Hey there buddies if you’re looking for an open world action game. Then you don’t need to search for more anymore. As here Android 1 top is providing a very famous real life based game. Which bully anniversary edition apk for android and IOS. The game is very well known and famous for its style of gameplay.

Bully Anniversary Edition APK
Bully android

We all know how does it feels to get bully. Bully by teachers or by any other students as well. It really feels bad, hence see as how the main character stop bully in his school. Rockstar north games is back once again with a legendary game. Which is of course Bully Anniversary Edition APK 200mb. Read more if you’re interested and want to download.

The gameplay is school life based which is really interesting trust me. A unique gameplay style is based upon the game. Where there are not any deadly weapons but normal pocky weapons. Such as slingshot, paper, normal punches and more. It’s like a real life based school type game. Where we help the main character of the game to stop the bullying

About Bully Anniversary Edition Apk

If you really love playing open world thrilling game. Then I’m sure you all will love Bully apk android as well my friends. Bully Anniversary Edition apk obb highly compressed brought a very good and new concept in rockstar games. Usually they make Grand Theft Auto games which of course have intense violence. Being deadly weapons and explosions as well.

Where bully is a combination of both interesting story and a limited combat. Where instead of guns, you have slingshot. Instead of Bomb, you have a ball of paper and more. This new concept made the story of college or university life even better. Where the main character named as Jimmy Hopkins. Jimmy is the real start of the game who have a goal to reduce bully in his University as much as possible.

Not only that but he makes a team of himself along the way as well. As he can’t achieve his massive goals without having help from some friends. During the journey of jimmy Hopkins we usually get someone in between. Which we will deal by doing missions. Which are of course the special gimmick in Rockstar north games. Progressing through via the missions is the tradition of the rockstar games.

Features of Bully Anniversary Android

  • Open style world which is totally free to explore while roaming around the university of game.
  • Gimmicks like rats from the sewer, chemistry classes and more are available which is interesting.
  • Make your own weapons or chemicals by the chemistry class which will help in many cases.
  • Help jimmy Hopkins where he is tired of the unfair system of his University and wants to change it.
  • All the bonus materials are available already in the game Bully Anniversary Edition Download Android.
  • New characters and new classes available which are Biology, Music, Math and Geography.
  • One and only port to mobile such as Android and IOS having perfect controls over the touch screen.
  • Take in assistance of your own Former allies which are there to help you in your missions through the game.
  • Cross saves and cross play mechanism available which lets your progress be saved anywhere.
  • All the glitches and the errors are fixed in The download Bully anniversary anniversary edition apk.

Changes and New things in bully Anniversary Edition

Bully anniversary edition apk android is different from the original one. Here the graphics are more updated and looks more better in terms of quality. Not just that but the controls are revamped as well. Of course because the game is the port to android or IOS devices. Fans of Bully anniversary edition download says that the graphics looks like Xbox360 version. Other than that the map features and other gameplay elements are just as same.

New Missions Available

Although there are over hundreds of missions containing in game. There are also around 10 and more missions available as bonus in anniversary edition. Which is more fun and dives into the story of our hopkins more. Missions lets you experience things which you didnt get to normally. For example rats aren’t available in free play in the anniversary edition. Rats are usually more dangerous in the game that is why they were removed from free play.

Redrawn Animation

Many of the animations are redrawn from the starting or can say from scratch. It is because the game Bully Anniversary Edition apk highly compressed is a remastered version. That is why the creators of the remastered version remade everything from starting. This gives a new life to the old game in the new modern age. With the latest designed graphics and everything. Bully anniversary edition mobile is really a suitable game for everyone.

How to Download Bully Anniversary Edition APK Obb

  • In order to download Bully Anniversary edition apk or Bully apk android follow these instructions.
  • Must click on the download button type link below which will open a website to download it.
  • Then proceed there until the website generate a download link for you having a light speed download.
  • Just wait for it until it’s downloaded, after that you need to bring the file out by any means necessary.
  • After that normally install the file you just got out of the game file to run up the game Bully android download.
  • When you’re done installing, open up the game and fill up anything required there for you to do.
  • Then you need to create a profile since it have the cross save feature which will save up your save file everywhere.
  • Experience the harsh life of the university, college or a school expressed through the game Bully Anniversary Edition apk.
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