Greetings fellow friends! today i have brought a new Anime Mugen Apk 2022 game for everyone. You can get Anime Mugen 540+ Characters Download and also the Anime Mugen 300 Characters APK which is the lite version of it. It’s a mixture of all the anime character like a Jump Force Mugen Android and many more variations from it. To download Anime Mugen Apk 2021 proceed carefully following the steps i give to download Mugen Apk free Download for Android.

About Anime Mugen Game

The anime mugen game is made purely by talented fans and developer like kizuma gaming and review gaming HD who worked hard to produce such great games like this. This game is available for PC, Android/ios. the game is available offline so you can play it very easily anytime and anywhere, wherever and whenever you want to!

Anime Mugen apk 540+ characters
Anime Mugen android
Anime Mugen free download

Mugen Anime Game Modes

Mugen Anime contains the following game modes:-

  • Team play – create a team of up to 3 characters
  • Team vs Arcade
  • CPU va Team
  • Single Play
  • Single vs Arcade
  • CPU vs Single player
  • Options – control language and difficulty and sound effects
  • Training – learn and check all skills and special powers of all anime Mugen stars characters

Anime Mugen apk Characters

The Anime Mugen apk game contains a big roster containing many characters like goku, ichigo, vegetaa, saitama, luffy, and many more! anime crossover mugen android is very fun to play as it got combat mechanics just like from anime so you can have the ultimate feel of playing with anime characters in this game im giving you on this page!

here i have showed you some brilliant and amazing gameplay of this game which is very satisfying to play and also very enjoyable as it consist of 500+ characters. this game is just like Jump Force Mugen Apk, Anime crossover Mugen Apk, Anime stardust mugen, Anime War Super 2 Mugen or DBZ Mugen Apk. where you choose your favourite character and goes into arcade mode.

Mugen Anime apk Gameplay

You can play as characters like goku, ichigo, naruto, luffy, zoro, jotaro, dio, gojou satoru, kakashi, broly, vegeta, itadori, bakugo, todoroki, midoriya, ace and many more. Perform their moves like bankai, kamehameha, gomu gomu no, kurama, sage mode, hollow purple, all for one, shadow techniques, super Saiyan transformation, gear up, sage mode, kurama mode, nine tails mode, etc you can even partner up with your allies from famous anime characters like aizen, frieza, broly, jiren, to defeat villains like madara,hit, diavolo, dio, hisoka, mahito, sukuna, aizen, kaguya and many more. It’s a 2D head to head fighting game. It’s more like a DBZ vs Naruto mugen of one piece vs Naruto Mugen Anime apk game.

Game features

  • =>Very big Roster: Contains more than 540+ characters
  • Very affordable size for android and ios.
  • as said the game is for android, ios, and pc.
  • Contains many stages right exported from anime .
  • Contains japanese original voices of anime characters.
  • Consist of character’s signature and ultimatel moves like bankai, kamehameha, spirit bomb etc.
  • Offline : the game is offline so you don’t need to be worried of internet.
  • Lag free game: the game ks designed just to be played with no lag.
  • Arcade mode: can compete in arcade mode against cpu battles!.
  • Competitive gameplay: challenging gameplay where you will face hard challenges .
  • Unlocked characters: all characters are unlocked so there is no need to be worried of unlocking them!

Game Size

The game comes with a variety of sizes like in 800mb, 500mb or 1GB and some more low MB too. The game also come in variety of amount of characters like – 500+ characters, 400+ characters, 200+ and 100+ characters and many more!

You can download which ever you want to from the link i have given below this site so you can check it out from there easily! If you’re an anime fan who also love games and want to play as your fav Anime character, then i must suggest you this game!

How to Download Anime Mugen Game for Android & iOS :-

  • Needs android with 1 Gb space and an average phone to run anime mugen apk on Android
  • Needs to allow permission to install from unknown sources from settings
  • Download the game from the Mediafire link given below
  • After downloading click on it to open the file
  • Then kindly install the Anime Mugen game and wait for it to get installed
  • after installation just click on the Anime Mugen apk game and it will start running

And after that WE. ARE. DONE! so that war anime mugen game! i hope everybody have a luxury and pleasant time with full of satisfaction and enjoyment while playing it! see you next time with other amazing games. Checkout the website for more anime mugen games for Android.