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Bad Guys at School APK

The game which i have for you today is a school simulation game. The name of the game is Bad Guys At School APK for android device and IOS device. It is no ordinary school simulation game. This game gives you choices onto how to play the game. There are many choices and many possibilities on how to play the game.

Bad Guys at School gameplay

Bad Guys at School APK obb download stimulates the life of school. Where it contains high school and college life as well. It contains both high school students and as well as teacher. You get to choose who to play as in the following game. There are many things you can do in this game while playing as any role of character.

About Bad Guys at School APK

Bad guys school is a school and high school simulation video game. The developers of the game are Forceight and the publishers are also Forceight. Bad Guys at School APK Download PC let’s player to start a rebellion against school system. The game I’m providing Bad Guys at School APK Mod is the unlocked version of game.

Which means everything which is available to purchase in the game. Those things are already unlocked for free in this game. You can either play as the bad guy student in game. As well as play in the role of a teacher trying to stable the order. Both of these characters have their own unique gameplay experience. Where you will feel differently in both selection of game mode.

There are single player mode and multiplayer mode available as well. Which lets you play the game with your friends as well. Carry out missions and earn money from them. By which then you can buy various items from the shop. The name of the shop is joke store which seels various stuffs. These items will help you in both scenario as a student or a teacher.

Bad Guys at School Features

  • Play as either a teacher or as a student in Bad Guys at School Online.
  • Rebel against the school order or make the order stable you have the choice.
  • Now play the game into your android device or IOS devices by the apk file.
  • Single player mode and multiplayer mode both are available for you to play.
  • Access the joker store to obtain many fun items for both teacher and bad students.
  • Stimulates the high school life and their system very amazingly right into a game.
  • Unlocked apk file of Bad Guys at School tap tap available to download by links below.
  • Each character which is teacher and bad guy student have its own kind of different story.
  • Complete different kinds of tasks and missions which also gives items and money as well.
  • Very large map which contains the whole school and also the backyard of it as well.

Bad Guy Student Gameplay

The game Bad Guys at School APK Softonic provides 2 different scenario to play. Out of which one is the bad guy as the high school student. As the high school student in game, you’re frustrated about school system. Hence you as the player starts a rebellion against teacher and school. You mess up things, break the benches, windows and other stuffs. Which troubles the teacher and the order of the school. Be delinquent as much as you can in the game.

Teacher Gameplay

You can play as both Teacher and student in the game. Where if you choose the teacher side of game. You handle the order of the school by helping everyone. With that if the students starts a rebellion you have to stop them as well. Of course both side starts violence because nothing can happen without violence in this game. Bad guys at school apk provides many grades of teachers which you can unlock. Although since I’m providing you all the unlocked apk, everything is unlock.

Graphics & Gameplay

The graphics of the game feels focused on more cartoonish 3D look. Where there aren’t only just 1 student available or just 1 teacher. When you choose a teacher or student. You can customise them upon your fashion liking or sense. With that if you’re a delinquent student. You can choose your own kind of weapon to cause chaos in game. There are water gun, baseball bat, hockey and other stuffs. Other than that there are a multiplayer mode as well.

Available for Mobile

If you go onto find the game anywhere else like on playstore. You will not find it as it was unstable so playstore removed it. Whereas I’m now here providing you my friends the stable and unlocked apk file. This file can be installed in your android device or IOS devices. After that you can play the game easily in ypur mobile. Join your friends with the cross platform feature available in game. By which you can play with your friends at any platforms.

How to Download Bad Guys At School apk Obb

  • Click on the download button to Download Bad guys at school apk For mobile devices.
  • Have the game by progressing through the website and following the links which are given there.
  • Wait for the Bad guys at school apk + obb to get download so that you can install it afterwards.
  • Before installing the game, you need to allow the unknown resources to get installed in your device.
  • After that normally install Bad guys at school apk unlocked into your android or IOS phones.
  • When you’re done installing, open the game and grant the permission so you can enjoy the game to fullest.
  • Then you need to create a profile since you can’t play online without creating an id of yours in game.
  • Now you can play Bad Guys at School apk download without any kind of problem easily in your mobile.
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