Hey there everyone. If you’re a fan of mugen type games based on pixels as graphics. Then you’re at the best ever spot trust me. I said it because here you can get Anime mugen 100+ characters apk. Anime mugen apk download have so many anime characters for you to deliver.

Anime Mugen Apk

Having over the likes of 100 and moreover characters. It brings such a joy which you can have in playing intense fighting game. It is because the speed of the movement of characters is very high. Although you can adjust or control it by going through the options mode. However you can still feel a very exciting gameplay of anime characters fighting.

It is available on ranges of sizes for you to download. Anime Mugen Apk 200MB and Anime Mugen Apk 100MB are some of the examples. Sometimes pixels based graphical game are very fun as well. Which can awaken the battle spirit of ourselves by fighting against many anime characters. Where we have like 100 of them, which is a lot honestly.

Amazing information about Anime Mugen Apk Android

Anime Mugen Android

If we are talking about a mugen game. We often remember those old type weird mugen games. However that’s not the case now to be honest. Now the game is much better in quality and is also supported on phones. Supported on both Android and IOS devices without any problems. Here we are talking about Specially made Anime mugen android.

Where we can play with over likes of 100 characters. All of the characters from Dragon ball, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on titan, One Piece, Seven deadly sins etc. Having people like Eren Yeager, Kaneki Kai, Levi Ackerman, Son Goku, Vegeta, Meliodas, Piccolo, Luffy, Zoro,Kakashi, Natsu, Erza etc. There are a very large variety of characters.

Getting the game in a suitable compatible size and having full fun is a great deal. It is due to the talk that many enjoyable games have usually larger space or size. Mugen apk games doesn’t have that kind of problem included in it. They provide full on enjoyment with just a small size of game file. Use unique attacks of every type of character which is Featured in the game.

Features of Anime Mugen 100 characters APK

  • Playing with over furthermore 100 characters is really a big thing for a mobile game.
  • Have action or control over 500 action moves with different anime abilities and powers.
  • Many kinds of transformation into a stronger character form is available to change in game.
  • A lot updated maps having them on more quantity around 15 or 20 stages present for players.
  • Speed of the game or speed of movement during the fight can be changed through options.
  • Can tag with another of your favorite character and fight against many powerful opponents.
  • Special quotes or voice lines is include in Japanese language which plays whenever you do something.
  • Soundtrack composed by original composers of various anime series is added into the following game.
  • A very small and really affording size to download the game which have option of 500 mb and 100 mb.
  • Updates usually come in game to provide more and more fun into the game just for their fans and players.

Groundbreaking Combat Fights

Fights which shatters your whole game screen with groundbreaking combat is here. Where you can fight and continuously keep on attacking using the buttons. You can attach your attacks together to form one long and strong attack. The more you play the more better you get if i have to say. There are upcoming challenges for you as well. It’s like a ladder match in arcade mode. You fight one by one against stronger characters.

Special and Ultimate Attacks

You may use a variety of special attacks in Mugen apk. A single click will activate them if the relevant move bar is sufficiently filled. In-game, there are a variety of special attacks. Let me share a few of them with you. Everything from rasengan to chidori to bankai to gomu gomu no to kamehameha is here. Among video games, you may find Kratos, Sonic Dash, Mario Jump and Kirby’s Vacuum. DC Comics and Marvel characters coexist here with those from cartoons and comic books, and vice versa. This great game has a wide variety of characters, including Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, the Hulk, and more.

Anime Mugen Apk Contains 10 Fights

Many of the levels in the game are based on popular TV show sceneries. The worlds of Dragon Ball, Naruto, Marvel, Bleed, Cartoon, Batman, Jujutsu, Kaizen, and Attack Titan. You may play stages from this and many more series in the game as well.

Anime Feels

As previously said, you have a choice of over 100 different characters to choose from. These are characters from various animated, comic, and video games. The following Mugen Anime Apk combines all of these influences. Among them: Crash and Rayman; Mario; Sonic; Goku; Vegeta; Naruto; Spider-Man; Superman; Iron Man; Batman; and more. These are only a few of the characters that may be used. In order to explain why I referred to it as “the ultimate cross-over,” I’ll explain:

By playing the game you can have the best anime feelings. Having all varieties of characters we can surely say this is a great mugen game. Having tons of great game modes style inside the game. Anime Mugen Apk 2020 and anime mugen apk 2022 both have difference. This one is the 2021 latest version of the game. Having everything new and created newly designed. Arcade style, training style mode and others are available.

New Updates

Anime mugen apk latest version Android is the 2021 version of game. Which gets usual updates nowadays in it. Introducing new Characters in it such as Titan eren, New naruto characters, Characters from JoJo’s bizarre adventure and more. We get new modes of game to play as well through new updates. New themes and main menu style gets updates too. Be sure to check out for new kinds of updates when you play the game Anime mugen apk download.

Anime Theme Controls

The controls are based in anime theme icons. It have a very special interface created upon the likings of anime fans. On left side we have a D pad having Up, Left, Right and down controls. On right side we have 4 attacks buttons. Through which we can do normal attacks , 2 special attacks and 1 ultimate attack. On below side we got the start button and as well as the select button. These buttons help during the amazing and fast gameplay of anime mugen mobile download. Delivering many special and strong attacks which are signature and ultimate or special moves of characters.

Game Requirements

You may download the Android version of Anime Mugen. However, there are a few requirements that must be met by your mobile device. You must have at least 1 GB of storage space and 1 GB of RAM on your phone in order to play the game without any issues. A lollipop 5.1 version of Android is required for the game to work well on Android devices. When it comes to running a game on your phone, if it doesn’t meet all of the criteria, it will either not run or run with several issues, such as black screens or slowdowns.


Is anime mugen needs exagear?

No, it’s an apk file and you don’t need to download and install exagear or any other outward Emulator to play this game. Simply install the apk file and begin playing.

Is anime mugen available for free?

Yes, absolutely free, all the Mugen Andorid games have been always freely available for everyone to play and enjoy. You can also download jump force Mugen from this website if you want to play more Mugen, check the category of anime mugen apk.

How to Download Anime Mugen 100+ Characters Apk Android

  • Download the game Anime mugen apk for android by following the steps which i have given down below.
  • Go through the download link by clicking on the Download button which is directly given below.
  • Now simply you will be redirect to another website where you have to wait 10 seconds to let the link loaded.
  • When the link is loaded, you can use the link to download the game like you download anime mugen apk 540+ characters.
  • After that it will start downloading, wait for it and install the game when it is downloaded fully.
  • If you have any kind of error during the installation process then make sure you have permission to install in your device.
  • When the game is fully installed, you can open up the game and change anything which you haven’t liked.
  • Now finally you can play Anime mugen apk + obb with your customized gameplay in any of your mobile device.
NameAnime Vs Mugen Apk
DevlopersKizumo Gaming And Makoto Itou
AndroidAll versions
ProcessorSnapdragon 730G Mediatek 90
Internal Memory Space Required6GB

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