ones who have penned the storey of all cod games. David King has entirely coded and designed this game. Call of Duty: Black Ops is an excellent video game, particularly for Android devices. Because this game has both single-player and multiplayer battle modes. If you come across a nice FPS and multiplayer game on PPSSPP Android, please let us know. Then you may get the game for your PSP, which is called COD Black Ops.

Features of Call Of Duty PPSSPP

  • High definition and very fun gameplay of game.
  • One of the best first person shooter game in franchise.
  • Contains many kinds of gamemodes available in game to play with.
  • Includes multiplayer game mode as well where you partner up with your buddy.
  • Fully offline gameplay of game so you won’t have any problems.
  • Call of duty black ops PPSSPP is lag free game as well.
  • Since the game is for ppsspp, it will be easy to run the game.
  • Unique first time added function in game which is Speak while playing.
  • Very well designed story mode of the game which includes other parts of COD games as well.

Game Modes

The game introduces different kind of gameplay modes. Like the campaign mode where you follow the story of the game and play through it. The multiplayer mode where you take assitance of your partners in online field and complete missions in it. There’s also a zombie game mode where you play in a zombie realm and have to shoot down zombies while progressing through.

Fully Offline Gameplay

The gameplay of Call of duty black ops 2 is fully offline. Which means you’ll not have to be worried about having network or internet issues during your gameplay. So that you can play the game anywhere you want to. Since the game is offline, it is fully lag free as well so you will not face any kind of lag while playing the game in your device.

Gameplay and Graphics of Call of Duty Black Ops PSP

For the reference purposes i have provided some gameplay screenshots of the game. As you can see the game’s graphics looks really well and great for a ppsspp game. The models in the game like the gun and textures looks improved as well. The user interface also looks much better if we compare it to the last games in the call of duty series.

Game requirements

The game requires 2Gb RAM and 1Gb storage for android device or the IOS device. Your device will have to meet the following requirements to run the game at its full speed and without any kind of lag in it. Since the game runs on PPSSPP it really does not requires any high end or high specifications device wether its android or IOS. Make sure your device meets this specifications.

  • Android OS Version 7.0.1 Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 610 Processor (64 bit) or Higher Android phones should have 64GB of RAM and up to 6GB of free internal storage, as the game is quite large.
  • Mobile phones should have 35000 mAh batteries so that they do not overheat while playing games. The game’s FPS decreases when the phone heats up.
  • This game should only be played in 2k quality on a mobile phone display (QHD) = 25601440 pixels (1440p).

How To Download And Run Call Of Duty Black OPS PPSSPP Android

  • To begin, download the cod black operations ppsspp iso file and the archiver software from the Google Play Store.
  • Now go to the following URL and download and instal the wii / ppsspp emulator; the controls layout is identical to the ppsspp emulator.
  • To extract the call of duty black operations ppsspp iso file, use the Zarchiver tool, navigate to the folder where you obtained the PSP rom of the game, and pick the call of duty black ops ppsspp iso file.
  • Select the remote’s icon and the location where you moved the game’s file in the emulator with the dolphin ppsspp version.
  • Enjoy a fun call of duty black ops android game by playing the call of duty black ops ppsspp. If you’re having trouble running the game on an Android phone or other device, leave a remark and we’ll see what we can do.